November 29, 2009

MOT #11 AND IT'S SPIN OFFS... thing leads to another, and then another. Such was the case Month of Tops #11. I wanted a jazzy little tunic so I was drawn to a Hillary Duff pattern - M5575. I know Duff patterns are really geared toward younger people - but sometimes I just go with my heart. To my surprise this pattern runs large, but I didn't know that so I enlarged it and it ended up much too big. I ended up having to take it in that much and much, much more. I only had one glitch with the pattern. I lengthened the bodice, but neglected to lengthen the front band and facing - not good! I ended up patching the band right in the center front area to make it work out. The busy dark print allowed me to make the correction so that it isn't noticeable.

Here's the finished tunic that I modified to add full length sleeves because it's starting to get cold down here in Georgia.
The neckline left no room for modesty, so I needed something to cover my chest (can't stand for my neck to be cold!). So Top #11 prompted Top #12. This is a TNT Kwik Sew 2740 turtleneck. I made sure the turtleneck was really loose because I also can't stand turtles chocking me! (he he)

Although the chocolate turtleneck looks good with the tunic - I couldn't help wonder how a black top would add up - thus Top #13. Can I say...I love this little top and can visualize more of it popping up this season. Only 3 pieces - with hemmed armacyes, no facing and no binding. I got the idea from The Selfish Sewer who has shown several just like it recently. Have you seen her blog? She is a hilariously wonderful sewer. Anyway, she also offers just such a pattern that you can download from her blog. I couldn't use her pattern because my printer is not hooked up yet. But, after a mad pattern stash search I was able to find OOP Simplicity 4503 for this razer cut shell. I must be getting braver because I eliminated the back seam and added the BIG cowl neck collar from McCall's 5699 (another Duff pattern). I have several other patterns with cowl collars, but opted for this pattern because of it's hugeness.

Now I guess I will finally have to agree with many others - "I am obsessed" with sewing. With only two more days left in "The Month of Tops" the pushed to the side, already cut out, originally Top #12 - now Top #14 patiently awaits in the wings. I must say that this has been the most wonderful SEWCATION of the year! The only interruption (however nice) was taking the time out to make a casserole and for Thanksgiving dinner. No one even rang my door bell since Tuesday! Every one knew some serious sewing was taking place in the bat cave. So today is my last official sewing day and I'm off to start MOT #14.


  1. Anonymous11/29/2009

    I am expecting pictures.You have had a mad dash of sewing tops. I know you must feel good about them.Come on give me some pictures.
    Love and kisses,Mom

  2. You have one more award to add to your repertoire. Check it out on my blog.

  3. You. Are. My. Hero!

  4. Wow, you've made so many fun and different tops! It has been such fun watching the MOT roll along.

  5. Fabulousness! I love that the first Hilary Duff top was too loose and the turtleneck underneath couldn't be too tight. ;)

  6. Wow, you are fast! The tops look fantastic. It must be fun to have all those beautiful new choices.

  7. Wow, you are fast! The tops look fantastic. It must be fun to have all those beautiful new choices.

  8. You have a good wardrobe of tops. All fantastic! Now, what about bottoms?

  9. A sewing obsession is a good thing!



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