May 15, 2012


...Pants fitting that is.  
You'd think I'd have pants fitting down pat by now - especially since I keep using the same pattern over and over again.  Problem is though, my body keeps changing on me, and I haven't made pants since the Fall.  I keep telling myself that I AM GOING TO USE DIFFERENT PANTS PATTERNS, but I keep picking up my same old TNT.

 On Saturday morning I made this muslin of McCall's 6361.     Construction took place after I watched Peggy Sager's webcasts (there are two of them) on how to fit pants.  I love her - (Peggy that is of Silhouette Patterns).  She makes so much sense when she talks about fitting and anything else sewing wise for that matter.  I actually learned A WHOLE LOT watching the pants fitting videos, and in case you've not seen them or heard of her, there is an entire list of past webcasts on her website free for the watching.  I do plan on purchasing several of her DVD's on fitting (the ones on pants, and one called Fit Yourself By Yourself) as soon as finances will allow. I'm also interested in a couple of her patterns as well.

I actually wore this muslin around the house most of the day.  Just that comfortable?, yes!

I was trying to break away from my usual TNT pants pattern.  I chose this pattern because of the straight leg design and the fact that it has a one piece contoured waistband.  Turned out that the legs were still wider than what I was seeking, so I used Peggy's advise on how to make the leg narrower - and it worked out great.

Here's a picture of the actual pants, and I'm almost there! - finished with them that is.  I just need to finish applying the waistband and hem and they'll be finished.  Made from navy blue linen blend with a slightly textured weave.  Totally out of my norm as a fabric choice for pants - but a girl needs to break out of the box sometimes.

I locked in on several things she stressed on the webcasts:
.  fit a muslin then use the muslin as your pattern
.  to decrease the circumference of the leg (make narrower) take in the width in the side seam only.  
. Loved the way she described crouch length and width and her methods of decreasing or lengthening either one. 
. Also loved what I learned about the amazing factors of adding waist darts - very interesting.
So onward with finishing up my project.

Now a word about my last post - I have one more question about Google Reader.  If you use Google Reader, are you able to access it from your smart phone???  I can open it up, but I can't make it move on my phone.


  1. Hi Faye, I don't access google reader from my iphone. I use an app called feeddler.

  2. It doesn't look the same on a smart phone, so I don't look Reader on mine. I use reader on my iPad, though, through the web browser, not an app.

  3. These pants are looking good! I'm definitely going to have a look these webcasts. Thanks for the headsup!

  4. You are persistent!
    the navy blue pair look really good. Your hard work is paying off. :)

  5. Thanks for the links about the videos, will have to look into that.

  6. Anonymous5/16/2012

    OMG that podcast was sooooo helpful!!!! Thanks for posting it! I too am in the quest for RTW looking pants but that fit me. Your hard work is paying off!

  7. I love her videos as well! Do not love her sizing though.
    The pants look killer on you! If you haven't lost weight they make you look like you have. In other words, they are very flattering.

  8. Those pants are really looking great. I will try again...someday.

  9. These look wonderful, Faye. I think my next pants attempt will be to tear apart a pair of RTW pants. Those fit you really well.

  10. Pants are next on my list, thanks for the tips I will be sure to check them out before I start, yours look great. Maybe a pants challenge in our future?????

  11. Hi Faye, Thanks for visiting my blog! I rarely make pants so I admire your fitting project. One day I should probably tackle fitting pants. Skirts are just so much easier! :)

  12. I don't have a smart phone but I do have a tablet (Toshiba Thrive) and it works just fine for me.

  13. Hi Faye. I agree with you 100% about Peggy and her Webcasts. I have her Fit yourself by Youself videoand it's good. I've been doing the exact same as you this week. I watched her pants fitting webcasts and made pants and they fit great. You would love Peggy's Yoga Pants pattern. They fit without hardly a change to the pattern and Peggy claims everyone will have good results without many alterations. Your pamts muslin looks great on you.

  14. Glad you found tutorials to help you with pants fitting issues.

    And I have a dumb phone, so I can't access anything on it - and don't want to!

  15. Very, very nice job Faye...your persistance is paying off BIG TIME!



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