November 22, 2008


Yes, as I said before, November has been the month for tops. I don't know how this happened as I certainly did not plan it to be this way. I guess it's just that I love knit fabrics and I had accumulated quite a few pieces and also because I just love going to the closet in the morning being able to pull out something that does not need ironing. I also love the way being able to wear something just a little different makes me feel, even thought it's just a top. Ahhh the simple things of life. Making tops is quick and simple - somewhat like instant gratification which I did need after making so many things that were time consuming. So although I didn't get to do a whole lot of sewing this past week, I did complete another wrap or tie jacket with another matching turtle neck top made from Vogue 8305 and Kwik Sew 2740.

I'm not absolutely sure that I am satisfied with my fabric choice here. I knew I wanted something knit and something red, but this fabric is a little shiny for my taste. Oh I will wear it, but I'm just having second thoughts about my fabric choice - which I'm sure is something we all of us go through from time to time. A should a, would a, could a type thing.

Last Saturday I woke up with some energy (which has been eluding me lately) and I was motivated to cut out 5 garments (all tops). This week I was thinking, "that I must have been out of my mind" to do that. I was afraid that in cutting out so many pieces at one time some of them might become UFO's. I have managed to sew up three of the garments - which is think is pretty good. So I've only got two more to go before all 5 garments are completed - what a marathon! So after finishing this post it's back to the machine to change my thread colors and knock out the remaining two tops...


  1. Another winner! Red will be a great color for the Christmas season. I think cutting out all those tops "and" sewing them up is a great idea. You have done really well :)

  2. I think everyone should have one or two red pieces. I think the color will look good on you.

  3. Nice top, Faye! And I think that after a month of making new tops you have probably added a lot of flexibility to your wardrobe!!! I can see how easily it must be to get dressed in the morning.

  4. You have done well with your tops!! I NEED to add a couple more to my wardrobe...well not need but want lol

  5. This set is so elegant.You are so motivated.

  6. I love the red top and all the other tops you have made, I really need to make some tops and while visiting my Father I purchased several knit fabrics that I hope to turn into tops soon. I have the Vogue 1020 and I made the top and I'm not crazy about it but I love your jacket I just might have to give that pattern a second chance.



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