May 19, 2007


I finally finished my cobalt blue crop pants. Seems like I've been sewing on them for several weeks now. Boy, this fitting thing with pants has really worn me out. But I presevered and now I have a new outfit to wear to work next week. (Was supposed to finish them last weekend), but oh well... Here are two views of my finished product.

Now to talk about the mistakes I made. The top is a cute and summery which is what I am wanting now. The colors are a nice change for me (THE EVERY THING BLACK AND BROWN PERSON). I am really trying hard to break out of dark colors. The colors of this outfit are still dark, but I am taking it a step at a time, easing into brighter colors...WHY IS THIS SO HARD. I was trying to talk on the phone and sew at the same time and mess around and sewed a wrong side to a right side on the bottom piece of the top. I had already serged and trimed the seam in two places before I realized what I had done and it was really too late to do anything about it, so the front bottom section of the garment is lighter than the top section. I still plan on wearing the garment, and if anyone says anything about it, I will just tell them that it's my fashion statement. MOTTO: Put the sewing down when the telephone rings. I have really been trying hard to get my old skills back, and really trying hard to create perfect or nearly perfect projects - but alast, Rome was not built in a day, and neither am I getting my skill up to the level that I want it to be. I will juest have to keep plugging alone, and it will come back little by little - I HOPE! The pants fit pretty good, so I am calling this project a TREASURE even with my mistakes!

STILL DETERMINED, I started on my next project this morning. Fell in love with this pattern after I saw one that Erica Bunker ( made several weeks ago -McCalls 5330, View A. I already had the pattern but had not done anything with it, but after seeing her skirt made up from the same pattern, I craved I made it. This girl is so inspiring, positive and such a great sewist! I love her site and visit it often. I have learned so much from reading her blog. Even emailed her a couple of questions and she emailed me right back. She is so helpful. Anyways, I'm making View A in a kakhi sports weight poplin. As a matter of fact it's all done (took me all day long) but sewing on the buttons. I am going to make a denim one by view A also which will be my next project. Might start it tomorrow after Church.

I'm going to be making this top (View B-bottom left) to go with it.

Until next time....FAYE.


  1. Hi Faye.I love the outfit.Did you finish the skirts? I wanna see.

  2. Got the skirts finished last weekend Lisa. Wore one of them to work. It turned out good and I was very proud of it. Thanks for asking.



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