June 18, 2017


...Sewing information and tutorials that recently caught my eye:

  • In addition, if you are ever looking for Size and Ease Chart for all McCall's Pattern Company products (McCall's, Butterick and Vogue) it's located on the Butterick Pattern website
  • I've been planning on pad my dressform to make it more like me and pinnable for a very long time now.  I've seen lots of pictorials and watched oodles of videos that show multiple methods of padding.  This video by Nick Verreos is by far the easiest of all the ones I've seen thus far.  All that is needed is shoulder pads, pins and a tape measure.  This method is easy peazy and I think it would work quite nicely with a one piece cover added afterwards

  •  While looking around the net I happened upon this Serger Stitch Cheat Sheet that is very helpful to me so I thought some of you might be interested too

And lastly, I was able to finish my last challenge project this weekend.

McCall's 7603 pleated back and button front

An easy breezy summer top made in cotton lawn.  I choose view C and did have to blend two sizes, but other than that this pattern is straight forward and presented no challenges.  I might make it again, next time maybe in a challis.

In the meantime I need to find a really easy online photo editor (preferably free).  What photo editors do you use???

June 11, 2017


... most of the time it seems I bounce around from project to project without concrete plan.  I could lament about that, but truth be told as long as there's some sort of stitching going on, planned or not, I'm a pretty happy camper.

You might remember me mentioning the Pin It Sew It Event that I joined  sponsored by the ladies at That Sewing Blab.  Well guess what, I was one of the two winners of a $25.00 gift certificate to Indie Sews - how good does it get!  Now I just need to narrow down my selections and make my purchase.  Remember - I love Indie Patterns!

This weekend another blogger (can't remember who she was) make a navy eyelet top from McCall's 6558.  I thought I'd seen some navy eyelet floating around in my stash so of course greedy me wanted one too.  I redrafted the pattern (or should I use the word hacked) so the base bodice would be one piece rather than two, and eliminated the waist elastic all together.  Turns out my eyelet was more royal than navy, but still cute nonetheless.

Secondly, the SewMuchTalentgr Facebook group has a challenge going on every month.  Since I am a member and one of the moderators of the group, I try to support it as much as I can.  June is Pattern Hack Month with McCall's 6886 being the pattern of choice.  I really didn't need another one of these dresses and had sort of silently opted out the challenge.  However, my Mother called to see what I was dreaming up for the challenge, we decided that the dress would be for her rather than for me.

I decided to do the simple "HACK"  that involved redesigning the standard sleeve of this dress into a flutter style that worked out quite nicely. The challenge ends on June 30th so I can check this one off my list.

There is just one more challenge for this month that I've joined that I now need to work on,
I have until the end of the month to try to get this one done but afterwards it's back to my "I Want It All" pants fitting job...

June 4, 2017


...I find all kinds of interesting and useful sewing related information when cruising the web.  It's hard to keep track of it all, so I decided to start adding it to my blog for easy to find reference.  I hope you find some it useful as well.

Sheryll of Patterns.Scissors.Cloth gives us 5 WONDERFUL sewing tips every month
5 Sewing Tips for May even though it's now June

Andrea of Sew To Fit's You Tube video gives a full demonstration on Raising the V-Neckline of the New Vogue pattern 9293

Itch to Stitch, shares a great tutorial that will help us with our summer thin strip shoulder design tops and dress How to make a bra strap holder.

I also happened upon a video on Rotating Bodice Darts from Melly Sews using miniature pattern blocks.

AND, as if I didn't already have enough on my mental "Sewing List for Summer", I've joined not one but two more challenges.

What's on your sewing plate for this week....

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