June 29, 2014


...equals no sewing AT ALL.  I always feel the need to explain blog absences, but I certainly don't want to bore you with details.  But since my last post my work-life just hit full speed.  Whenever that happens, blogging/sewing has to simmer in a back burner position.   A girl's got to do what a girl has to do.

I did manage to make a Hancock run yesterday because, of course, there were 2 more Vogue and 1 McCall's patterns I'd convinced myself I had to have.  And as we all know gotta get them while the sale is in progress.
McCall's 6925, view D
I avoided this cute little number when it first hit the shelf.  Why?, you may ask.  I ashamedly admit that as much as I liked this easy, breezy top alas it had a dreaded collar band.  But the more I thought about it, the more I really wanted it, so the pattern now resides at my house.  After a discussion with myself about the collar band I decided that I needed to make time for a good old fashioned practice session.

I dug out some practice fabric and cut some collar and neck bands from the pattern.
#1 top #2 middle #3 bottom
Results: The band of #1 looks better than the band of #2 & 3.  From the looks of things I think I need to go back to the drawing board.  I've got to be able to get the band equally proportioned on both sides...

June 11, 2014


Could you make me one of those?

How much would you charge to make me a (dress, top or pants)?

I need  dress for a (graduation, wedding, or some other special occasion) I'm attending next week
How long would it take you to whip one up for me?

ME:  Standing, mouth open, speechless!

Oh yeah and here's a new twist:
I can sew, but my machine is broken.  Can't afford a new machine right now, thought maybe you'd make me a dress.

MY THOUGHTS:  Hmmmm, maybe it would be cheaper for you to go ahead and buy a machine darling.

RECENT TEXT MESSAGE WITH ATTACHED PICTURE:  Love this shirt! Can you make it happen for me?

ME:  Oops, accidentally deleted that one.

Oh my goodness, I might sew for the public one day but between pulling 8.25 hours five days a week, and the little bit of sewing I manage to get done for myself, there;s just no time left.  Not right now, maybe later.

What types of sewing requests do you get???

June 8, 2014


...I liked Sheila's versions of Butterick 6065 as soon as I saw them.  When ever this happens I instantly wonder if the pattern is in my stash.  Regardless of the number of patterns I own, there is always one, or two, or three that I don't have.  This particular pattern was part of Butterick's newly released collection that I had been waiting to hit my local stores so I was able to pick it up yesterday.
Only two pattern pieces for this cute little top, so I knew I would be able to bring it to life during my Saturday night sew-in.  The fabric:  a jersey knit purchased at Hancock Fabrics last summer, only needed 7/8 yard (loved that).  Sizing:  Since I now use size 14 through the neck, arms and bust area  grading out to size 16 in the side seams, I'm able to achieve a much nicer fit at the neckline.  The most tedious part of construction process was using Steam-a-Seam to press up all the hems; neckline, armholes, and the bottom hems.  Time consuming yes, but I do love the results - crisp hems.  I also make a habit of stabilizing the shoulder seams of all my knit garments using 1/4" twill tape that I buy in black and white - I know it makes a difference.  (see question about process at the end of this post.)

I love jersey knit, and this print brings a variety of colors into play - there's black, white, turquoise and cobalt and can be worn with so many things I already have on hand.

STABILIZING QUESTION:  I've noticed very few patterns that mention stabilizing shoulder seams.  When it is mentioned, the instructions suggest that the stabilizer material be placed on the back seam allowance, then pressing the seam towards the back.  I actually prefer placing the material on the front seam allowance because I find that the seam then presses towards the back smoother.

Where do you place it???
Does it really matter???
What type of material do you use for stabilizing knit shoulder seams???

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