December 20, 2008


All of the knit tops that I made in November were really quick projects since I had wanted to do really easy sewing for a while. I was in Knitsville for an entire month and when I started my next project this month it seemed to be taking a long, long time to complete. I couldn't help but wonder if I had stayed in easy Knitsville too long. Well, with work and two nights school per week it has actually been three weeks since I started this project - and it is not finished yet. Well school is finally out for Christmas, and my stressful night class is over too so I think I'll be able to get my rain coat project finished before New Years.
I'm combining features from both of these patterns to create my own look.

This is my progress on the project thus far:
I used a light weight interfacing on all pattern pieces to give this twill like fabric a little more body. I had to fight with this decision for a while (to interface or not to interface) and at first I used an interfacing that was a bit to stiff. I had to really use a lot of steam to remove it before replacing it with the lighter weight interfacing which gave a much better result.

Now I have to add some buttons, belt loops, tabs on the sleeves and a few more touches to really bring this thing to life. Oh, I forgot to say that it is fully lined. I've wanted a raincoat like this every since my friend Lisa made her black and white version early last spring.


I finally paid a visit to the antique store that carries what I call vintage patterns that Ebony has been telling us about. Their pattern collection consisted of four cabinets each with four or five drawers - and I looked through each and every drawer this morning. Looking through those patterns was a trip back down memory lane. I say this because I saw so many patterns from my past sewing life (remember I had a 15 year sewing interruption) several of which I bought for memories sake. I bought a few others because I really liked them and could see some real possibilities.

I really like this very easy Vogue pattern - it's a sheath like dress with a vee'ed front neckline. I got two Christmas craft patterns, and no I won't get around to using them this year.

These are two chanel like jacket patterns. Rember I still have that beautiful boucle that my Mother sent several months ago.

I like the back of the New Look Pattern and think it will make a nice sun dress for the summer (come on summer! And I had this wrap skirt pattern back in the 80' and loved it .

I made this two piece knit outfit back in the 70's. I remember that it was the first cowl neckline that I ever made. I loved that outfit too. This McCall's pants pattern use to be one of my favorites. I made this pattern over and over again because I had so much success with it. The pattern I bought today is much to small, but if any of you run across it in a size 16, please let me know as I would like to use this pattern again.

I know you will probably not believe this...but I used this last pattern for my wedding dress. Hey it was the 70's, and yes I wore a mini dress and it was sooo very pretty. And yes I was 17 years old and weighed a mere 122 pounds soaking wet. It was in white lace the one on the left....
NOTE: Needed to add a post script here on the wedding dress; I didn't make it but this is the pattern that was used.


  1. i am so happy you made it to the antiques store. When you first get there you kind of have to take a breath and just dive in. I totally love going there. It takes a while for them to update, but each time I go with a new pair of eyes so finding a treat is never a problem. And the prices are wonderful.To be able to buy a pattern that you could potentially make several times is wonderful

  2. That's hysterical, thanks for sharing. I didn't sew back then but my Mother did; she had four girls, bought fabric in bolts and we all had our own pattern boxes. If you wanted clothes you selected the fabric/pattern cut it out and left it on the sewing table. Sewing memories are the best.

  3. Thanks for sharing your sewing memories. I like the sheath dress with the v-neck by vogue its similar to Butterick 5146 that I did.

    I love hearing about sewist that have made their own wedding dress.

    Oh, I am so loving that trench coat the fabric is to die for... where did you get?

  4. Anonymous12/21/2008

    Hi Faye-- thanks for visiting my blog and I am so happy to have found you! Wow, am I impressed with your 2008 list--pat yourself on the back!
    Your raincoat is wonderful. I bought the same fabric--I would love to know how to waterproof it too!

  5. What a fun walk down memory lane. Nothing flashes me back to the past faster than looking at vintage patterns.

  6. What great looking patterns. I very nice walk down memory lane....and I love your raincoat so far...

  7. Love the fabric you chose for your coat. Also, animal prints are everywhere at the department stores. It will be a hit! What kind of fabric material is it? About how to protect your fabric, have you think about suede spray protector? You can purchase it a shoestore, but still I don't recommend you to let it get wet. Sometimes, fashion is just that fashion and may not be practical.

  8. Faye, I had the wrap skirt pattern and the pants one which I made about 10 times.
    I also made the Threads coat for both myself and my daughter in heavy linen. I think you commented on each.
    As for waterproofing your coat ,you can buy a spray,but I can't remember the name. I've use it and it worked quite well.

  9. That coat is looking fabulous.You can buy waterproofing product at Hancock Fabrics or you can have Gem Dry Cleaners do it for you.Check with your dry cleaner and see if they offer the service.
    You and Ebony will have to give me directions to that antique shop.You got some real treasures.
    It was fun strolling down your memorie lane.I'll bet you wedding dress was adorable.Do you have pictures?

  10. FAY, Happy Happy Holidays for You:-)

    Memories are sooo great, adn sewing related especially, the coat looks really good. Have fun and enjoy the x-mas time.

  11. May you and your family celebrate a joyous Holiday season. Merry Christmas!

  12. These are some great patterns! I have always loved the wrap skirts, because they're so forgiving if you gain or lose a few pounds. And, back in the 70s, didn't we all weigh a mere 122 or less? Ah, to see those days again. That wedding dress must have been really cute!

  13. Your coat is great!
    I hope you had an awesome Christmas, Faye!
    Is the antique store in the Atlanta area??? Let me know I'm going to be down there for a few days during New Years...

    Love the patterns you picked up. Its so fun going thru stuff like that!

  14. I really like the fabric you picked out, it's going to look very beautiful!!!

    Ahh, vintage patterns. The more I see them, the more I like them. I especially like the simplicity pattern that's displayed last. It's very pretty, I'd wear it. :):):)

    Hope you had a good holiday!


  15. What a great post! The fabric choice for the coat is fab. Here's to another year of good health and happiness.

  16. I had that wrap skirt pattern as well, and loved loved loved it. I wore that skirt out.



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