May 28, 2008


They say variety is the spice of life.... As I learn new things I experiment with my blog. Usually its the with the back ground color or the format, but today a friend came up with a new header for me and I am soooo liking it. When I first started my blot I so wanted to name it The Cutting Edge because for 13 years I had owned a beauty salon by that name and the name was still dear to my heart. I can't tell you how many times people came asking if we sharpened knives or scissors (lol). The answer was always "no, we cut hair". I soon found out that another blogger had the name so I had to for-go it. I finally got up the nerve to ask her if I could use it and to my surprise she said yes. She said that she had been toying with the idea of making changes on her blog and that I was welcome to use it - so here is my version of the name.

I didn't change my URL, just the blog name and description. I wasn't sure I could get it on here by copying it from my thumb drive, but it worked and I am very pleased with it. The name CUTTING EDGE DESIGNS speaks volumes to me.

I wore my other LP knockoff to work today, it really held up well with the underlining treatment.

And I don't think I ever showed the fabric that my friend Mrs. Madison gave me last month. I'm about to start working on a dress from a piece of it now - Thanks Mrs. Madison!


  1. Your header looks great!!!

  2. I like the new header and the new name.

  3. It is a beautiful header and very cool name! :)
    One kind of odd thing - your new name doesn't show up in my bloglines feed (where I'm subscribed to your blog). You show up as: "..." now. Not sure what that means or if you care, but just thought I'd mention it.

  4. Faye .- !!!!.... coincidence that two blogs with the same name. Well, now change the name on my list and arranged everything. The new name is beautiful and what really matters is that you always will be the same "Faye." A hug and best wishes. Paco

  5. Your new header looks great! How nice that you were able to use the name.

  6. Anonymous6/01/2008

    I see You Mama; Wow I get to see My Mama! I could cry, I love your blog. You are so cool. Oh the skirt is cute too. Love Alondra

  7. I thought something looked different! Nice!

    That skirt is really cute too. I like including the linings in mine too just so I don't have to wear a slip. It's no fun wearing polyester next to your skin when you live in a hot climate!



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