November 30, 2013


... life got in the way!  I thought that since it's the very last day of November, I'd better get a post in or you'd think I'd fallen off the edge of the earth.   I have to ask, "WHERE IN THE WORLD DID NOVEMBER GO???"   Work related busyness consumed me and because: I do love my job; am so thankful for it; and always want to do my very best, I had to put sewing on the back burner.
To culminate the month's activities I had dental surgery on Monday, I've been recuperating all week so I'll be able to return to work next week. Seven days of house sitting has the tendency of making me a little spacey, (I did get a little hallucinogenic on Tuesday when it rained none stop all day long, and even though I couldn't leave the house anyway - felt even the more trapped).  I figured it was a combination of the narcotic pain pills and a case of feeling sorry for myself (hate when that happens).    

BUT FOR TODAY, I had planned my escape and at 6:10 a.m. (with head and face fully covered) I was sitting outside of Hancock Fabrics (joined by my friend Cecil) waiting for the doors to open for the $4.95 wool fabric sale.  That's right, clocks were set, and my Mother gave me a wakeup call to make sure I got there in time.  There was no way I could miss out on this sale, and this is what came home with me:
Glorious yards of herringbone tweed (blends) and 100% wool crepe.
And of course a few patterns found their way into the bag.
During my imprisonment I did do a little reorganizing and cleanup in my sewing room so I'm ready to sew as soon as a few project decisions are made.  I also made four knit leopard print infinity scarves for my three fashionista nieces and me, and six chevron knit special order scarves.  I also managed to finish a striped knit skirt (started prior to all the busyness) inspired by Candice - Sew My Time.

Now as for this afternoon, I need to cleanup my kitchen and then it's on... cause I've got a real serious case of the SEWS - that's what I call it when I need to do some sewing really, really bad...

November 14, 2013


Lord please forgive me...YES I DO!!!

Do you own pieces that you love so much and think are so beautiful that you don't even want to cut into them?


November 10, 2013


... with frequent chilly 32 degree mornings, and the switch back to standard time where you get to drive to work in the in real sunlight rather than in utter darkness hoping that you don't run over somebody's children; but have to rush home in the afternoon so you're not caught out in the dark having the feeling that you have no evening at all.  (Ugghh, and I think I am the only person in the world who dislikes it!, cause it seems that everyone else is rejoicing.)  I use to think I disliked Fall, but found that it's not Fall that I have a strong dislike of, but rather it's the time changing thing!!!  I LOVE it when we're on Daylight Saving Time...

WHAT'S THE POINT!!!, OF CHANGING THE TIME?,  unless its just to throw my body clock all out of whack!!!"  Wasn't it designed to give the farmer's more daylight hours?  I still don't understand, just know that I don't like the change at all.  Seems I would have gotten use to this after all this time - but I haven't!   There's just no pleasing some of us humans all the time anyways, is there?  So there,  got my rant out, now back to talking about Fall and chilly mornings....

I am so glad that I did get a little jump start on my Fall Sewing this year.   I started back in hot August even though I knew I wouldn't actually get to wear the pieces until late October/early November.  It's wonderful know I can just walk to the closet and pull out something new.  So last week I pulled this outfit out
I forgot to pair it with the belt though, but oh well, me and belts seem to have a love hate relationship, so it all turned out well anyway.

The outfit wore very well and it was a great Fall day!

November 4, 2013


...with temperatures at a chilly 32 degrees this morning (although Jack Frost didn't make an appearance),  I was happy to have a warm new dress to wear to work.  It made my Monday morning just a little bit more palatable.  I choose my Vogue 8939 black turtle neck knit dress.
Not too bad for a camera photo

The dress garnered several remarks like:   "Did you make that one too?  Oh my goodness you are so good."  My response  - it was only four pieces!  If they only knew just how easy making this dress was, minus removing the original turtle neck and replacing it with a larger one, they'd try their hand at dressmaking too - maybe.

The body of the dress is fully lined so thus negated wearing a slip - love that.  It made getting dressed and out the door this morning just a little bit easier.  The dress wore well all day long.  The Fabric:  a slightly ribbed value knit from Hancock Fabrics that was intended to be a muslin, but instead turned out to be the actual dress - because I liked it.

I really love my clothes.  Being able to make my wardrobe is such a wonderful blessing for which I am very thankful...

November 2, 2013


...when a jacket and a skirt is made from the same fabric,  do they then become a suit?  For me that is usually the case, but in this situation - I think not?

I had mentioned in a past post that I had fallen in love with this pattern and mostly the print used on the pattern envelope.  Folks I've been feeling a little aztec-y lately.
McCall's 6844
So I immediately started looking for a nice aztec print.  Of course I could not find this exact print, but I did find one that I thought was suitable for my jacket. It's made of a nice pontederoma - one of my favorite fabrics in the whole wide world, because it's soft and so easy to work with.  I seriously considered making this jacket in a sweater knit but could not make up my mind - so wishy/washy!  I think the next one (and there will be a next one) will be out of a sweater knit.
My Version of the jacket (wild huh) paired with a black MimiG pencil skirt made last Fall.  There is just nothing like a nice #2 pencil.

But I also wanted to make a pencil skirt from the same fabric - thought it would make a wonderful addition to my Fall Wardrobe.
Aztec print pencil - another one from the MimiG's tutorial.  How easy does it get!
The print is so bold that I would nevah consider wearing the two together.  So I plan on wearing the jacket with my black skirt or pants; and the skirt with a cream colored top and black jacket.  I'll be able to come up with several different combinations using the two pieces separately - which in my book is a winning situation...

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