December 29, 2011


...I made up Oop McCall's 5996 (view F).  I purchased this pattern and fabric from Hancock's at least three years ago thinking that I would get around to making hood/cowl/shrug thingy.  It's a wonderful winter white knit fabric that I wish I'd bought more of - it would have made the most wonderful dress.  But I had just a smidgen over one yard as they say, hind sight is always 20/20.

I saw a lady wearing something similar several years ago and thought it was the most wonderful thing.  She wore it with a turtleneck top, skinny jeans, boots and gloves on a very cold day.  I'm looking forward to creating that look that I've had in my mind for so long.


This creation can also be worn as a head cover as shown on the pattern envelope.  It's a cute little pattern, but there is a major glinch in the pattern instructions just in case someone else would think about making it.  It cannot be turned as illustrated by the instructions!!!  Turning it caused me major frustration, so I ended up simply surging the bottom edge in matching thread.

I'd like to make another like it in a darker color.  I have another wrap planned from a new pattern that I happened upon just recently coming up soon.

December 27, 2011



 ...couldn't help myself.  That phrase just popped into my spirit when I was standing back looking at the project that I started and completed last night.  Although this symbolism stands for the theological virtues of Faith, Hope & Charity, I think it can also be the title for my projectI can hear myself asking "where in the world did I put Hope, I want to wear her today"...

Now more about this project:  Vogue Pattern Magazine featured a quick and easy tutorial on making infinity or circle scarves in its Oct/Nov 2010 issue (page 10).  I finally got around to making one back in March and really have enjoyed wearing it.  I kept saying that I was going to make more because it adds just the right pop of color to a monochromatic outfit.  And because it has multiple colors I get to wear it with several things in my wardrobe.
My first Infinity Scarf
 Carolyn's recent custom made Christmas gifts encouraged me to get some additional scarves made up.  I was in Hancock's for just a minute on Christmas Eve and took the opportunity of choosing three prints for the project.  Their sheer, chiffoney fabrics were 50% off - of course I couldn't remember how much was needed for a scarf so I just got a yard of each.  Total Cost:  3 yards $11 something.  I jumped right on the project while the motivation was hot.  By the way you only need 2/3 yard of 60" fabric per scarf.

Each scarf can be completed with a serger or machine and a little hand stitching to close the circle in 30/45 minutes tops.
HINT in case your thinking about making this:  Where the tutorial mentions starting and ending the stitching 4 to 6 inches from the ends, decrease to 2 or 3 inches - this makes the amount of hand stitching used to close the opening to a very minimum, or just machine stitch the opening using matching thread.

The Christmas miracle of the whole scenario is - I was able to get not 3 but 6 scarves from 3 yards of fabric having not a scrap left. 
The tutorial suggests cutting the scarf  24", so three of mine were cut at 24" and I used the remaining 12 inches for each additional scarf.  Therefore the scarf can actually be any size you want.

I'm kicking myself now, because if I had thought about doing this earlier - the 3 extra ones could have been used as gifts.  Oh well, another lesson learned.  I'm thinking about putting them back for next Christmas.  A big thanks to Carolyn for the scarf inspiration. 

My next project is forcing myself out of  the sewing room this morning so I can clean the rest of the house...

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