August 25, 2008


My new Speigel catalog came today. Boy have I changed. Years ago I'd already be on the telephone placing my order (lol). Now a days all I want to do is bath in all the inspiration for sewing that it gives. Why am I telling myself that I can make all of these clothes?, they are beautiful!

August 24, 2008


It didn't take long to fix the uneven hemline of my jacket. I guess this happened because I had initially added to the length of the jacket and then decided that it was too long after all and cut it off at the hemline.

This is a picture of the finished jacket, I know I need to take a picture wearing it, but just didn't again this time. I will have to do better in the picture taking area.

I had waited until my sewing class on Friday to finish the waist treatment of the matching skirt. Since I hadn't had much experience applying bias tape as a waist treatment the application that I learned in class REALLY HELPED. Again, I say Lisa is a great teacher. We practiced the in class on a mock skirt and I came home and finished my skirt with no problem at all. This is really a nifty application. I know that I will be using it again and again for skirts and maybe even pants. Here's a few pictures I took of the application process.
The Jacket from Vougue 8146 is my next project - already in progress. It's another swing "LUCY JACKET". I've admired this pattern since last fall so I'm finally getting around to making it now as part of my FALLTACULAR Capsule - though unofficial, the capsule will consist of a Jacket, skirt, pants and two tops.

The skirt is already completed, and the jacket is the second garment of the 5 piece capsule.

I've enjoyed another sewing weekend and I'm certainly looking forward to the long holiday weekend coming up when I should be able to finish this capsule or at least put a really big dent in it...

August 21, 2008


This is my jacket - it's finished all except the buttonholes and buttons. I think it looks really neat and it fits well also - which is way over half the battle - right? I posted pictures of the front and back of the jacket in a previous post.But now I'm asking myself, "WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED HERE"?

The bottom right side is almost 1 1/2" longer than the left side. I used a coverstitch to hem the bottom because I
wanted the jacket to have a sporty edge with topstitching, I've also attached the lining at the hem. I was seriously thinking about leaving it uneven because I probably will not wear the jacket buttoned anyway, so it really wouldn't matter. But the "wanna be perfect" thing has had this wonky hem on my mind even while I was at work. Sooooooo, I guess I've got to remove the hem and make this adjustment so the inner me will be pleased.
I'll finish the waistband part of the matching skirt at sewing class tomorrow. In the meantime I'm fixing this hem......
I am sooooooooo glad that tomorrow is Friday! I've had something to do other than come straight home from work Monday through Thursday this week, but starting tomorrow THE WEEKEND BELONGS TO ME...

August 16, 2008


I don't indulge as often as I use to, but I really like pork chops. My favorite are center cut. So if you like pork you might want to try this recipe. I've been making this one for years and it is really quick and easy. It's actually a receipe that I got off of a Campbell's soup can long ago. Everyone that I've shared it with - LOVES IT!


Center cut Pork Chops (or cuts of your choice)
Seasonings of your choice.
1 Can Campbell's Golden Mushroom Soup
1/2 can to 1 can Water

Lightly season chops with seasonings of your choice; I like Lawery's SEASONED SALT Salt and a little GARLIC POWER, but go easy on the salt. Brown chops in a skillet with ONLY 1/4" vegetable oil, if you use more oil the chops will not brown nicely. Spray a glass casserole dish with non-stick cooking oil and place browned chops in the dish. Add Golden Mushroom Soup and 1/2 can to 1 can Water. (Less water thicker sauce, more water thiner sauce)

Cover casserole with lid and place in microwave oven. Microwave on high for 20 to 25 minutes. The soup makes the nicest sauce. Serve over rice or mashed potatoes, along with a green vegetable or salad. ENJOY!


My sewing class was postponed last night, so I decided to get started on the jacket that I cut out earlier this week from this New Look pattern. Last weekend I finished the skirt (except for the waistband) and now I'm waiting for my next sewing class to do a bias tape waistband treatment.
I am almost finished with the jacket except for the lining (that I need to go out and purchase) button holes and hemming. The jacket would have gone together easier BUT for some reason I choose to just skim the instruction sheet rather than READ it. I had a problem inserting the sleeves but finally got them in right. Then I interfaced the back of the jacket - should have done the front. After I realized what I had done, I also interfaced the front, AND then realized that since I had interfaced both the back and the front - I also needed to interface the side panel. UGGGGGGGGGG! Now mind you, I interfaced the back before sewing the shoulder and side seams, but had to do the front and side panel as an after thought with not only the shoulder and side seams done but with the sleeve already inserted. NOW, WHAT KIND OF SEWING WAS THIS? I guess it serves me right for not thoroughly reading the instruction sheet huh? But I thought I could wing it (l0l). Considering the fabric that I'm using for this project the interfacing really does make a difference in the overall look of the jacket. It makes it look much more (crisp) for lack of a better word.

Hopefully I'll get out to get the lining material today or tomorrow. And I still need to make a decision concerning what type of top to make to go with this. I had thought about pink but now I'm uncertain. I'm getting a little jump on my fall sewing with this jacket and skirt duo - I plan on wearing this outfit with boots.

After I finish these two pieces and the top to match, I'll get back to the jacket and pants that will match the first skirt that I made in sewing class (gray pinstripe). I think I need three Jacket/pant and or skirt combos for fall.
That added to the things I already have should make dressing a little bit easier in the morning for work.

I wanted to show this lamp as a parting picture to this post. I found it at a yard sale and thought it would "shed some light" over my cutting table. It holds three bulbs so now I have plenty of light in that area too. IT ONLY COS
T $5.00!

