March 23, 2015


...  Everybody's busy.. understatement, right?   It's sad but so true; there is absolutely NO sewing going on around these parts.   This is the familiar state of my cutting table that I didn't have time to take a picture of on Saturday

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week we'll be competing at SkillsUSA in Atlanta so there sill won't be any sewing.  Guess I'll just have to wait until April... 

March 15, 2015


... a day late, but the table still looks like this on Sunday

Please don't judge me or my stacks of  patterns

a sure sign that there's not much any sewing going on.  I have got to do better, after all it's finally Spring (at least it is this weekend) and I haven't a thing to wear...


...neat, colorful little capsule wardrobe pictures ALWAYS inspire me.  Like this one from NewLook Patterns Spring catalog

It's not that I like ALL of the pieces, but it's a great illustration of just how simple wardrobe planning really is.  It gives me ideas of how to mix and match a few coordinating pieces to create numerous outfits.

I'm still in love with this commercial  from Khol's last Spring

Do you have any capsule pictures that you like or that inspire you?, if so, please share...


...hadn't attended the expo in two years so I decided to go yesterday

Pre-Expo Conversation:
ME:  Ebony PLEESE help me control myself in here so I don't spend too much money because I really need to save my fabric dollars to give to the people at Fine Fabrics.

EBONY:  O.k.; if we get separated and find you need help, just text me your location and I'll come to your rescue.
Sewing Expo Recap:
 - Admission price went up from $10 to $15; not much of a surprise because that is what the price of everything does-goes up
- Nothing against quilts or quilting exhibits - LOVE ME SOME QUILTS, but they really should rename this the Original Quilting Expo cause that's about all there is there
- Really Vogue Fabrics: Yes it did help that you added the EXPRESS SHOPPING racks, but the prices...egad! 
- Purchased Items:  3 new Seam Rippers, 2 retractable tape measures, and 1 Elements Coat Pattern
- A quick swoop through, in and out in about an hour and a half
- The End 

Pre-Fine Fabrics shopping Conversation:
EBONY:  Now, I'm really NOT going to be able to help you in here, cause I REALLY need help in controlling myself.

ME:  Crickets and a sad face!

- If you've never been to Fine (6218 Dawson Boulevard, Norcross, Georgia), please take another strong willed person with you because you will definitely need help controlling your FABRICAHOLIC self
- I must have knocked over a minimum of 5 of those huge rolls of fabric onto adjacent isles during the course of my shopping  NOTE:  please wait for help as shopping in this warehouse environment could be dangerous
-This was my second visit to Fine - jersey knit/pontederoma nirvana I tell you, you will not believe it all
-I WAS able to stay slightly under budget - Praise God!

My fabric haul:
Not much you say!  Well I really consider it a lot taking into consideration that I Still haven't sewn from the haul that I got there last spring.

All in all a great sewing related weekend, even though I didn't sew even one stitch...



March 7, 2015



...Just peeked in at The Tell Tale Tasha's where she showed a picture of her cutting table that made me's nice to see that I'm not the only one.  Here's the status of my table...

It made me wonder just how many cutting tables around the world are in similar states of disarray "how in the world did all this stuff end up hereness".  So I'm doing Saturday Morning Cutting Table Roll Call.  What's the status of your table...DO TELL...

March 1, 2015

...Although I've finished my recent "Poncho Phase", (here's a picture of the last of my unselfish sewing for a while)

I wanted to mention that when I first got interested in making this simple design I was perplexed as to how to pull it together.  So of course I turned to my old friend Google for help.  What a wonderful world we live in - I can Google ANYTHING and most likely come up with an answer that quenches my thirst for knowledge on any given subject.  Fancifrocks inquired about how I put the poncho together:
I used instructions from Smile and Wave, but was still a little unsure about how to sew the 2 rectangles together until I found this picture on Google
Hope that helps Fancifrocks and anyone else who might be interested in the directions...

Paying Homage to Black Pattern Designers...

...for years February has been set aside as a special time to learn about and recognize accomplishments of African Americans and other peopl...