December 18, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME...'s that time of year again folks - you know, the most wonderful time of the year!  Happy birthday to me today, and then just like clockwork, seven days later it'll be Christmas Day.  It always happens, and it's ALWAYS been such a joyous time of year for me.  I could write a book about my wonderful memories of birthdays and Christmas' past -  but never fear, I won't do that here.

As you may have noticed, I've experienced a recent sewing slump, and I'm pretty sure that the stress/ excitement of the craft fair brought it on.  If I'm nothing else - I'm one-tracked when it comes to focusing on a project.  All that time I spent working on those scarves I would have much rather been sewing for myself.  But, alas, I committed myself, and I had to see it through.  Only thing is - all that one-tracked focusing put a dent in my sewing motivation.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I DO want to sew.  It's the getting started part that's holding me back.

You know me, I'm the type that will force sewing motivation.  I tried doing just that this week and it yielded me not 1 but 2 pair of ill fitting p.j. pants.  I was sure that making a couple pair of quick and easy pajama pants would do the trick for me, and it would have - if not for the wrong fabric choice.  I made knit p.j.'s, but used a knit that grows and grows and grows some more with were.  I wanted to learn to make yoga waistbands and thought p.j.'s would be a good way to practice my technique.  How disappointing to say the least.  Last night I was thinking of canning both pair, but today I'm thinking "cut that band off and stitch in some elastic", what a downer. Nuff said.

I also thought about making a new birthday dress, but that didn't unfold.  But low and behold a package from Vogue Fabrics was waiting on my porch for me this afternoon and that cheered me up sewing wise.  A surprise gift of 2 beautiful yards of bamboo knit fabric from my friend Cecil!!!  She me tricked ya'll during our weekend sewing/pattern/fabric talk.  But what a wonderful trickster she is.  I've never had bamboo knit before.

The first thing that come to mind was pairing it up with a brown ponteroma knit magic pencil skirt.  What do you think?  Got to find just the right pattern for the bamboo knit top.  Thank you so much Cecil, what a beautiful birthday present! 

If recall, I did have some scarves left over from the craft fair.  This week I sold 5 of them and also made two special order scarves.  That made me feel real good!

Only one more day til Christmas vacation - how wonderful!  I've already closed out the records for the College, and tomorrow I'll finish closing out the High School.  It's really been a great semester.  Now to see if I can get this sewing thing cranked up...

December 9, 2012


...My Reindeer Marketplace experience has come and gone! I'll have to admit that participating in a craft fair for the very first time was a bit stressful.  I just didn't know what to expect.  It's so hard knowing how much merchandise is needed, or exactly how to price items.  I decided to just go with my gut and try to price these scarves so they would SELL - and not have to come back home with me.

Interacting with all the customers was interesting - I just tried to make the whole experience as much fun as possible.  I think I sold a little more than half of what I had which isn't bad at all.  I learned some things, and can't say that I won't do it again next year.  I know that if I do decide to go it again I'll start production by the end of August and not be stressed with last minute preparation.   

I think the fact that I focused on only one product genre helped my sales, but making all these scarves within the last three weeks did get rather boring.  Thought I'd post a picture of my humble booth since ya'll have had to read about this for several weeks.  Uploaded through Picasa this time so I hope I'll have no further picture posting problems.


I am such a one-track minded person that I have not had time to focus on garment sewing AT ALL during this process.  Now, finally, I can get back to the type of sewing that I love so much - sewing for myself...

December 2, 2012


 "The Reindeer Marketplace Craft Fair"
DATE:  Saturday, December 8th
TIME:  9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
LOCATION:  Houston County Career Academy
                        1313 Cordor Road
                        (Corner of Corder Rd. and Russell Pkwy)
                        Career Academy entrance from Corder
                        Middle Georgia Technical College GED component entrance from Russell

...Happy December every one! Seems like I blinked, and poof - it's here already!  It's been quite a weekend to say the least; but I'm staying calm and moving on!  On top of everything else, I had a little glitch with Picasa's storage limitations as referenced in my last post.  It's still not fully resolved yet, but I did get GOOD answers to my call for help from Lynn and Carolyn re:  picture size and revolving slide shows on my side bar.  In an effort to reset my camera to use less pixels I accidentally deleted my entire memory card.  Oh well...  I'm also sorry to say that I had to remove all slide shows from my side bar, but I guess that has allowed me enough storage space to be able to post pictures here.  Obviously, I definitely need to find out more about how Picasa works in the very near future in order to continue to operate this blog.  I won't go into my other woes here - I'll just say "it could have been worse"... 

Moving on --- you may recall me mentioning that I'll be participating in "The Reindeer Marketplace Craft Fair" at my school next weekend (I'll be so glad when it's over).  I committed last year, but the pressure got to me and I backed out of it.  Being my usual glutton for punishment self, I not only committed again this year, but encouraged two of my friends to participate.  Let me tell you, I've felt like backing out several times this year. I did reach my self imposed quota of scarves:  16 silky print infinity scarves,  12 fur snoods, and 2 big button scarflette neck warmers.  Hope there will be 30 marketplace attendees who feel the need of having fashionable scarves to keep their necks warm and BUY up!  Anyway, thought I'd share photos of the fur scarves I worked on.

What fashionable lady wouldn't want one of these fur beauties to enhance her wardrobe???

If course I'm very eager to get back to my selfish sewing.  Sewing, but not sewing what you really want to sew creates stress in ones life.  Needless to say I've had enough of that for a long while...

HELP NEEDED RE: Picasa Storage Quota....

...while trying to upload pictures for a blog post this evening I discovered that I've used up 99% of my free 1 GB of Picasa storage quota.  The notice says that I still have 10 GB Gmail and 5 GB of drive still available, but that I can purchase more space.   I'm confused.  Can I now use the Gmail and drive for storage????  Or do I now need to start purchasing additional storage for a monthly fee.

Has anyone else experienced running out of space??????? 
Can anyone advise me on this?????
How can I avoid paying a monthly fee for additional storage????

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