June 21, 2009


My weekend project was a pair of PJ's that included two bottoms. I look in on the Frankie & Johnnie PJ site sometimes, and love the different styles that they offer. But look is all I do because I knew that when ever I found the time I would get around to making some up for myself. This is a lively Walmart table cotton print with lavender butterflies and green flowers. I wanted to add just a little something so I inserted purple piping on the color armholes and capri legs. I've never worked with piping, as I can remember, so I wanted to experiment with it a little. The generic piping foot that I bought at Hancock's a while ago fit my machine and worked like a charm. I think I'll investigate more of those feet. I still need to add buttons to my shirt.

My sewing friends Ebony and Lisa paid me a short visit on Saturday evening. Ebony had taken a trip to Texas several weeks ago and made some purchases for her new ESTY Fabric Shop. First we had a show and tell session; where we showed our recently sewn garments. Then we set up my cutting table and played fabric store in the middle of my living room. She had some really gorgeous knits and wovens. I had a really hard time choosing. We just spread everything out, made our choices, and Ebony cut out the yardage we requested. Talk about convenient! There was plenty of talk about her new Esty Shop, and some upcoming Fabric Trunk shows. I can't remember the name of her shop right now, but as soon as I find out I'll post it here on my site.

....Ebony's Fabric shop

Here are my fabric purchases from the night.

Aren't these prints beautimust????

June 18, 2009


Here's my new "Town Gown" as Old Navy calls them. I rarely ever wear a long dress, but I did want one of the new styles for the summer. I had a dickens of a time trying to decide what pattern to go with and finally made a choice when I saw Gold's version of the same pattern. I wanted something really cheerful and bright for summer so I used this slightly polished cotton for the dress. I bought it spring '08 so it was in my stash for over a year.

I increased the size of the dress in the bodice area a little too much so had to gather to take up the slack in the front. Rather than hemming the neck and arm areas, I self lined the bodice pieces. I also added a braided self tie at the bodice area for just a little something different. I like the dress, but have to get used to wearing all that fabric over my legs. I think I'll be taking this one on vacation with me.

June 14, 2009


I finished the other top that I had cut out earlier this seek. It's from the New Look pattern that I used several weeks ago. I had enough fabric left over from the Vouge top to make another top so I decided to make this one even though I already had one of this fabric.

It's finished, but the yoke on this thing gave me a fit this time. Don't know why it gave me such a problem because it went on really easy the last time. I think a dress will be coming up next...................

June 13, 2009


Here my new project for this weekend. I've been wanting a comfy traditional tunic for a while, and though this Butterick pattern is a little different than the one I had envisioned, I sort of liked it - so I just went with it. I used a fabric that I bought about 2 years ago on a vacation to New York. I had initially planned on using it for a skirt, but never made a decision on what type. I made the capris from the pattern also. They are from - you know- Hancock's regular gabardine that I've also had for at least 2 years.

I wanted something quick and easy - although nothing really ever is - quick that is. I wanted to add a little something else to the top so I choose a beaded trim that I added to the neckline and front yoke of the tunic; however, I'm still not sure that I really like it. I guess I'll think about it for a while and if it doesn't grow on me I can always take it off.

I plan on wearing an ocean blue tank under the tunic because it is sheer. Old Navy should have one that matches, they usually do. Got to go now, I think I feel at least two more finished pieces for this weekend.....Got to clean up the "Bat Cave" again so I can get on with the next project.

June 9, 2009


I do love myself some tops! I like plain ones, classic ones, but I especially like ones that have just a little something different. Doesn't have to be much, a different sleeve, neckline, back - just a little something different.

I was attracted to this pattern (
Vogue 8495) because the sleeveline was just a little different. I made view A which doesn't actually have a real sleeve, but rather the back and front yokes extend just a little giving an illusion of a sleeve. I love this top! I started it this weekend after I finished my Mother's jacket and finished it last night....sooooo you know I wore it to work today.

With the weather being H-O-T I really thought that this fabric would be sticky, but it wasn't at all. It wore nicely as the temperat
ure escalated today. I really think that I'd like to make another one of these this summer - maybe in a jewel tone solid next time.

Well, I finished my spring quarter class tonight (you know I'm only taking one, I say one class at a time). That I means I've got the rest of this week and all of next week that I get to come home and really concentrate on my sewing. I'll be on vacation for 8 WHOLE days after that, so I want to get some vacation pieces made up for my trip.

I really think I want to make a tunic next. Don't know how I'll look in one, but we will see. They just look so nice and airy and cool. I've got just the right pattern so I think I'll work on getting it cut out tonight. I've still got one more top that is already cut out, so I'll need to work on that as well.

So it's on with THE BEFORE VACATION SEWING MARATHON....who knows what I'll come up with!!!!!!!!!!!

June 6, 2009


By now everybody knows the story of this fabric, how I misplaced it and bought more because I wanted to make a jacket out of it so badly. After finding the misplaced piece I then had much more than I needed for the Patrones Jacket. Not needing two jackets from the same fabric, I decided to make a little summer jacket for my Mother. Since both jackets are short and had short sleeves I still ended up with about 5/8 yard left that I'll use as contrast on some other project later on.

This little jacket is from Butterick 5223, the same pattern I used to make the floral jacket to go with my black sundress. It didn't take to long to put this jacket together because I was already familiar with the pattern. I made view A from this pattern and I think it turned out pretty neat. I'm sure my Mom has a pair of black pants and/or a black skirt to wear this with and hope that she enjoys wearing it. I should be able to get it in the mail to her early next week. The jacket soft pleating at the front and back necklines. I had intended not to line it, but after completing it, decided that it would wear better and have a more finished look with one, so the jacket is fully lined. It has a little swing to it, so I'm calling it a Summer Lucy Jacket (lol). Lucy's are still in style.

Here's a front and back view of the jacket.
Now I'm about to start another project - this time I'm working on tops. Earlier this week to get the cutting phase out of the way, I cut out three projects (that included this Lucy jacket) so I could get right to sewing when the time premitted.
So I've already got two tops ready to work on. It's been a nice sewing weekend so far....

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