June 1, 2012


...It's Friday, the bright and beautiful start of a brand new weekend!  I don't always feel this energetic (even about sewing) every Friday  - but today I do Praise Jesus; there are all types of possibilities to embark on!!!
Now you already know...when I put the teapot on it's going to be a long post
I hear my teapot whistling so I'm about to hunker down with a spot of tea in my sewing studio (talk about a comfort zone)!  Soooo, if you care to join me here's a synopsis of what's running through my mind...

Although I prefer mine iced!  You know how us southern girls do!  But it still starts out in a whistling teapot.

First:  I'll finish up a skirt project that I've worked on little by little (stitch by stitch )all week long.  It's been a slow go with this one  - I've been so tired at night that I just couldn't get it finished.  It's a simple project that I'm making for a co-worker; and the best part about it is that she didn't even ask me to do it  (I VOLUNTEERED)!  This girl has done so much for me at work, and you know you just have to repay kindnesses at some point.  Her face lit up when I wanted to take her measurements and told her what I'd planned.
  • fabric purchased at Hancock's Memorial Day sale on Monday, pretreated the fabric and cut it out that night.  But...I've been so tired each night that I just could not get it finished.  

  • It's from this pattern:
Butterick 5613
  • because it's cute and flirty just like my co-worker.  I making view A with a self tie from a print challis to get that flowyness.

  • Other Memorial Day purchases were some zippers, black and white thread, and some more of these, because according to a recent poll.... I need to start changing more often (lol).

  •  I bought a little bit of fabric. 
Fives pieces of WONDERFUL gaberdine (1 turquoise, 1 navy, 1 brown and 2 black)  One black for summer, and one for fall.

  •  And last, but certainly not least, these wonder possibilities.
Picture's a little blurry, but I know you get my point!
  • Yep, I've decided - that's just what patterns are:  WONDERFUL POSSIBILITIES WRAPPED UP IN SMALL PACKAGES!   Hallelujah, I just love them!!!, and I really need to "COWGIRL UP" when people make funny little comments about how many I have and not let it bother me at all. 

  • I have so many sewing visions; so many things I want to get made.  Sometimes I wish I could hire someone to sew with me to bring some of these visions to life.
 I know there are lots of people out there who feel the same way, so tell me...
Since you can't sew it all up at once...how do you decide what to sew first???


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  2. I have a lot of patterns too. I think of them as little packages of perfection, which as we all know is difficult to achieve. I also feel no need to plan to sew all the patterns I have (good thing 8-D), I feel they are part of my fantasy sewing life. For instance I have a Bill Blass evening gown pattern that I know I will never make, but I am keeping it because I like to pretend I may sew it one day. Don't tell non-sewists how many patterns you have, they won't understand.

    Have a great productive relaxing weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh I am soooooo right there with you on this topic of what to sew first!!! It's been so bad that it's slowed my sewing down so much!!! I need a sewing assistant too!!! I also need a blog assistant too! Some things I have managed to crank out, have not been posted because of time constraints too! I think it must be something we sewers go thru at times...our minds creating garments faster than our little hands can keep up with!

    Looks like you've got some nice fabric selections...good luck on you projects this weekend!

  4. This is such a great question, Faye, one I have been dealing with lately. My time is more limited recently because of work so I really have to figure out how to make these decisions. My last garment, a tablecloth skirt, was quick, down and dirty and I got it done in a weekend. Becuase I knew I could complete in the time I had, that's what I put on the top of the list. Next will be a white shirt. That is because I really, really need one. So that is what is sort of governing things right now, speed and need.

  5. i LOVE that fabric. so awesome!

  6. Ah, decisions, decisions! They are usually made for me though. With 6 of us in the family and my goal of being as self sufficient as possible.... the decision is usually made by what item is most needed. And when I occasionally get caught up with the "needs" I get to venture out with the "wants". Which usually ends up being the item for me that I've been putting off endlessly because a child needs something.

  7. What a nice way to repay someone, I'm sure she will love the skirt. Let's not talk about patterns, I purchased over 80 Vogue patterns but at .25 each who could blame me and I did give a lot of them away. Sometimes I have a piece of fabric that I just can't wait to cut into and other time I agonize over the next project, I'm trying to learn to just go with it.

  8. "cowgirl up" -I'll have to remember that one.
    I wish I had someone to cut out the pieces for me--that would make it go faster so I could sew more--also wish I had a 1950's housewife to cook healthy delicious meals and clean for me too! ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. Anonymous6/01/2012

    Yup I have big plans for the weekend too and I love calling patterns wonderful possibilities! That top on my blog is actually from Forever21 but I have an OOP Butterick 4987 that would do the exact same thing. Here is one listed on Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/listing/99901606/butterick-4987-misses-top?ref=sr_gallery_23&ga_search_query=4987+pattern&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=supplies
    It also has great reviews on pattern review.

  10. Great post.
    I've gotten more focus with my sewing because I concentrate on what I want to add to my closet & the patterns I want to review because I think they maybe worth showcasing to other people that sew. I used to get all the patterns I like, now I get patterns I would actually make.

  11. That's a tough question. Sometimes when I really want to sew a particular piece of fabric, I do that first. Other times I get excited about wearing a garment, so I sew that. Some times, though, I find myself stunned into indecision and I waste whole days waivering about what I want to sew. At the moment I'm trying to sew what I need and that's a whole new experience!

  12. Patterns are a cheap way to indulge in our dreams of what's possible. And they never expire, so we can use them at any time, including in a couple of decades for our granddaughters! I am sad that my local Hancock closed up, because it was so much nicer than Joann's. I know your co-worker will enjoy her skirt; that pattern is adorable, and the fabric is great!

    To decide what to sew, I grab several season-appropriate fabrics, pile them upon my dining room table, and walk past them for a couple of days until one calls out to me. Then I figure out how much I have of that, and what it would like to be. And I often sew several things in the same color family for no good reason!



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