May 9, 2011


Thank you all for the nice comments about my belated Mother's Day dress.  It did get put in today's mail.  I already cut one out for myself and I should be able to get it done by this weekend.  My weekend sewing consisted of Mom's dress and two tops for myself.

My first pick was this Simplicity pattern.  I'd falling in love with this top when the last group of Simplicity's hit the drawer back in April.
I made View D

I was well prepared to answer the question "Would you make this pattern again or recommend it to others" with a resounding NO!
My reasons?:

1.  Two darned many pattern pieces for such a simple looking top (3 pieces for just the front of the thing - and two back pieces);
2.  The project just took to much dat blamed time for what I am willing to put into a knit top;
Yes, that's a Wegman's Super Market shopping bag that I hauled all the way from Upstate New York.  It holds my muslin fabrics.
 BUT, after wearing it to work today, I had to recant my verdict.  The top fits and looks just as I envisioned it and I am so very glad.  I sort of love the camouflage print of this knit, and if it hadn't worked out I would have been more than a little bit ill about messing it up.    The only alteration made to the pattern was to cut the size 16 through the shoulders and armscye, and transition to size 18 in the waist area (although I still had to end up taking up the side seams).  It's a good summer pattern that fits really good.
Don't know what the temperature got up to today, but as you can see every curl in my hair wilted.

My second top was from  Butterick 5493 that came out last summer - I think:
I made View B
I'm a sucker for a cowl neckline - I actually think they are classy.  This one is unique in that it is actually a collar piece that is attached to a v-neck front.  One word of warning though:  Discontinue stitching at the shoulder's as instructed. (If you make this, you'll know exactly what I mean.)  Haven't taken this one for a test drive yet, maybe tomorrow.

I got to swing around now to see what I can get stitched up tonight....


  1. Very cute tops! You can never have enough tops.

  2. You can never have enough tops.
    Trust me.
    very cute!

  3. Help yourself---you can't have enough cute tops! I love that fabric--I snagged a piece from Jo-Ann's too!

  4. Oh, I love the green semi-camo and I wouldn't have looked twice at this pattern 'cause I'm so set against buying anything. But, yeah, that's a great top! I like the red and black top too but personally I'm bored with a cowl neck and no longer in a business environment where they just shine. You're cranking 'em out! Yay, Faye!

  5. Anonymous5/09/2011

    Funny post. I hear you on mega pattern pieces on a simple top. I love the look. Think it is worth it!

  6. Oh my goodness-I just picked up a piece of that same camo-like print today! For a top even! We share good taste!

  7. Wow! you had a very productive weekend. Great looking top.

  8. OMG Linda - you are on a roll! I love the tops! I can't wait to see what you sew up next!!!!

  9. You are on a roll! You can never have too many cute tops, and both of these are cute.

  10. Very cute tops! I was just thinking that I was in need of some summer cute tops! Great work as always Faye!

  11. Great tops ! I agree with the others - you can never have too many ... and just as soon has I've got those darned pants done (and done well), I'm gonna start on some tops :-)

  12. Great tops and agree with the others you can never have too many.

  13. See, that first top has enough interesting stuff going on that I probably wouldn't classify it as a "simple knit top" in my mental file of patterns. And on you it is definitely worth the extra time and pieces! Great job.

    I'm a sucker for a cowl neck too. Their timeless and classy.

  14. The cowl neck I just made is super easy. Try it!

  15. This is very pretty. I'm impressed at the amount of sewing you've been doing. Also, you look like you've lost weight.

  16. Beautiful tops!! I love both fabrics...I sure missed those when I was in JoAnn's!!! I am a true believer that you NEVER have enough tops! Go for it!

  17. Great tops, I love the Y top and dress great choices for great fabric.



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