February 29, 2012


...didn't take me very long to become an avid pinner - it's addictive.  Such a nice way to catalog things I love, ideas I want to try, recipes, etc., etc., etc.

I really couldn't wait to adopt this idea...

I remembered to look for this over the door shoe bag on a  Walmart run this afternoon (and I do mean run - got to get in and out of that place before I get sucked into total marketing oblivion).  They had two types; one made of plastic, and this one made of canvas with net pockets that I thought would be more durable.

 I couldn't wait to put it up on the back of my laundry room door  (so very glad the door was able to close with no problem afterwards)!  I might consider getting another one for the bathroom linen closet - space saver.  What a great way to centralize all my cleaning supplies.  Now if only organizing the rest of my life was just this easy.

Have you incorporated an great Pinterest ideas yet???

February 24, 2012


...it's also my


Well, my anniversary was actually on February 10th; but I refused to even mention it until I reached my 400th post (which this is).  It's a big mile stone - sort of like a double celebration (5 years and 400 posts)!

But what's a celebration without PEOPLE???  The people who stop by to read, those who read and comment, those who answer my questions/make suggestions/help me over my sewing hurdles.  People who make blogging fun and and keep it interesting.  It's time to send out a message of thanks to all of you (people) who have made my blogging years so much fun!

February 21, 2012


...Wanna be starting something... why is that song stuck in my head this morning?  I need to change the words to "wanna be sewing something"!  While at home today recuperating from what was (hopefully) my last laser dental surgery, I found myself with the unction to be sewing something.  I've been wanting to sew up some things to keep me comfy and cozy in my private space; as well as to have something casually chic to wear while running errands.  Tunics seemed just the thing to fill the void...
Me wearing Vouge 8731 on Sunday.  One day I'll have a better camera and a tripod for pictures.

Next up in the tunic category is ...

Kwik Sew 3463
This pattern has been hanging on my inspiration board for eons so I thought it was high time to get it stitched up.  I've also been wanting to stitch up a hoodie so I thought I'd take some creative license and add the hood from another pattern. Sort of like killing two birds with one stone, if you may.
McCall's 5538

Praise God for the ability to match stripes!!! Drives me looney when they don't match.  I use to be so scared of strips and plaids.

Not sure if I'll even wear the hood, just wanted the satisfaction of doing one.

I made View B of the Kwik Sew pattern, and even though I raised the neckline 1 1/2" (should have made View A)  it's still too low for my taste.  SOLUTION:  Make an extra long infinity scarf with the left over fabric.  That'll close up that gap.

How are you with matching plaids and/or stripes???

February 18, 2012


...This weekend I spent time re-making a pattern I've done before.  It was a little different than making lovable TNT pattern that fit so well that you want to make it over and over again.  I re-made this top because I just wasn't satisfied with results the first time around.

I'm sure you all remember this top...
VOGUE 8731
 It was the one where the fabric had too much drape and an awful grainline.  Although I misjudged/over thought pattern alterations and the results were just o.k., I did wear it once.  Call me a glutton for punishment but because my satisfaction level with this top was only mediocre and because I had several yards of that same fabric left I decided to give it another try...
I'm completely satisfied this time, and hope the first top will find a new owner via Goodwill.

Have you given any patterns a second chance recently???

February 14, 2012


...this week Winter returned - this time with a bit of a vengeance.  Yesterday the low was 18 degrees; however, tomorrows prediction is 70.  Today we had misty rain with threats of sleet or snow, so I was chilly all day long.  On days like this I can't wait to get home and change into my comfy clothes (long sleeved knit shirt and leggins).  For my favorite  leggins I used a faux denim knit and McCall's 6273.
I made view C which turned out to be a bit too ruchie for my taste so I cut them off to a regular length. 

I can't tell you just how comfy these are.  I guess they could have been just a tad tighter because they're leggins, but I really like them just as they are.  I need to make several pair more.

Have you made leggins yet?  If so, what fabric did you use???

February 10, 2012


...My sewing library is very valuable to me.  Not just monetarily, but rather the value of having the much needed informational resource readily at hand.  I've seen several other bloggers preview this new fitting manual recently, and I am very glad to get my hands on it.

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting

With The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting, you'll learn:
- The importance of a fitting axis and how to use it during a fitting
- How to recognize fitting issues, such as drag lines and folds
- How to manipulate fabric to solve common and unusual fitting problems
- How to transfer the fitting changes to your pattern easily
- Basic pattern-making skills to ensure accurate alterations
See the fitting process from start to finish on basic garments, fitted on real people. Then follow fitting solutions on different body types. The lessons you learn will help you fit any body.

I'd wondered about the book after first seeing it - would it be able to teach me anything that a book I already have wouldn't?  But after taking time to preview my copy I have to let you know that I seriously like it.  It is very easy to read, and the directions are extremely clear and concise.  I don't think this book will get much rest on the shelf or have time to collect any dust.   I've already read several solutions that I know will assist me with my fitting issues.  I plan on using it with one of my projects this weekend.

Do you have this book yet or plan on adding it to your library??? 

February 9, 2012


...Jeanettec wanted to know about the pattern I used for this dress made back in December during my Fall Dress Palooza...

I had been feigning for retro A-lines dresses that reminded me of the of ones I wore during my high school days.  This McCall's (1970) pattern fit the bill.  I found it at my local thrift store, but I'm pretty sure I've see it for sale in an Esty shop as well.