October 18, 2007


Last night I had a chance to listen to a podcast interview with Cidell done by Trinilove at http://www.trinilove.typepad.com/. I was reading Cidell's most recent post at http://www.missceliespants.blogspot.com/ that had mentioned the interview so since I check out her blog several times a week I thought it would be nice to be able to listen to her voice. It was quite an interesting interview - but then I knew it would be even before I listened in. I had read another post on her blog recently where she told how she began sewing in junior high school and this interview went right along with that post. The things that motivated sewing experience really brought back memories of my own, and although different, very similar in so many ways.

She had grandparents who sewed, and although her mother didn't partake in this particular craft, she encouraged her daughter's passion for sewing by purchasing her a sewing machine at an early age. Similarly in my case, I had an aunt who I am told designed and sewed but I never had a chance to meet her since she passed on when I was very young. But I did have a great-grand mother who loved to sew, quilt and embroider and from her I caught the sewing bug when I was very young. I watched my Granny sew hours on end (especially on rainy days when she couldn't do yard work). I sat by her side and threaded the needle on her Singer treadle sewing machine which she forbade me to touch. Who was she kidding? No sooner than her back was turned I was on that thing. I remember breaking the belt on the machine because I couldn't get the hang of making it go forward in a smooth method; I also broke a pair of her glasses and was spanked (at the time I called it being BEAT) for both offences. I was punished, but not deterred.

I also had an aunt made the most beautiful garments for herself and her daughter. I even asked her for sewing assistance once I started taking Home Ec, but her patience was not long enough to do anything but frustrate me. I remember saying to myself, "you just wait and see, I will be a better seamstress than you one day". When I finally did get pretty good with my sewing it was her calling me for assistance (sweet revenge - lol).

I think I remember Cidell mentioning during her interview that there was a period of time that she didn't sew, but later picked it up again. Another similarity, because I stopped sewing for about 13 years and have picked it back up again. So there is hope for me. I really helps when you find out that others have had struggles like you that they overcame.

I also listened to a podcast interview at http://www.adrienneslittleworld.typepad.com/ on Erica from http://www.ericiabunker.com/. I think I first found out about Erica from Carolyn's blog at http://www.diaryofasewingfanatic.blogspot.com/. (Found out about Carolyn at http://www.artisanssquare.com/.) I had been lurking around Ericia's blog as well as Carolyn's since January of this year. I'd even emailed Erica with questions and she promptly answered me back, so it was really nice to be able to hear her voice too since I felt like I already knew her anyway. Found out about Adrienne on Erica's blog and now I am getting to hear her voice too since she is doing a weekly video spot on her blog now. Adrienne I haven't missed a show yet, he he he and I'm loving them. Adrienne has recently shared her sewing library list with me - Thanks Adrienne! As you can see this is quite a sewing circle; you find one good site and it leads you to another then another. I have learned so very much from the ladies I have mentioned here and it brought to mind a saying that I have often heard - WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY - THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR. And they really have. When I was ready to start sewing again a year ago, I jumped on the Internet and searched out information and the Teachers appeared! These young ladies are sooooo talented! Not stuck up but sharing. So just so you know ladies I am watching, and I am learning from you and being inspired by you. (Although I still have not been brave enough to order that Burda Magazine. For right now I've decided to work on these patterns from the big 4 for a while longer - still getting my feet wet so maybe I will order it later. Another blog that I've been looking in on cause this girl can really sew too is http://www.themahoganystilist.blogspot.com/.

I've been slowing building my fabric and pattern stash, and will be able to really get back into sewing, fitting, designing again around the first of November. Until then I'M STILL LOOKING AT AND LEARNING FROM OTHERS!


  1. What a great post! Thanks for all your kind words! I am still learning too! Everytime I sew!!

  2. Thank you for the mention...I am glad that my blog inspires you to continue to sew and that it introduced you to others who are like-minded! Like you said all of these blogs have become a big virtual sewing circle! :)

  3. Thank you so much. I am truly honored and glad that I am a source of inspiration. BTW-Think Like a Designer is an article in the Fall 2007 issue of Sewstylish. This mag is jam packed with interesting topics that "unleash your creativity".



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