May 11, 2007


I am still fighting with this pant fitting thing...I am really trying; preshrunk my material (something that I never use to do), made the muslin and even tried to make the adjustments to the pattern afterwards. My pants are still to large in the waist and the hips, eeeeeek! All I want to do is get my pants to fit properly - but who doesn't want that. When I use to sew before, I found a pattern that fit pretty good and made and remade the same pattern until I could almost make it in my sleep (pattern was almost shredded up), but it still worked and I continued to use it.

I love a side zipper so I made these crop pants

and they are still to large. Like I said before, I made the muslin, then tried to make the proper adjustments on the pattern, then cut my fashion fabric. Of course it's hard or next to impossible to make adjustments once the zipper is in. So that I am about to embark upon tonight is taking the facing out, removing the zipper and redoing these to try and make them fit...a real bit job but someone has to do it. But them again would it be worth all that time???? Will they be Trash or Treasure - I'll have to decide.

Anyways, I think this will be the next pattern I will try. I still want the crop pants (atleast that is what I call them) but this pattern is different in that they have a front fly zipper and a traditional waistband rather than the side zipper and waist facing. Well I'm off to sew now, will let you know how it turns out.

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