November 23, 2012


...would you believe  - Today I shopped on Black Friday for the first time ever.   I've always managed steered clear of all the madness.  But today, for the very first time I ventured out because the Vogue Pattern sale FINALLY started at Hancock's.  Seems like I waited FOREVER for this pattern sale.  But does this really constitute Black Friday Shopping.  I did think that there would be a crowd of people at the pattern cabinets, but that wasn't the case at all.  I didn't have to fight for patterns, but rather shopped at my leisure.

What were my choices???  All of the new ones of course, but these were the ones that came home with me...
V8845 - had to have this Claire Shaeffer beauty

V1327 - and this darling Anne Klein dress

V1329 - love my self some Kay Unger, she designs such classy dresses
V8865 - hope my butt can handle this bustle peplum

V8859 - I need skinny pants pretty badly, got to try some soon.  These look easy, but I'm not too sure about Tilton girl patterns.  We'll see.
V8849 - Who can resist this interesting design?  When I first saw it, it so reminded me of a dinosaur or some sort or reptile with that elongaged ruffle peplum sewn down the back.  Don't know exactly what I'll do with this pattern, but it was so darned cute.  
V8861 - Thought this coat was very interesting, especially worn with those elbow length gloves.

I didn't get this one - it can only be obtained on line.  But I just want to ask - "What is this?", or better yet, Why is it?"  Am I missing something here or what????  I'm just saying...


  1. Great choice! I´m loving the first jacket,The Kay Unger dressand the back ruffle top..oh! and the coat!

  2. That weird pattern, I think it might be an apron over the dress. Or maybe a built in apron. Kinda confused on that one. It would be so much better without the apron bit, though. I'm pretty sure one could totally make this one without a pattern if one really wanted a dress like that anyway.

  3. you've gotta experience Black Friday at least once. My once was last year! I'm done. You've got some great patterns! We don't have a Hancocks here any longer so I'd have to wait until JoAnn Fabrics has their Vogue sale. Nice picks!

  4. Good choices, Faye! I am totally with you on that last pattern. I just don't really get it.

  5. I've never shop on black friday either. Mainly because by the thanksgiving rolled around I am finish with christmas shopping. A pattern sale is a very good reason to shop today. I love your choices; as for the last pattern I can't figure it out.

  6. Wow,that last pattern, tis bizarre!!!
    The peplum on that one jacket--very fierce peplum. I'd love for you to sew that up first to see how it looks.
    I might try the Kay Unger one!
    (finally took off my jeans today and washed them--and they survived--yay! line dried only)

  7. p.s. I did a boatload of online shopping (including, cough cough, a stretch jeans pattern) but have not gone into the stores on black friday since 1999!

  8. When I saw that last pattern - I was like "huh?" That pattern reminds me of my grandma's house. LOL! It's really crazy and it might have been cute without the dollie on the front.

    The patterns that you picked up are nice. I can't wait to see your reviews!

  9. That yellow and black is just horrendous. Is that an apron on top? I see nothing good about this design or bumble bee color choice.

    Love he other patterns you have chosen. JAs has a Vogue sale on right now as well so I will hit there tomorrow.

  10. That last one is a village throw back from the 1500s. I don't get it.
    The rest of your haul is F.A.B.

  11. Cute pattern picks! Weren't these winter Vogue's some of the best? Glad you got the one's you wanted. BTW, I had the same question about the last pattern. Believe me, Vogue wasn't doing me any favors by advertising it LOL!!!!

  12. Kudos to you for leaving the house on Friday! Just thinking about venturing out on that day makes me nauseous. So many people. Ugh!

    In defense of the infamous Vogue WTF pattern, if you take away the gladiator-ness it's not too bad as separates. The skirt is cute (not for me) and the tunic perhaps has potential in less contrasting colors. I almost always look at the line drawings before the pattern image so as to minimize distraction.

  13. Some nice picks here Faye! I really think that peplum top is just too cute! I NEVER go out on Black Friday! You're a brave women! Also, I agree with you on that last pattern...why would anyone do that?! LOL!

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