June 18, 2012


...I had originally left both of my Mission Maxi dresses unhemmed to avoid the waviness that sometimes occurs when hemming knits.  But today after seeing this tutorial on Pinterest that illustrated an easy method for lettuce hemming I thought I'd give it a try.  I'd never used lettuce method for a hem finish before, both because both dresses are a bit casual I thought it quite suitable. Besides, both dresses were so long that I figured I could cut it right off if I didn't like the results...
New Lettuce hems of both dresses
Guess what -  I do like the end result so I'll be keeping it for both dresses.


June 17, 2012


...Although I haven't gotten around to making one YET, I am still very interested in quilting - it's deep in my roots, and I love looking at them and can actually recognize and name quite a few patterns...

I just added a new book to the quilting section of my resource library

The book includes:
  • setting up a workspace
  • Five easy projects just for beginners
  • An extensive gallery of beautiful and unique art quilts
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Selecting the right fabrics and embellishments for projects
  • Skill building projects for all levels of quilters
I think this is a great resource for beginners and experienced quilters alike. Plans for making a quilt are on my sewing list, the question is just when.  Whenever the time comes I'm sure this book will be a handy resource.

On the garment sewing front I stalled a bit this weekend.  I was determined to use the left over fabric from the tunic I made for my daughter - I had a hard time trying to decide on just the right pattern for it.  I finally decided on this pattern having made it before  I knew that it wouldn't take much time to whip up.

McCall's 5977
I altered the pattern just a little to add a little swing to the width the top.  The three tiered ruffles don't show up very well in the picture, but they are there.
 I used every last bit of the remaining fabric.

Now it's on to the next project...

June 13, 2012


...every summer I usually try to make at least two easy, breezy, flowy chiffony or georgette type tunics for myself.  I have to admit that chiffony type fabric gives me somewhat of a FIT in sewing even though I try to use the appropriate needles   Over sized tunics normally have  large areas to hem or turn under and stitched down.  Steam-a-Seam would help, but I think it presents too much of a hassle with such a large area to work on.  With the fabric slipping & sliding -  stitches puckering & pulling & even sometimes snagging, I somehow mutter through to achieve a finished product.

This year I decided to stitch one up for my daughter first, and chose this pattern to see how it would work out.
McCall's 6510 view B
 Here's the finished project:

and back
She will definitely need to wear a cami or tank top under this one.

Do you have any tips that would make sewing chiffon or georgette fabrics easier?????????????

June 11, 2012


...ok, this is the absolute best I can do with pictures.  I'm convinced that I need to get a new camera.  My point and shot is just not getting it any more.

The top and pants both wore well today; however both need a little tweaking.  The top is just a little wide through the side seams, and there is just a little too much fabric in the pocket area of the pants.  I plan to adjust both tonight - should be an easy fix.  The textured linen blend used for the pants resisted wrinkling all day long - of course I loved that factor.

So I'm off to make my adjustments so the outfit will be ready for it's next rotation..........

June 10, 2012


...First lets talk about a maintenance issue.  While working to finish the Vogue 8815 peplum top project of the weekend, my machine made a horrific sound and then jammed my fabric.  I couldn't believe that the entire bobbin case had become completely dislogged (one screw loosened the other had come out completely out).

Fear arose - this was something I just didn't need.  I'm just not handy with screw drivers, hammers or nails.  In fact, I hate having to use tools.  This was the culprit:
a pile of fuzzy lint!!!  I should be ASHAMED!!!  This pile of lint  pushed the bobbin case out of it's seat - screws and all.  After taking several deep breaths I was able to get the screws in and the bobbin case back in place.  Repair bill averted!  Now my Singer is purring like a kitten, a completely new and different sound.

Do you have a schedule to remind you to clean your machine???

I did manage to get my project finished after my machine repair session.
Vogue 8815 with my asymmetrical twist

I purchased this fabric two years ago at a little Mennonite quilt shop not far from Augusta - now closed.  The fabric is a type of poly-rayon woven stained glass print.  I'll take my top for a test drive tomorrow with my navy linen pants...

