July 15, 2012


...I wanted to knock my subliminal nautical challenge out as quickly as possible.  Especially because my sewing motivation has been waning.  I've wanted to make something striped the last two summers, and since I have lots of striped fabric on hand - it was high time I got around to it.

I went straight for this Palmer/Pletsch boat neckish top pattern right away because a boat neck always speaks nautical to me.  Only found one Pattern Review on this top.  The review was quite thorough so I used her good advice and omitted interfacing the facings.

Question:  Is nautical only red, white or blue?
I've had this bargain table Joann's striped knit for at least two years and decided to use it for my nautical top although it's brown and white.  Think I paid $2.50/yard for it.   I have lots left, and the remainder could easily become a dress or the maxi skirt that I've been contemplating.

The five pattern pieces that went together without a glitch.  I chose View A with the 3/4 sleeve.  It's nothing really special - I call it an easy going top.  Fits well and will go with brown or white pants.  I just might make another easy going top in a solid color.



One nice thing about sewing is finishing the project so you can move on to something new...

I wanted to show the new additions to my sewing library that were thrifted for me by my Mom. 

 I've review all four.  Good sewing resources never really grow old.  Thank you MaMa!!!


  1. Lovely top! I, too, love nautical stripes. I can't wait to try this pattern. Great haul on those books, I'm sure you will get plenty of use out of them. BTW, glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  2. I think any colour stripes and wide legged trousers are always a nod to nautical. I like your new top a lot.
    I agree, books about sewing technique never date.

  3. I love this top Faye! I am in seriously love with stripes at the moment...

  4. What a cute top Faye! It definitely does not have to be red, white and blue to be Nautical! As a matter of fact, I've seen Navy, White & yellow Nautical combination too! Great job! I too love quick gratification projects!

  5. ...also congratulations on you new books!

  6. Cool top! It may be brown and white but it really looks nautical to me!

    your books remind me that I found a vintage invisible zip in my stash in its original packaging. I'm looking forward to reading those directions.

  7. Hey Faye - Impressive! Got 'er done I see - and cute to boot! Virginia has the two Better Homes books in her library of resources. They are both easy reading. How thoughtful of your mom! Thanks for the shout out in your last post. I had a ton of hits and a few new followers too! Take care!

  8. Love that striped top. Make it nautical with white pants. Your mama is awesome, buying you those great books. What fun! I have the AnnPerson book.

  9. I love your vintage books! Heck, I might have even bought them new-I'm feeling older these days, lol!

    I have a lack of tops in my wardrobe and since Hubs does the laundry and only does it every other week, I have got to get sewing. The boatneck looks intriguing.

  10. Nice haul of vintage sewing books! It's almost as fast as buying rtw to sew your own. Considering how long it takes to get to the mall or store etc. The top is tres chic!

  11. Very nice top. Those are good books you got from mama, I bought "sewing made easy" sometimes ago from garage sale, I reference it once in a while

  12. Lovely top, I think it qualifies as nautical. I love vintage books, recipe books, sewing books, it's really cool to see how much things change and how much they stay the same.

  13. I agree with what some of the others have said; stripes and wide leg pants, regardless of the colour, say nautical to me. Buttons on the front of the pants are another feature that says nautical to me, too.

  14. Nautical can be whatever you want, even though I think it's traditionally blue and white. Your top is really nice, as are the books your Mama sent you!

  15. Stripes are always a winner, no matter what the colour! I love this top :)

  16. I have the Sewing Made Easy book by Mary Lynch - though I didn't pay 99 cents for it! It's a really good find. I love older sewing books because they have so many advanced techniques in them.

    The top is very cute!

  17. Anonymous7/22/2012

    Hey lady! Sometimes the old (older)things are the better things! Quality sometimes lacks in (some) modern materials, etc. You may recall back in '09, you encouraged me to go on ebay to find an old simplicity book to help me out...and I found it! I'm catching up so you take care. :-)

  18. Thank you for post this. I bought this one too. Because it simple easy pieces. I will leave off the facing and interfacing as well.

    BTW- Cute top.



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