August 10, 2008


So this was the second week of my sewing class that is being taught by my friend Lisa. Even with my BUSY schedule (and I know everybody is extremely busy now a days); I fit this class to learn something new techniques, get better fit, and make my garments look more professional. Last week we learned: taking proper body measurements in areas pertaining to a skirt; how to make pattern alterations at waist and hip areas, and a sure fire way to insert a center back zipper. Although these are all things I do already, there's nothing like having a quicker, no guess way to a more professional look. She also taught the difference in pressing and ironing and demonstrated the proper way to do both.

The second class reviewed the zipper application, and taught the waist band application with ban roll. Next week we will learn several more waistband treatments. Our first skirt project was to be finished at home this week and be presented to the class next Friday. I finished my skirt yesterday which was from McCall's 3830.

* I had to make a 3 1/2" increase adjustment to the waist,
* And a 2 1/2" decrease adjustment in the hips with this pattern.
* I added a full lining because I just like the feel of a skirt with a lining.

And guess what, MY SKIRT IS A PERFECT F
IT! To make the adjustments I used the Pivot and Slide method by Nancy Zieman. I used this method to adjust the two skirts I made for my sister Brenda earlier this year, but hadn't used it again until now. It actually works great, but involves tracing the pattern on pattern paper or interfacing before making the adjustments; then making the adjustments on there rather than on the pattern itself. You know laziness will creep in, but it is worth the extra work to get the PERFECT FIT!

I finished the skirt Saturday, and again the pictures on the dressform do it no justice but I wanted to show it anyway. This skirt is actually the first to three pieces. I have at least 5 more yards of this fabric that I purchased at Hancocks months ago at a extremely great price of $2.99 a yard. So I plan on making a jacket and a pair of pants from the same fabric. I need to find a pretty baby blue fabric to make a nice top to go with the set.

In preparation for the next class I also made up another skirt last night and finished it all except the waistband because Lisa is teaching a bias tape waistband treatment next week that I want to use on this one. I've had this pattern on my inspiration board for a long time now because I think it is so cute. I really like the little tulip like flare at the hem of the skirt. I can just see myself wearing this with black boots this winter. It seemed to me that this pattern would make up nice in a stable knit such as ponte. But I've also have 5 yards of this fabric that I got off the $1.00 table at Wal Mart way over a year ago that I envisioned for this pattern. It's black with a pink pin stripe. I already have a pink knit fabric to use for a top to match this skirt. I just need to decide on the jacket pattern for the suit. I want to make a jacket with a lining from this fabric and use a hong kong finish on the inner seams of it. So that's about all for my weekend sewing...

August 3, 2008


Every time I try on a garment to see if it fits, the telephone rings (lol). I started Vouge 2980 last night and finished it after Church today. Well, I no longer have to be afraid of this pattern. It went together pretty easy even though jI thought it would be complicated even after reading all the reviews on it. It just look ed quite complicated. I had planned on trying to attach the sleeves using the flat insertion method which I love, but I forgot and serged the side seams. The flat insertion method just works out better and faster for me than working with all those pins in a circle. Putting them in as the pattern suggested took more time. The fit is pretty good, although I'm wondering about the left side of the front a little bit. I'm a little one sided in the bust area, so I might have to make a minor adjustment on that side of the front to take up a little slack. I'll wear this with white slacks or black ones. Later on I want to make the long sleeved version in a print knit that is less drappy. I used size "F" for the shoulder sleeve and bust areas and tappered out to almost size "G" in the waist area. I guess you could say I used a size F and a 1/2 (lol). I was quite unsure about how this top would fit, but it turned out pretty good. I used TRINA'S suggestion of using a strip of interfacing at the lower edge of the front self facing to prevent it from curling. This is the second Sandra Betzina top pattern that I've used. The first one was a no go since it turned out way to large using my measurements to figure out what size to cut. The next time I make this I'll use a knit with a little more strength to it. I'm pleased with this.....I think it an elegant sort of dressy top.

August 2, 2008


This is one of the patterns that my friend Noni got for me at the Walmart pattern giveaway earlier this week. It was my favorite of the bunch so I found some knit fabric that has been in my stash since I started sewing again in late 2006. The fabric (a brown and pinkish paisley print) is not fabulous but actually sewed up rather nicely. I made view D of this dolman style sort of kimonoish top this afternoon - mainly because I really needed to make something easy in order to get me back into my SEWING MODE.

So here's a picture of my finished project, I think it turned out rather nicely. It had been made by and reviewed by lots of sewers on Pattern Review and of all the review I read only one was negative. I can wear this top now and into the fall so it is being considered transitional. I think it will look be a quick put together outfit for work when paired with brown slacks that I already have in the closet.I attended the first session of LISA'S sewing class last night. IT WAS GREAT! Great also to be in the mix of other sewers. I really learned a lot from the fitting information that she covered, and she had some great handouts too. I can tell that this is going to be a great learning experience.

I was finally able to pick up the fall issue of Sew Stylish. I think it's a GREAT ISSUE. When they first started the magazine I subscribed to it and then they ended the subscription before it was even over because they said they were discontinuing it. Then they started selling on newsstands so I had to search for it. I made three trips to BooksAMillion just to look for this issue and of course it wasn't there. Last night I was out near BAM so I stopped in and it was there. I guess the next time they send out an email advertising it I'll just order it - CAUSE I'm tired of trying to track it down! Most of the time it's really good, the spring/summer issue however was sort of a let down.

NEXT UP: The Sandra Betzina Special
I've actually liked both the long and short sleeved versions of this pattern for a long time now...but have shied away from it because of the attached shrug effect, thinking it would be hard to put together. I'm off to read PR reviews on it now....

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