February 2, 2012


...want to get made.
When I cut the skirt for my Mother, I also cut one for myself.  How convenient, same pattern, same size - might as well go ahead and get all the cutting out of the way.  Same thread, same construction process - I could even use a production line method and get them finished simultaneously.  Great idea, but it just didn't work out that way.  The production line idea fell by the wayside, and after finishing the first skirt I had no desire to do another.   I really wanted a solid black wool skirt in my wardrobe, but I was just in the mood to make something other than another skirt.  I wanted to fold my skirt up and chunk it into a "do later" box.

But you do know all about my SELF IMPOSED SEWING RULE!  The one where I don't get to start a new project until I finish the one I've already started.  I think the rule came into play back in '10 or maybe '09, but it has really helped me.  I haven't had a UFO flying or laying around for at least two years.

To that end, here's a self photo of my black wool pencil skirt.  Yes, I wore it today even though we had perfect Spring weather.  After all, I've got to get some wear out of my winter stuff, even though we never know what season the weather will portray from day to day.

Today during a brief sewing thought I asked myself these questions:
  •   Don't you have enough clothes? After all you can barely get anything more in that closet; and 
  • Are you sewing out of greed or out of need? 
 My answers:
  • Yes, I really do have enough.
  • Neither; I'm sewing for THE LOVE OF THE GAME
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  How would you answer those questions???


  1. Well, physically we have enough clothes. But emotionally, I've never seen a woman who truly believed she had enough clothes, unless she really disliked her looks and didn't want to try to change them.

    And I sew for the enjoyment, like you do. I've even been sewing a little for a relative in Denver (I made her Thanksgiving dress, which she wore at my house, and just sent her another one last week). It's just fun.

    So I think your answers are right on.

  2. Haha! I wish my closet was filled with clothes, but the truth is, it isn't. But I do sew because i love it.

    Just keep sewing Faye!

  3. Nice skirt! You are a tiny little thing, aren't you? Yes, I have enough clothes but I don't think it's selfish to make more. After all, it is cheaper than therapy!

  4. I share your philosophy and don't have UFOs either. My only difference is I will have one machine made garmenet and on hand sewing project going at the same time. I see these as two different time eaters. I can do the hand sewing, like smocking, while watching TV. I still don't start a new project until the like one is completed, like you, Faye. I think its one of the smartest things I have decided about my sewing.

  5. Fantastic skirt and I share your UFO philosophy. Also, no I cannot have too many clothes, afterall there are mornings "I have nothing to wear!" LOL

  6. Awesome skirt Faye, and the fit is fantastic! I believe that I can never have too many clothes, it's all the fun in being a woman lol! At least that's what I tell my hubby when he ask the question,"Do you think you have enough already"? My answer is NEVER lol!

  7. The skirt looks good, and I imagine a black pencil skirt will always be useful. I don't have much in the way of ufo's because I don't have a dedicated sewing space. Otherwise I am sure I would be incorrigible!
    At the moment, I think I am sewing out of need, but once I stock the wardrobe, I will want to stay in the game too!

  8. I keep sewing nice things that I want rather than the basics that I actually need - like a great wool pencil skirt. You look very smart in this outfit, even though I can't see your face.

  9. Interesting questions! If I am honest with myself I would have to say "Yes, I have enough clothes" but, I'm like you – I sew more because I love to sew.
    And like Gwen says, it's cheaper than therapy.

  10. Okay seriously, most sewists have too many clothes because we can fulfill any clothing desire we want. We sew because we love the art of creating...making something from nothing...learning a new technique...or taking a journey to a place we haven't been before.

    Glad you got your skirt made and worn!

  11. No UFO's is a good philosophy - I ought to adopt it LOL.

    Lots of holes in the closet here, but I'm such a slow sewist that I'll probably never fill them all. But if I do, I'll keep sewing because it's fun !

  12. Great rule, The skirt looks awesome!

  13. 1) Skirt looks great!

    2) I only work on one sewing project at a time other wise I would get overwhelmed.

    3)I don't actually have that many clothes. I shrunk out of a bunch, so I am currently trying to make things that fit me now. I also hate buying clothes, so I only have a few pairs of jeans and sweaters that I like.

  14. I have a similar no UFO policy!

    Hmm, I definitely could use more clothes - more variety. I'm pretty rigorous about donating or tossing clothing that doesn't work out for me or that has aged/deteriorated. I basically sew my statement pieces and passion projects - and that is for the love of them.

  15. I don't have enough clothes because I'm rebuilding my wardrobe but one day I will be asking myself that question. I sew because I can. There is something so soothing about handling fabric and turning flat pieces of fabric into finished garments that fit and look good. Black pencil skirt are always a good contribution to the closet.

  16. Faye, lovely skirt!!! I would wear it too no matter the weather! I would almost answer the queations the exact same you did, except question 1...I really do need more clothes in my closet! I tend too purge often because I have this thing about clutter! So my closet is always evolving!!!

  17. Flattering skirt! That is a good length for you.

    I have enough clothes, but I enjoy sewing so I keep making them. I continually cull my closet and send gently used items to the Goodwill (this does not mean the closet is not overstuffed!).

    I have the same rule about finishing a project before moving on. It is very effective for avoiding UFOs!



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