December 9, 2007


I wonder how many blessings have come my way that I failed to recognize? This questions probably sounds a little silly to many, but it is something that I have been thinking about since yesterday. I imagine that there have been some of God's blessings that I have failed to recognize. My observation of things that I can count as blessings also extend over into my Sewing Adventures. Yesterday I met with Artist Lisa from We got together at my house for a sew along and fellowship. BOY DID I HAVE A G-R-E-A-T TIME! Lisa worked on a fabulous gored skirt and finished it all but the facing and the hem. It looked great on her and fit like a glove. Lisa says she will be sporting her new skirt with some kewl black boots. Hope she'll show us a picture of it on her blog soon. I cut out and started this knit top during our sew along and finished today.

I still don't understand why my pictures are so dark, but my top turned out really nice. I had made one just like it earlier this year, but it turned out too small so I sent it to my sister. I made this one of the same fabric, but of course cut the pattern wider. This top has a flounce at the end of the sleeve. I stepped out of the box just a little bit and doubled the flounce this time. I'm trying to get to the point where I can visualize beyond the picture on the pattern envelope. I'm taking baby steps.

I also finished the mock wrap dress that I had started and here's a picture of it - however dark.

I took Lisa's suggested and took the side under arm zipper out completely, after installing the zipper twice and still not being satisfied with it. The dress fits quite well and I was able to get into it without the zipper. Thanks Lisa, leaving the zipper out was a great idea!

Lisa also helped me come up with just the right fit on a pants pattern. Turns out that my correct crouch length was almost 2 inches shorter than the patterns I had been trying to use - thus the baggy crouch syndrone. I had also been using my measurements to figure out the pattern size for my waist and hip areas; the size I was using always turned out way to large. Lisa patiently helped me cut out a muslin for my pants and after stitching them up the fit just fine. So now I have my ULTIMATE "TNT" pants pattern - THANK GOD!!! I cut out a pair today in brown with a white stripe. Wanted to sew them up tonight, but guess I'd better get to bed. Lisa suggests that I reinforce my TNT pants pattern with fusible interfacing so it will last a long time. I can't tell you just how happy I am about solving this pants pattern fitting issue. And Yes, Carolyn I can see myself making 5 pairs of well fitting black pants - now that Lisa has helped me with my problem!

As I said I had the greatest day with Lisa, and to reinforce the title of this post I recognize our Sew Along as a true blessing from God. Hope we are able to have many, many more.


  1. Glad you had a good time!!!

  2. Girl, you've been busy. Glad to hear you are "stepping out of the box". Sorry about the fit though. I'm sure your sister will be thrilled to get such a lovely blouse. The mock wrap dress is cute too. Great suggestion by Lisa.

    BTW- Please check my Pattern Give Away post.

    Happy Sewing.

  3. I'm loving the sewing meet-ups!!!

    BTW, Not that I take the best pictures, I think your flash is off timing, maybe reset your camera setting?

  4. Hi Faye.That top is very pretty.I'm glad I got to see it in person.The colors and print are stunning.5 pairs of black pants...OMG! You go girl!

  5. Sounds as if you had a wonderful day. Congrats on getting the pants to fit. That in itself is a great accomplishment. Looks like your flash didn't go off so the photos are darker than usual. The blouse and dress look great. Good job!

  6. Hi Faye,

    Please e-mail me. Thanks,

  7. Hello, came across your blog via Sew On Sew On. Although your pics are dark... I can see your projects came out really nice. Totally loving the wrap dress.



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