May 29, 2009


out there! I'm sending a HAPPY FRIDAY shout out to all my fellow sewing bloggers from deep within the BAT CAVE! That's what I've dubbed my sewing room. There is nothing at all negative about's just that on Fridays I want to run right into it, and get as deeply involved in my up-and-coming sewing projects as I possibly can. I actually feel like I'm in a cave (but it's peaceful and tranquil) and I feel like the rest of the world is so blocked out (to a point) that it really takes a lot to get me to come out. (Wonder if that's how Bat Man feels - lol.) Don't be calling me on the Bat phone trying to get me to come out into Gothem!, cause I'm deeply involved in MY CREATIVITY

Now for a word from the creativity side....
Well as mentioned in a previous post, several months ago I received my very first Patrones Magazine as a
generous gift from Paco of Barcelano. Can I say that I was grateful...but slightly intimidated, almost to a frozen state. You see this was not only a pattern magazine which is somewhat different from the traditional patterns I'm so use to, but a Spanish pattern magazine. Meaning that I "no habla Espanol"!, which makes it a bit tougher indeed. However, after a couple of months since Paco had included the instruction translation for the simpliest selection in the book, I felt compelled to give it a try. After all my friend had sent this book from the other side of the world - the least I could do was attempt it, as it would not be very gracious of me not to. So, attempt I did, and the project really turned out very nicely.

So here I am again really stretching my self by stepping out of my box to try yet another Patrones pattern. This time a jacket from the same magazine. The simple, yet elegant Marc O'Polo Chaquenta! Isn't it so cute!

Before I started I sat down and wrote out the instructions for the jacket as I thought the order of construction should be - then I proceeded to make a muslin of the project. I did have to email Paco for a little help, and he and Tany came to my rescue with answers. (This was before I figured out that I can type the
instructions into a Spanish to English translator on line.)

So here's a picture of my first muslin - and after a few minor adjustments, I think I will be cutting into the fashion fabric this evening.

I've got a bit of gaposis going on at the bottom of my jacket, but I think I know how to fix it. The jacket is finished with front bands and a back band; and has gathered bellish sleeves.

Now a word about the fabric of choice for this project. I thought I had just the right fabric for this jacket - a not so long ago purchase from my stash. I thought the fabric had just the right drape for this type jacket, but low and behold when I went to the summer stash closet shelf I could not find it. Last Saturday I took every piece of fabric off the shelf searching for it to no avail. Still convinced that it must be on that shelf I checked again on Sund
ay - this time in both bedroom closets and still no fabric. I thought, God forbid, that I was losing it. I just knew I had bought that fabric. I could just see it, I could feel it, it was so vivid, but it wasn't there. Maybe I had dreamed that I bought it! So on Monday I went to the fabric store to buy that particular fabric and of course it was all gone. So I drove to the Macon store - they had it, but only ONE yard. I struggled with the decision of whether to buy or not thinking that since it was a short jacket, maybe the pattern pieces would fit - and my enormous desire for this one particular fabric won out. Afterward I rushed home to see if the pattern fit on one yard of fabric. It was a tight fit but it did work.

After making the muslin and discovering the gapping problem I determined that maybe one yard wouldn't be enough afterall. Not being one to give up on a dream so readily, I decided to look for the missing fabric once again. Imagine my surprise when I found that black and white beauty hidding in the WINTER STASH!!!! Now how in the world did it get there????????????? Thank God! I knew I wasn't losing my mind! So here's a picture of the black and white chain link beauty that was hidding from me. Now I have more than enough, maybe enough for two jackets!

Be sure to tune in again to this ongoing saga.......


  1. It's always good to hear from you. Don't forget to come up for air :-)
    I'm sure you're learning a little esponol along the way. Nice pictures, too.

  2. The muslin looks great so I just know the real thing is going to be perfection! I don't blame you for being set on that fabric. It will be great for the pattern. Who knew you could make translations on line? I have a German friend who has a translator on her blog through google.

  3. Faye...sometimes my fabric "hides" from me too, LOL!

  4. Muslin is looking nice. I know how you feel about the missing fabric -- sometimes I think about my response to an email so extensively that I think I have actually responded to it, when I haven't! LOL Have a great creative weekend!

  5. I need to join you in the bat cave, it sounds so peaceful. Love the fabric, I should just send you some money and let you buy fabric for me because I love everything you buy, that jacket is going to be off the chain (pun intended).

  6. Very nice indeed. I love it. I too must really try one of these patterns. I absolutely love the issues and appreciate and am grateful for each issue I receive.
    Your fabric is lovely and can see why you "had" to find it. I look forward to seeing your finished jacket :) Have a great week end.

  7. I've been in my Bat cave for the last couple of days trying to finish up my projects for the PR Mini wardrobe. I'll have to pull an all-nighter to get 'er dun! Reminds me of my college days. If you don't know what to do with the extra fabric you can always send it to me!

  8. Recently I've found things in my stash that I have no recollection of buying! I love this style of jacket and look forward to seeing it in that lovely chain print fabric!

  9. It is fun to find something in the stash. It's like, OH WOW! Your muslin looks nice!

  10. Yummy fabric - I look forward to seeing the jacket!

  11. You're going to have a really special jacket because you have great fabric and you used a new pattern. The jacket will have sentimental value!

  12. Its funny for me to read about winter/summer because we don't have that here. Thus all my fabric's in one closet.
    You did a great job on the jacket. I know it's going to look beautiful on you in your "special" fabric.
    Missing you.... you are so funny. Thanks for coming out of the cave...and when we step out of our comfort zone the lesson being taught is learned and great things will be achieved. The jacket is going to be beautiful.

  13. I have this issue and just fitted that long vest. Figured out how to do an fba on it and it just is too long for me. But, this jacket was my other choice for a first Patrones project, so I am looking forward to your progress. I made a short leather jacket last year that had only high buttons and it gaps like that at the bottom too, so I would love to know what you do to fix it. Also, which translation program are you using? The one I tried was ridiculously bad.
    About your hidden fabric, well I've been there too. It is the biggest pitta!

  14. That is a lovely piece of fabric...what type is it? And I will be looking to see how this journey ends! :)

  15. Looking good. Love the fabric you've chosen.lasyn

  16. How nice to get a such a gift. I am sure you will be successful with this. Looking forward to seeing the final garment.

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