May 30, 2012


...Seriously, PINTEREST is the bomb!!!  Simply put,  it's thousands, no, more like millions of great ideas all in one central location.  I've got to check it daily, right after I check my email.  Is my dedication to Pinterest a new habit, or a new addiction?  Folks the jury is still out on that one.  But whatever the verdict, call it what you like - I'M seriously in like with   PINTEREST!

Wavy vs. Smooth Hem

...Found this sewing tip on Pinterest just yesterday, and was able to nab a sheet of tissue paper from school because I was in a hurry to try it out.  Love myself some knits, but I despise wavy seams and hems.  The tip is a great solution to sewing knit fabrics, and can be found on MeSewCrazy's wonderful blog.  And yes, MAYBE the tissue will dull the needle, I'm not sure of that though - but I'll soon find out.  I think having to throw out a needle is a small cost compared to the value of smooth knit seams and hems.  You have to change the needle every now and again anyway - right???


May 23, 2012

...No, I haven't just up and quit blogging.  So what, pray tell have I been up to?  Had to make a quick run (and I do mean quick) to North Carolina last week for my eldest Grand-son's high school graduation.  What a wonderful occasion!  But do tell me this???  What proud Grandmother pulls out the camera to catch some wonderful pictures and discovers she's forgotten the MEMORY CARD????  I'm waiting for pictures to be emailed to me so there are none to show here.  Two years ago at my Grand-daughter's graduation the batteries went dead!  This year I took extra batteries and still got no pictures... I'm still proud though!, two more high school graduations to go...

 ~~~Updates from the local sewing front~~~

.  While visiting my family I did stitch up a maxi dress for my daughter.  Used McCall's 6074.  The dress went together like a dream because the pattern is really easy -  I've made it twice before for myself.  Of course I don't have a picture of it though - NO MEMORY CARD REMEMBER.  I made it on Friday while she was at work.  She had time to jump into it before we ran out the door to the graduation.  It fit her wonderfully, and she did receive some complements.

.  Thank goodness my children allow me to sew while visiting!  My youngest Grand-son even helped me measure for hems.  I  finally got around to making the Mission Maxi for myself on Saturday.  Isn't it amazing how certain patterns just sweep the sewing world?
Such has been the case of this maxi.  Fell in love with the pattern last summer after seeing so many bloggers make it -  finally had to get it for meh! 
Jersey knit from Metro Textile 2 years ago.  I promise there's a waist indention when I'm wearing the dress - didn't show up on Lady Faye however. 
I can describe it in two words:  Easy & Love.  Not trying to take anything away from Jamie Christina, but - wish I had designed this pattern.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda - right!  It's a great pattern that also fits well.

I love it so much - had to have two...
Cotton ribbed knit purchased from WalMart @ $1.00 per yard before they stopped selling fabric and then started back selling it again.
Why does my dress form always look a little lopsided in the pictures?  Love me some racer backed anything!

Who doesn't love this pattern???  You will notice that I sort of chickened out on making the godet version.  Didn't know if I could pull that much fabric around behind me.  I do like that view though and just might make it.  The pattern instructions are really good, but you really don't need them.  This would also be a great pattern for a beginner.

The only change I made was in how the neck and armseye bindings were applied.  The pattern calls for them to be applied like a facing - attached, folded to the wrong side and them stitched.  I like them better without stitching them down.  I also choose not to hem either of the dresses for two reasons:   didn't want to chance waviness that can sometimes happen in hemming knits; and didn't want to use that much steam-a-seam to ensure that the waviness didn't happen. 

What's new on your sewing front???? 

May 15, 2012


...Pants fitting that is.  
You'd think I'd have pants fitting down pat by now - especially since I keep using the same pattern over and over again.  Problem is though, my body keeps changing on me, and I haven't made pants since the Fall.  I keep telling myself that I AM GOING TO USE DIFFERENT PANTS PATTERNS, but I keep picking up my same old TNT.

 On Saturday morning I made this muslin of McCall's 6361.     Construction took place after I watched Peggy Sager's webcasts (there are two of them) on how to fit pants.  I love her - (Peggy that is of Silhouette Patterns).  She makes so much sense when she talks about fitting and anything else sewing wise for that matter.  I actually learned A WHOLE LOT watching the pants fitting videos, and in case you've not seen them or heard of her, there is an entire list of past webcasts on her website free for the watching.  I do plan on purchasing several of her DVD's on fitting (the ones on pants, and one called Fit Yourself By Yourself) as soon as finances will allow. I'm also interested in a couple of her patterns as well.

I actually wore this muslin around the house most of the day.  Just that comfortable?, yes!

I was trying to break away from my usual TNT pants pattern.  I chose this pattern because of the straight leg design and the fact that it has a one piece contoured waistband.  Turned out that the legs were still wider than what I was seeking, so I used Peggy's advise on how to make the leg narrower - and it worked out great.

Here's a picture of the actual pants, and I'm almost there! - finished with them that is.  I just need to finish applying the waistband and hem and they'll be finished.  Made from navy blue linen blend with a slightly textured weave.  Totally out of my norm as a fabric choice for pants - but a girl needs to break out of the box sometimes.

