February 24, 2016


...following other bloggers has yielded exponential benefits in my sewing arena:
  • provided unlimited inspiration
  • taught me new techniques
  • helped me step out of my comfort zones
  • imparted motivation, and 
  • given me sources of information/assistance when I found myself stuck with a sewing project.
And if you are anything like me, after a while you actually start to feel as though you really know these people!, and I guess I do - virtually at least. So has been the case with the blogger featured today.  It seems that every time I take a peek in at her blog EVERYTHING'S IS COMING UP ROSES, and all kinds of other flowers, and girls, and garments, and quilts.  You probably guessed today's interview session is with Lori V, author of GIRLS IN THE GARDEN!

Won't you please grab a cup of tea (or coffee), maybe a Girl Scout cookie or two, sit back and get ready to learn more about another one of MY favorite bloggers...

Lori I've been reading your blog for a number of years now and have enjoyed your content immensely. Can you tell us the back story of your blog title?
 LORI:  Back in 2006, when I found a sewing blog and I was intrigued and slightly obsessed with the idea of a blog.  I wanted a fun title, a meaningful title.  Once I had a good name, I felt like I could start my blog.  I have four daughters and wanted to incorporate that into the name somehow.  One day, my youngest two (twins) were helping in my flowers, as I looked up to see what they were doing, the name just popped into my head.  Girls in the Garden was perfect!

 I’ve often called you the “Top Lady” because you make so many nice ones.  Are tops and blouses your favorite garment to sew?  If not, what is?
 LORI:  Tops and blouses are my favorite to sew mostly because they fit into my lifestyle.  I work in an agriculture related field and jeans are my daily uniform.  I have been trying to consciously sew things I will wear and love.  I love dresses but in reality I would wear a dress of some kind 2 to 4 times a month.  A new top or blouse will get worn and loved so much more.  

What things excite and inspire you in your sewing and the designs that you create?
 LORI:  All the other sewing bloggers out there excite and inspire me.  From their blogs to their Instagram to pattern review sites, I am amazed of the talent out there.  It is refreshing and fun to see a different take on a pattern.  It is like that ah-ha moment, “I love that and what a great idea.”

I also have the Friday Fashion Inspiration on my blog, finding inspiration from RTW and a sewing pattern to copy that look is inspiring to me.  It is fun to think I can make that and really make it my own.  In fact, in some cases really save money by making it myself.

Have you had formal training or are you self taught?
LORI:  I had 8th and 9th grade home economics way back when!  I did take a few sewing classes at a local sewing machine dealer.  For the most part it is books, blogs, magazines and Craftsy.

What garment or project has presented the biggest challenge to you?
LORI:  My McCall’s 6711 a stripe jacket was the biggest challenge.  I was using a great stripe fabric in a princess seam blazer.  I wanted to trim the seams in a navy solid knit, add some piping and make it all look good.  Not to mention where to end the navy binding and type of closure.  It was a fun challenge and I still to this day love my blazer. 

Your pink Michael Kors (Vogue Pattern) Pea Coat inspired me to make one for myself. 

Of all your handcrafted garments to date which would you call your masterpiece(s)?

LORI:  I would say my Navy Pea Coat (Vogue 1467) that I completed in November 2015.  I made a very conscious effort to use good couture methods both inside and out.  All the work paid off it a great finished garment and the knowledge I learned from this project.  I researched couture techniques from books, magazines and sewing blog tutorials, using this knowledge I felt I was prepared to take on a big project.
Being a member of Mood’s Sewing Network seems awfully exciting.  How did you get involved in the program?
LORI:  In December 2012, wow has it was been 3 years, Meg from Mood Fabrics, now with McCall’s Patterns, reached out and asked if I would be interested in being part of the Mood Sewing Network.  I barely let her finish the sentence before I was saying, yes, yes, yes!   It is very exciting and I am thrilled and honored to be part of such a great group of garment sewers.

What other sources do you use for fabric?
Mood Fabrics
Fabric Mart
Style Maker Fabric
Girl Charlee
Emma One Sock

 Are there any sewing techniques that you have not mastered yet, but plan to work on?
LORI:  Bound Buttonholes, I struggle with those each and every time.  I practice and practice and still I am not 100% happy with my results.  Welt pockets would go along with that but being on a larger scale, I get better results with those.  I think with both of these, if I could take a hands on class, I would be much better at them.
If you could only have five (5) patterns, which five would that be and why?