June 9, 2012


...I'm a lover of many things!  Guess you can tell that MY WEEKENDS are at the top of my LOVE LIST!!! I just figure weekends are my reward after a hard weeks work.  

Of course I'm in the sewing room this morning.  Relatives and friends quite often preface telephone conversations with me with "where are you at, in the sewing room?"  They know me well! This weekend I'm particularly experiencing an amour with these two patterns:

VOGUE 8815
 I've never made anything peplum because I was always scared that it wasn't a style for my body type/shape.  BUT peplum tops all ALL OVER THE PLACE now, so of course I wanted one and decided to give it a go.

Now my pros and cons on both:
  • NewLook 6130 makes my heart skip, BUT 9 pattern pieces are a little much more than I'd like to deal with.  
  •  Although the front princess seams would make fitting a little easier.
  • Love the little details of the NewLook pattern; the asymmetrical hemline and the banded waist. 
  •   Is it just the coral colored top on the pattern envelope that I'm so drawn to? 
  •  Vogue 8815 is so cute too.  Yeah!, only 4 pattern pieces but minus the cute details of the NewLook Pattern.
  •  Laziness forced me to opt for the Vogue pattern, but I used some creative juices to add the asymmetrical hemline to it.  I do think I will also eventually make the New Look Pattern too.
  • After stitching up a quick and dirty muslin (which I'm glad  I did) come to find out I need to do a small bust adjustment.  Dratt!!!  I've never done a SBA, and didn't want to get involved to that extent this morning.
  • So now I'm involved in creating a "CHEATER SMALL BUST ADJUSTMENT" method that I think I can get away with.


 Did another top at the moment?  No not really, but one can always use a new addition.  Now it's onward to choose just the right fabric..........

June 1, 2012


...It's Friday, the bright and beautiful start of a brand new weekend!  I don't always feel this energetic (even about sewing) every Friday  - but today I do Praise Jesus; there are all types of possibilities to embark on!!!
Now you already know...when I put the teapot on it's going to be a long post
I hear my teapot whistling so I'm about to hunker down with a spot of tea in my sewing studio (talk about a comfort zone)!  Soooo, if you care to join me here's a synopsis of what's running through my mind...

Although I prefer mine iced!  You know how us southern girls do!  But it still starts out in a whistling teapot.

First:  I'll finish up a skirt project that I've worked on little by little (stitch by stitch )all week long.  It's been a slow go with this one  - I've been so tired at night that I just couldn't get it finished.  It's a simple project that I'm making for a co-worker; and the best part about it is that she didn't even ask me to do it  (I VOLUNTEERED)!  This girl has done so much for me at work, and you know you just have to repay kindnesses at some point.  Her face lit up when I wanted to take her measurements and told her what I'd planned.
  • fabric purchased at Hancock's Memorial Day sale on Monday, pretreated the fabric and cut it out that night.  But...I've been so tired each night that I just could not get it finished.  

  • It's from this pattern:
Butterick 5613
  • because it's cute and flirty just like my co-worker.  I making view A with a self tie from a print challis to get that flowyness.

  • Other Memorial Day purchases were some zippers, black and white thread, and some more of these, because according to a recent poll.... I need to start changing more often (lol).

  •  I bought a little bit of fabric. 
Fives pieces of WONDERFUL gaberdine (1 turquoise, 1 navy, 1 brown and 2 black)  One black for summer, and one for fall.

  •  And last, but certainly not least, these wonder possibilities.
Picture's a little blurry, but I know you get my point!
  • Yep, I've decided - that's just what patterns are:  WONDERFUL POSSIBILITIES WRAPPED UP IN SMALL PACKAGES!   Hallelujah, I just love them!!!, and I really need to "COWGIRL UP" when people make funny little comments about how many I have and not let it bother me at all. 

  • I have so many sewing visions; so many things I want to get made.  Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to sew with me to bring some of these visions to life.
 I know there are lots of people out there who feel the same way, so tell me...
Since you can't sew it all up at once...how do you decide what to sew first???

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