May 25, 2008


I'm slowing working on improving on and organizing my sewing room. I decided to get a gravity fed iron to improve my pressing ability. I freeze up when it comes to installing or assembling anything. I either just don't think I can do it or I'm afraid that after putting it up it will fall. So what do I Adrienne who helps me out with so many things. She showed me by email how to set my water bottle up for the iron. THANK YOU ADRIENNE! Here's also a picture of my new pattern cabinet. I found this nifty cabinet at Walmart, but they also sell them at Lowes. It's a large three drawer cabinet. I thought I would be able to stand the patterns up, but the drawers weren't tall enough...had to opt at putting them sideways. It's still a great place to put my patterns cause the four drawer dresser that I use had gotten to packed. And as you know, THERE IS ALWAYS ANOTHER PATTERN SALE!

I finished my white pants! Had to end up leaving off the pleat and the pockets because the fit just wasn't right. I decided to use fusible hem tape on these because I HATE those pick marks that I often end up with after hemming. I did add the back button down flaps because you know I just LOVE little details. This pair is made of some sort of twill like fabric. I do plan on making another pair of white pants whenever I can find some Chino. Here's a picture of them on the hanger but i will take another one wearing them as soon as I get the top made.

I cut them out during the afternoon and finished them at the......


Sharon and Ebony work with Lisa at Hancocks and we met up after they got off from work and sewed, shared and laughed until midnight. We all brought projects cut out and ready to work on, met at Sharon's home. We had snacks and also fed off information from each other and we had a GREAT time. I looking forward to us doing this often! These are wonderful ladies and I am so blessed to be a part of this group.
Ebony took us to the trunk of her car to have our pick of the fabrics she is eliminating from her stash. These were my choices. I've pre-washed the top stripped knit and this afternoon will be starting to make a top to go with my new white pants.


On with the weekend - tomorrow is a SEWCATION DAY, and you know Hancock's is having that sale. I've already got my list made out!


  1. Your sew-along sounds like so much fun! And your patterns look so neat! Have a great weekend!

  2. Your slacks came out Awesome.. and the pockets look great. I so want that 3 draw cabinet, now if only I can find room for Glad all had a lovely time.

  3. Those pants turned out great.I like those back pockets.I'm looking forward to the next time.Enjoy the big sale at Hancocks.

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! And you KNOW you are very welcome!

  5. I had a great time too Ms. Linda. I asked Ms. Lisa what we were going to do next and she said she wanted to go to Joann's . Those pants turned out wonderful. Your sewing room looks so tidy. One day - One day maybe I can get mine to be the same way - neat.

  6. Faye .- that good organization and good friends you have. I congratulate her. I would like to share with you a good session sewing and conversation, really ..... uhmmm. the pants, very beautiful. another model for their precious summer clothing. you enjoy. a hug, Paco

  7. First - can I just apologize that I haven't been here in a minute!

    Second - I am sooooo happy that you've found some sewing buddies. I did this a lot several years ago and it really helps your sewing skills grow when you are with others!

    And you got some really nice pieces!



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