May 23, 2012

...No, I haven't just up and quit blogging.  So what, pray tell have I been up to?  Had to make a quick run (and I do mean quick) to North Carolina last week for my eldest Grand-son's high school graduation.  What a wonderful occasion!  But do tell me this???  What proud Grandmother pulls out the camera to catch some wonderful pictures and discovers she's forgotten the MEMORY CARD????  I'm waiting for pictures to be emailed to me so there are none to show here.  Two years ago at my Grand-daughter's graduation the batteries went dead!  This year I took extra batteries and still got no pictures... I'm still proud though!, two more high school graduations to go...

 ~~~Updates from the local sewing front~~~

.  While visiting my family I did stitch up a maxi dress for my daughter.  Used McCall's 6074.  The dress went together like a dream because the pattern is really easy -  I've made it twice before for myself.  Of course I don't have a picture of it though - NO MEMORY CARD REMEMBER.  I made it on Friday while she was at work.  She had time to jump into it before we ran out the door to the graduation.  It fit her wonderfully, and she did receive some complements.

.  Thank goodness my children allow me to sew while visiting!  My youngest Grand-son even helped me measure for hems.  I  finally got around to making the Mission Maxi for myself on Saturday.  Isn't it amazing how certain patterns just sweep the sewing world?
Such has been the case of this maxi.  Fell in love with the pattern last summer after seeing so many bloggers make it -  finally had to get it for meh! 
Jersey knit from Metro Textile 2 years ago.  I promise there's a waist indention when I'm wearing the dress - didn't show up on Lady Faye however. 
I can describe it in two words:  Easy & Love.  Not trying to take anything away from Jamie Christina, but - wish I had designed this pattern.  Woulda, coulda, shoulda - right!  It's a great pattern that also fits well.

I love it so much - had to have two...
Cotton ribbed knit purchased from WalMart @ $1.00 per yard before they stopped selling fabric and then started back selling it again.
Why does my dress form always look a little lopsided in the pictures?  Love me some racer backed anything!

Who doesn't love this pattern???  You will notice that I sort of chickened out on making the godet version.  Didn't know if I could pull that much fabric around behind me.  I do like that view though and just might make it.  The pattern instructions are really good, but you really don't need them.  This would also be a great pattern for a beginner.

The only change I made was in how the neck and armseye bindings were applied.  The pattern calls for them to be applied like a facing - attached, folded to the wrong side and them stitched.  I like them better without stitching them down.  I also choose not to hem either of the dresses for two reasons:   didn't want to chance waviness that can sometimes happen in hemming knits; and didn't want to use that much steam-a-seam to ensure that the waviness didn't happen. 

What's new on your sewing front???? 


  1. Congrats on your grand's accomplishments and thankfully there are usually multiple cameras around to capture the special moments. Those maxi's are looking really cute. I think I'm going to need that pattern:)

  2. What fabulous grandchildren you have! You should be very proud.

  3. Victoria you would look smashing in the Mission Maxi. Thanks both of you!

  4. Congrats on your grandsons graduation Faye! Love your maxi dress also, I hope to get this finished this weekend, maybe even two!

  5. Well done to your grandson!
    Your Mission Maxi's look great. Yes, they do seem to have swept the sewing world.

  6. Love the dresses! This is a great pattern . I hope to make many more myself!

  7. My favorite trick is to show up with a mostly dead battery. At Little League opening ceremonies the lady next to me cracked up at my "crap, crap, crap!"

  8. Congratulations! (Also love the dresses.) I'm still not sewing, but enjoying the inspiration in the blogosphere.

  9. You wouldn't believe how many Misson Maxis there were at Pattern Review weekend! It seemed to flatter everyone. Yours look great!

  10. Great dresses! Racerbacks are everywhere this season. I need to get around to making something along those lines...

  11. Congratulations to your Grandson! Love your maxi's! I don't own this pattern but may need to take a look at it now!

  12. Congratulations to your grandson.

    I want that that pattern now and like the maxi's you've made... I like the racer back detail.



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