1.        Grainline Archer would be the first.  I love this basic button up shirt and it looks great every time.
2.       A new make – Straight Stitch Designs – Bellevue top.  The design is so me and with this top I can add the shirt tail hem or leave it off.  This is a versatile top and the raglan sleeves are a favorite.
 3.       OOP –McCall’s 5525 – it is a classic trench I have made many times.  You can’t go wrong with a trench.
4.       Simplicity 1499 – vest.  This envelope photograph doesn’t do this pattern justice.  The pattern is so JCrew and I love how the JCrew vests are styled, I need to find more great quilted fabric and make another one.

5.       Ginger Jeans – these are amazing and now with then wide leg addition I am set.  I have a pair cut out and just need to get to them.

LORI:  Hey I like my list – I can have a good wardrobe from these 5 patterns.  A wardrobe that is very wearable for the way I live and work.  Notice no dresses or skirts?  LOL!

I think your quilts are fine works of art.  How long have you been quilting?
LORI:  For about 30 years, that is a long time.  First was garment sewing, then it transitioned to quilting.
 How did you learn to quilt?
LORI:  My mom and I took a class together at a quilt shop in the neighboring town.  It was tracing pattern pieces on to cardboard, then tracing the cardboard pieces onto the fabric. 

 What size quilts do you usually make?

LORI:  From baby quilts to queen size and lately more queen size.

 How long on average does it take you to make a quilt?

It depends on the complexity and size.  A few nights to a few months depending on how hard it is.  I have started going to an open sewing night every Monday at the local quilt shop and Pfaff dealer.  It is so fun to sew with my friends; we sew, laugh, chat and catch up, plus eat!  In that concentrated time without home interruptions, I am getting so much done and feel like my quilting stash is getting under control.
 Do you have any favorite quilt blocks?
 LORI:  The churn dash would be my favorite.  I have a pattern that is up soon to make with all churn dash blocks.  It is funny, my favorite and I have not made a quilt totally of this block.  I have incorporated it is some sampler quilts.
I hope you've enjoyed getting to know Lori and her gorgeous blog as much as I have.  For more Gardening/Garment Making and Quilting inspiration visit her blog at Girlsinthegarden.net...


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this Faye - looking forward to more of this series :)

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Sarah. I plan to continue with the series so please tune in.

  2. I enjoyed this too. I now need to follow her.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Shaneka. Yes, follow her she makes some gorgeous garments.

  3. Very enjoyable interview. Thanks Faye!

    1. You are welcome Lisa. So glad you liked it!

  4. Wonderful interview. ...such talent

  5. Wonderful interview. ...such talent

  6. Great interview. I am looking forward to more. Also, Lori is one of my favorite bloggers, and finding her blog a few years ago played a huge part in me getting back into garment sewing.

    1. Thank you Lisa. Lori is a great inspiration.

  7. Great Interview and a joy to learn more about Lori. TFS

  8. Niiiice...Miss Faye - I see your interviewing skills at work. The thing that impresses me most about Lori, in addition to her skills, is her level of production...girl can crank out some garments!!! Great interview!

    1. Thank you Terri. Yes I'm amazed at her production as well especially with the quilts.

  9. Great interview. Thanks to both you, Faye, and Lori.

    1. Thank you Bunny this is sew much fun!

  10. Great interview - I love getting to know sewists & the thought processes they use !

  11. Wonderful interview! I share Lori's love for garment sewing and gardening and it's just a matter of time until her inspiring quilts make me want to try quilting!

    1. Yes, Marianna, Lori is so very inspiring!

  12. I don't know how I missed this! That was fun--I didn't know she works in an agricultural field (heh, that's kind of punny!)
    I knew the Archer had to be one of her five!!
    And I love all her quilts too.

    1. It is nice to learn more about the other bloggers Kyle!

  13. You did a great interview, Faye. Thanks!

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  15. Faye, I love this! Thank you so much! Please keep them coming.

  16. Wonderful interview! I am a big fan of Lori's!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the interview Margo!



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