May 28, 2008


They say variety is the spice of life.... As I learn new things I experiment with my blog. Usually its the with the back ground color or the format, but today a friend came up with a new header for me and I am soooo liking it. When I first started my blot I so wanted to name it The Cutting Edge because for 13 years I had owned a beauty salon by that name and the name was still dear to my heart. I can't tell you how many times people came asking if we sharpened knives or scissors (lol). The answer was always "no, we cut hair". I soon found out that another blogger had the name so I had to for-go it. I finally got up the nerve to ask her if I could use it and to my surprise she said yes. She said that she had been toying with the idea of making changes on her blog and that I was welcome to use it - so here is my version of the name.

I didn't change my URL, just the blog name and description. I wasn't sure I could get it on here by copying it from my thumb drive, but it worked and I am very pleased with it. The name CUTTING EDGE DESIGNS speaks volumes to me.

I wore my other LP knockoff to work today, it really held up well with the underlining treatment.

And I don't think I ever showed the fabric that my friend Mrs. Madison gave me last month. I'm about to start working on a dress from a piece of it now - Thanks Mrs. Madison!

May 27, 2008


Thank you all for looking in and commenting on my new stripped top. I can't tell you how much your comments and compliments mean! I had several comments about the way the strip lines up around the neckline and the front of the top. I actually did not plan it that way, it just sort of happened when I laid the pattern piece for the band lengthwise to cut it straight of the gain of the fabric. I hadn't even noticed it until you mentioned it (tee hee). Sometimes things just turn out right or should I say interesting.

May 26, 2008


Well the long weekend that we all looked forward to is sadly coming to an end. And we will have to wait another two months for the next scheduled one (July 4th). At the beginning of each project I always think "well this won't take that long", and the in the end it always does. I did manage to get two garments finished during this long weekend. The white pants and this stripped top out a piece of the material that Ebony shared with me. These stripes gave me a fit! Right fabric, wrong pattern. I made with one from Simplicity 4076, the one that I have used to make two short sleeved tee's from. I got the tee shirt to fit right and of course I wanted to try something different this time so I choose to do the crisscross view this time.

Pulling on my memory it seems to me that I once heard... that staying close to the fabric prints illustrated on the front of the pattern envelope was always safe. Funny that I remembered that quote after I had cut out the stripe. HAS ANYONE ELSE EVER HEARD THAT??? Anyway trying to match the stripes came out pretty good and I am going to wear it. I guess two finished pieces makes for a successful sewing weekend....

May 25, 2008


I'm slowing working on improving on and organizing my sewing room. I decided to get a gravity fed iron to improve my pressing ability. I freeze up when it comes to installing or assembling anything. I either just don't think I can do it or I'm afraid that after putting it up it will fall. So what do I Adrienne who helps me out with so many things. She showed me by email how to set my water bottle up for the iron. THANK YOU ADRIENNE! Here's also a picture of my new pattern cabinet. I found this nifty cabinet at Walmart, but they also sell them at Lowes. It's a large three drawer cabinet. I thought I would be able to stand the patterns up, but the drawers weren't tall enough...had to opt at putting them sideways. It's still a great place to put my patterns cause the four drawer dresser that I use had gotten to packed. And as you know, THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER PATTERN SALE!

I finished my white pants! Had to end up leaving off the pleat and the pockets because the fit just wasn't right. I decided to use fusible hem tape on these because I HATE those pick marks that I often end up with after hemming. I did add the back button down flaps because you know I just LOVE little details. This pair is made of some sort of twill like fabric. I do plan on making another pair of white pants whenever I can find some Chino. Here's a picture of them on the hanger but i will take another one wearing them as soon as I get the top made.

I cut them out during the afternoon and finished them at the......


Sharon and Ebony work with Lisa at Hancocks and we met up after they got off from work and sewed, shared and laughed until midnight. We all brought projects cut out and ready to work on, met at Sharon's home. We had snacks and also fed off information from each other and we had a GREAT time. I looking forward to us doing this often! These are wonderful ladies and I am so blessed to be a part of this group.
Ebony took us to the trunk of her car to have our pick of the fabrics she is eliminating from her stash. These were my choices. I've pre-washed the top stripped knit and this afternoon will be starting to make a top to go with my new white pants.


On with the weekend - tomorrow is a SEWCATION DAY, and you know Hancock's is having that sale. I've already got my list made out!

May 23, 2008


This is actually the second Lilly Pultzer knock off that I've made in the last couple of weeks. I'm wearing it here with a tee shirt that I've made for the second time from Simplicity 4076. THIS TIME I GOT THE TEE SHIRT RIGHT. No gapping at the neckline this time because I cut it at a 16 in the neck area and an 18 the rest of the way. Again I added 2" to the sleeve and the length and it turn out just fine. I know I'll be making this shirt again.

I'm not a perfectionist when it comes to most things, but I am somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to things that I make. I can let knowing that a seam is a little off, or that there is a slight pucker, or that my top stitching is uneven cause me to archive a garment. I'm wearing my clothes, no more of making them and just letting them hang in the closet. This is one thing that is helping me change when it comes to making and not wearing - I had to make a Walmart run right after Church last Sunday cause there is always just one thing I forgot to get on my last trip there, this time it was a printer cartridge. When it comes to me and Walmart I can never just go in there and get that one thing, I've got to also mosey on back to the fabric department cause you just never know - you might find a prize on the $1.00 table. Well while I was quickly checking out the $1.00 table so I could get the heck out of there before I spent too much money, before I knew it a nicely dressed man was standing right beside me - I didn't even see him come up so when he spoke to me I was a little shocked because he was standing so close to me. He said, do you know about the laws of sowing and reaping; and I said yes I do. Then he said, well do you also know the laws of sewing and wearing? At first I thought he said "the laws of sowing and wearing so I said pardon me. He repeated saying " you know the laws of sewing and wearing, you should wear what you sew - do you get it? I said O.K. Then he said you look very stunning and walked away.

