November 18, 2017

#BLOGLIKECRAZY 18: I WANT IT ALL PANTS CONSTRUCTION... may seem I'm all over the place - #bloglikecrazy, pants construction, my Fall Sweet 16 challenge that I set for myself.  Well I guess I am all over the place, but it's my attempt to complete what I've started and meet my goals.  In my sewing world my goals overlap at times.

Sometimes the length of time it takes me to complete a project truly amazes me.  I actually started working on Vogue 9032 twelve days ago.  I am a slow sewer, I am easily distracted by the "Shiny" and the fact that I work 8 hours or more each day.  Sometimes there is NO SEWING at all for me during the week because the evenings go by so darned fast.  Most evenings my mind is still so focused on happenings of the work day, or the next day, that I cannot wrap my mind around pattern adjustments, cutting or sewing.

Last weekend I constructed the pants front:  pocket construction and zipper installation.  I found that I was not happy with the topstitching of the front fly, and had planned on removing it and starting over.  I am usually 99% accurate with zipper installation, but this one was just a little bit off.  I removed the zipper entirely and started from scratch.

Zipper application #1
Zipper application #2

As it turned out the thread color and the curved area were the cause of my total unhappiness with zipper #1.

As of this writing the pants have been totally basted for try on, and final fitting adjustments have been made.  All seams are pressed, and the project is ready for the waistband application.  I'd continue to sew this afternoon, but there's a bit of housekeeping that is chronically nagging in my head.  Maybe construction will continue tomorrow...


  1. I am a slow sewer too! I hope, as my skill level grows, I will get a tad faster, lol! I think your zipper redo looks great!

  2. Looks great Faye and so worth the time to redo! Everyone sews at their own pace and should stay in their own lanes for various reasons! You know I sew fast because I like quick gratification projects! But I am such a slow blogger! (Unlike you, LOL!). Your blog is always hopping with activity! I really can’t wait to see your pants completed, Good luck!

    1. Myra others may not notice when it's not right, but for me it sticks out like a sore thumb. I had to make this right. Thank you for all your support!

  3. Zipper looks so much better. Well worth the effort. I'm a slow sewer too but enjoy the process so much more than the speed of getting done.

    1. Catherine I must have bee sleepy, rushed, or stressed when I put that first zipper in. It was just not acceptable, so I had to do it over.



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