I locked in on several things she stressed on the webcasts:
.  fit a muslin then use the muslin as your pattern
.  to decrease the circumference of the leg (make narrower) take in the width in the side seam only.  
. Loved the way she described crouch length and width and her methods of decreasing or lengthening either one. 
. Also loved what I learned about the amazing factors of adding waist darts - very interesting.
So onward with finishing up my project.

Now a word about my last post - I have one more question about Google Reader.  If you use Google Reader, are you able to access it from your smart phone???  I can open it up, but I can't make it move on my phone.

May 14, 2012


...Sewing Blog Chaser  [chey-ser] a person enjoys chasing after or pursuing great sewing blogs, (very similar to storm chasers I think).  That's me folks.  I love reading sewing blogs.  I get very excited when I link on to or just happen upon a new to me blog, and into my blog dashboard it goes.  

I was so happy when I discovered my blog's dashboard - it keeps me from checking X-number of blogs per day for updates.  There is only one thing wrong with the dashboard - IT WILL ONLY ALLOW 300 LISTING/SUBSCRIPTIONS.

How do you keep up with your blog readership???
Do you use your blog's dashboard???
Or, do you use Google Reader???

I really don't know very much about Google Reader.  I think it allows you to follow (subscribe to) 1000 blogs???  Am I right?

I think I need a little more blog reader information.  
Are there other Sewing Blog Chasers like me???

May 13, 2012

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY my Mommie, Daughter, Sisters, and all my Blogging Friends


May 8, 2012


...I am so behind!  At times I have so much on my plate that I think I need to trade it in for a platter.  One of the first things I need to do in an effort to catch up is thank Clio for the Liebster Blog Award that she presented to me a month ago. It is such an honor.

I found Clio's blog in the midst her quest to find the perfect mac and cheese recipe; but also discovered that she is an excellent seamstress.  I so enjoy seeing her exquisite apparel designs (especially her dresses) and the nice jackets she makes.  She wears them well!


The spirit of the award is to recognize and promote other blogs.  And since I'm such an avid (sewing) blog reader that won't be hard for me to do.  


Marjie The Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet type of girl.  She has the happiest family who all come to visit on holidays when she prepares food that always makes this blogger drool.  Marjie's  dream sewing machine arrived just in time for her to participate in my last "Tops" sew-a-long. 


Myra's 1sewsimple blog always inspires me to jump on my sewing machine and make some dreams come true.  Myra has a knack of making sewing seem so effortless.  She whipped up the perfect cruise wardrobe year that kept me on the edge of my seat.


Positively Necie Now what's not to like about her name? Necie whipped up so many tops back in April that it made my head swim - each more positively beautiful than the last.


Alethia creates the most beautiful designs.  Lately she's had me swooning over the wonderful colors she's been adding to her wardrobe.


Far also a "Top" challenge participant must have a great fabric source, because I like every fabric she chooses for her designs.


Ladies, if you decide to accept this award this is what you need to do: 

*Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
*Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
*Copy/paste the blog award on your blog.
*Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 blogs (with 200 followers or less). 
*Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment.

Happy blog reading to one and all....

May 1, 2012


...I've been sewing fellow bloggers, just not my normal love - fashion apparel.  I decided that it was finally time to get my bathroom curtains done up.  It was a big decision as well as a big job to accomplish.   You know me, no matter what the project is, I always have to add more to the design than called for which always adds to the work and the time it takes to get it done.

About a week ago I found this picture of a shower curtain and it was love at first sight.
Source:  Pottery Barn
Plain, with just the right touch of femininity - I knew this curtain was for me.  Simple, yes; but by the time I got what seemed like a thousand miles of ruffles completed I was wishing I had shelled out the $69.00 cost of the Pottery Barn curtain.   But, you know me - I want the satisfaction of having pretty things that I make with my own little hands.  It just goes along with my (ha ha) "I can make anything!" philosophy.

The Pottery Barn curtain had just four simple rows of ruffles, of course mine ended up with six rows.  One of the draw backs I find with a purchased shower curtain is that I can never ever find a matching window curtain or valance.   Making my own allowed me to have that extra.  The PB curtain was made from ticking, my version was constructed from a full size set of sheets purchased on sale for $18.00.   I also lined my curtains and added a chain weight in the bottom hem to assist with the drape.

Window Valance
The only bad thing is I couldn't get a full sized picture in my tiny bathroom.  This was a real labor of love and I really like it a lot.  But, alas I am in desperate need of new clothing - so it back to garment sewing for a while.  I do have several other rather large home deco projects planned that I'll fill you in on later.

How about you???  Any home deco projects brewing at your house????

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