I thought to myself, "that was strange", but he is absolutely right! I've got three new skirts and a top hanging in my closet and although they are not all color coordinated as I wish they were like with the SWAP that I can't seen to be able to plan out, I am going to wear my stuff. No I'm not crazy, and I'm not saying the man was an angel, but who knows! I'm taking it as a sign and I'm wearing the clothes I make from now on.

Now on with the sew! I've got to get back to the pants muslin that I started earlier this week and because of my hectic schedule now that I'm taking a night class wasn't able to get back to as I had thought. Boy I hate it when things cut into my sewing time! I'll be making using this vogue pattern to make a pair of white pants because I don't own any white ones any more. The fabric I'm using was purchased when I went shopping at Joann's on the 2nd with my sewing buddy Lisa. I forget what it's called, but it will have to do until I can find some white chino which seems to be eluding me.I'll be eliminating the front darts at the waist by actually increasing the existing front dart. I was thinking about adding a second dart to the front, but I know I read some where that the correct placement of darts on pants is one for the front and one or two for the back - I think that's right
right. I also plan on beefing this pair of pants up by adding button down flaps on each side of the back. I've already practiced one set and they came out really good. I actually took the flap from a Burda pants pattern. I think it's the little details that make a big difference in any thing I make, I just have to be careful and not add too many little details.

I love side pockets on a pair of pants, and this pattern does have them. The pockets are just a little bit too long or deep to suit my taste, but that can easily be fixed.


I thought the picture of "MY BURDA SKIRT" as I call it, looked sort of tacky on my dress form. Well I finally got around to wearing it today. I actually like it! Of course I know where every flaw lies but all in all I do like it. I love the idea of pencil skirts, but it's a good thing that it is made of stretch denim because going to the restroom was a bit challenging -it's easy to pull it up, but then you've got to pull it back down and therefore the challenge (lol).

Making my first Burda pattern was an emotional roller coaster for me, but I do think I'll make this skirt again as soon as I find the right fabric. After all the pattern is already traced and ready to go.

May 20, 2008


I am currently working with this Sandra Betzina pants pattern. Long ago I use to make pants with front fly, pleats and side pockets. I loved them and got so use to making them. They fit perfectly and I had made them so many times that the pattern was worn but still usable. I got so use to making them that I hardly used the guide sheet. And this is what I've been longing for another TNT pants pattern.

The one that I have is this one - actually gauchos or mid calf length pants. The crouch fit of this pattern is perfect, but the waistband is a contoured two piece one. To use this pattern I lengthened the mid calf view to make them full length pants and used another waistband that is a one piece one. I'm still longing for the pleated front so I'm trying the Vogue pattern. Problem being is that the pleats AIN'T working with my pouch belly that I would rather not take a picture of. BUTTTTTTT I think I can work with this pattern. The crouch, hip and waist fit is great right out of the envelope with any alterations - and that is great. I think that I will just eliminate the pleat by making the existing dart larger and making a minor adjustment at the waist and this will be a perfect fit. The only other thing is this pattern has a two piece waist band too - so I'll just substitute a one piece band for that and I should be good to go.

Here's a picture of the muslin that I made up tonight - rather than going to bed on time. I'm glad that I took the time to whip them up because when I have a minute later this week the pattern will be ready to go.
Come to think of it - I might even make up a pair of these mid calf length pants as well...can't have enough pants.

May 10, 2008


Haven't posted since April 23rd, time seems to fly by, but I have actually completed two garments since my last post. I took Lisa's challenge of making my first BWOF project (although with a little apprehension) within a week. I almost made the time frame but ran into a problem with the waist band, so between working and my evening class I did get it finished in 10 days. Experimenting with Burda was also one of my 2008 Sewing goals, so this challenge did help me knock off another goal for the year.

What did I think about my BWOF experience? Well, I had and have a wide range of opinions ranging from "Why in the world would some one do this? to By gosh I think I've got it". I call myself an advanced beginner, and I still can't imagine an actual beginner taking on this job. I felt it was a good thing I already knew a little about sewing or I would have been totally lost making my way through the instructions. I was determined to get the project wearable and completed and that I did. I'm so used to having the little illustrations next to the instructions when dealing with patterns from the big 4, and this was an extremely different situation. I must admit that I had to fight hard to keep from saying "I WILL NEVER".... I am saying I will do it again, but probably not real soon (lol).

I made the 109-C pencil skirt form the January issue and here's a picture of my version. Not such a great picture - looks kind of hour glassish, but the skirt actually fits pretty good, remember it's a pencil skirt.

That was last week's project, this week I made a Lilly Pultzer knockoff. I wanted something bright that screamed " IT'S SUMMER!" So I made this pattern in this really bright color.
I made it from some type cotton with a lot of stretch to it Hancock mystery fabric. It was really light weight so I fully underlined the skirt so I wouldn't have to worry about being able to see through it. The underlining also gave it extra body so it doesn't seem so flimsy.

I'm really pleased with the outcome of both skirts. Now on to make a couple of tops to wear with them.


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