December 2, 2012

HELP NEEDED RE: Picasa Storage Quota....

...while trying to upload pictures for a blog post this evening I discovered that I've used up 99% of my free 1 GB of Picasa storage quota.  The notice says that I still have 10 GB Gmail and 5 GB of drive still available, but that I can purchase more space.   I'm confused.  Can I now use the Gmail and drive for storage????  Or do I now need to start purchasing additional storage for a monthly fee.

Has anyone else experienced running out of space??????? 
Can anyone advise me on this?????
How can I avoid paying a monthly fee for additional storage????


  1. See if this helps:

  2. I don't use picassa, so I'm not sure. I split my pictures up between two different sites. I keep pictures (non-sewing) on Shutterfly and sewing related pictures on Flickr.

  3. While I have yet to reach my limit, this is something I've thought about a number of times. After perusing some of Google's help documents, I see that prices have increased dramatically. 20GB of storage used to cost $5/yr. Now, 25GB of storage is $2.49/mo or $30/yr. WTF! At $5/yr, I was going to sign up, now I'm not so sure!

    You host many fabulous sew alongs and I wonder how much storage is used to save all of the photos participants upload. You may have to move some of that data or delete the blogs/photos from your account. This would be a huge loss as I love looking at what others made. I would totally understand if you did, though. I'll try to play around with a few things and get back to you.

  4. I found this in the help file:

    "Picasa Web Albums offers 1 GB of free storage for photos and videos. However, files under certain size limits don't count towards this free storage limit. This applies to uploads for other Google product that store photos and videos in Picasa Web Albums, including Blogger, Google+ and Google Maps."


    If I am reading this correctly, photos that are uploaded from Picasa to Blogger aren't counted in your storage limit provided that they're less than a certain size (800x800 pixels).

    1. If this is the case, most of my pictures are uploaded straight from my camera to my blog post, maybe I can go back and re-size my pictures????
      Or maybe I should upload from my camera straight to Picasa and then to the blog???
      Thanks for this info, I will look into this to try and fix.

  5. Last comment, I promise!

    Check your camera's settings. I set my camera so that it takes pictures using less pixels. 480x600 seems to be sufficient.

    I just went through some albums in my account and found very large files (2000x1000 pixels). When I deleted these images or resized them to fit in the 800x800 limit, my percentage of space went down. I found that most of my photos were in the 300-600 pixel range which is suitable for me. You can resize each photo (a laborious task I might add) by editing the photos in Picasa's Creative Kit.

    1. No, please don't stop - you are really helping because all of this is really beyond me. I never go to Picasa. Now I'm trying to get there and it opens with a profile box that wants me to create a google profile - but the buttons within the box are not working. This makes it impossible for me to get in and re-size my pictures. Any advise on how to get around this so I can fix the problem???

  6. Faye, I had the same thoughts as L. I use smaller pictures which take up less space and I don't use any of the revolving pictures from other photo sites. Sometimes I even upload pictures from my Flickr album, using the option to upload from a URL because this isn't included in your storage files either. Finally, I don't add anything but blog photos to my Picasa storage...all other photos are stored on Flickr which I do pay a yearly storage fee for.

  7. I am very interested in learning whatever you learn as I just had the same issue lately. I gave up and opted for the storage fee.

  8. Faye - try deleting some of your older photos (that's why some of my older pics are missing pics). Remove rotating photo links from your blog and see if that gives you some breathing room while you figure out how to make your photos smaller.

  9. I believe they also increase your photo storage if you upgrade to Google plus. I did that but also resize most of my photos to a max length or width of 800 before uploading.

  10. I just had that problem with Blogger. Still not sure how I'm going to deal with it, but I did delete some old pictures so I can continue to post pics. And I have been resizing all the new ones I put up.

  11. I ran into the same problem earlier this year. I deleted all I could, but didn't want to run into the problem of deleting pictures from my old blog posts. So after comparing prices, I ended up just paying the yearly subscription for Flickr, which was a little cheaper than Picasa, and am now using that to load all of my photos. The process of writing is a little more of a pain since I have to keep switching from html and back, but since I've been using Flickr slideshows for one of the extra pages anyway, it just made more sense for me.

  12. Anonymous12/16/2012

    Hi Faye. I read your blog when you first posted but another possibility just came to me. My problem (and frustration)with Picasa was that earlier this year, out of nowhere it STOPPED transferring my pics over from after the uploaded. It use to do it immediately. At first, I thought that perhaps some system update occurred (which is possible and sometimes those will change settings in other programs without one's knowledge until you go back to use that program only to find out it's not working properly). Then I noticed that it kept occurring.

    Picasa use to automatically and immediately transfer all uploaded pics over.

    Then after months of frustration, I REMOVED/DELETED the entire program off my hard drive (my computer, then add/remove programs), and just last week RE-INSTALLED Picasa.

    After doing this, it automatically started bringing ALL of my pictures (and videos) that I'd done in the past over. I started one weekday night and stopped it cause I had to get ready for work, but if (and when) I decide to click on it again, it the process will start all over.

    If your problem hasn't been resolved yet, I would advise you to do it. Sometimes, un-installing and re-installing a program is unfortunately, the only way it will start back working again.

    PLEASE let us all know how it all works out in an updated post.

    BTW: I send you an email a couple of days ago. :-). Take care & sorry for the delayed response. My mind doesn't always work right. :-)



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