July 21, 2012


... I were more creative.

While traveling around blogland I see so much of it - creativity that is.  Seems I never grow tire of oooooing and ahhhhing.   Not to mention the multitude of amazement that can be found on Pinterest.  There are so many ideas I'd like/plan to copy (you can tell by my ever increasing pin boards).

I guess there's really no need to complain about lack of creativity when it's perfectly legal to steal ideas from others.  I'm sure people don't mind being copied.  Why else would they be so generous with tutorials?

I first noticed Sachiko's (from Tea Rose Home) tutorial for taking a plain old T-shirt from drab to fab back in 2010.  Every now and again I'd go back to take a look at it - then summer 2011 I purchased two inexpensive T-shirts to make one for myself.

Fast forward Summer 2012 and Sachiko is featured on My Craft Channel showing the tutorial once again.  I took this as a "it's time to get this shirt done" clue.  Now I can scratch this project off my mental to do list.

Those fabric flowers ... not as quick to do as I had thought. Guess with a little more practice I could manage to do them faster.  Feels good to have this project off my list.

On another note.  Look what happened to me this morning!!!

This is a BURNT UP desk lamp.  Doesn't look that bad from the pictures, but I promise you  - was like 4th of July fireworks (red, yellow, blue, maybe even green  sparks/flames)!  This is the lamp from my computer desk, and I've had it for a few years now.   It hardly ever blew a bulb.

The first warning was a pop, then some sizzling, then a full blown FLAME.  I didn't know what to do!  First word out of my mouth was "JESUS"!  I was even afraid to snatch the plug from the wall.  Fire and smoke and soot all over my paper laden desk and MY COMPUTER.  By the time I gathered my nerve to pull the plug, it was all over.  Wheeeew!  No more leaving lamps on while I run to the store.

Gotta get new lamp.....................


  1. The top is really cute! Glad you finally got it off your list. Sorry about the lamp, though!

  2. WOW that top looks great! Adrienne had a similar kind of shirt tute 2 summers back, and last summer I bought two shirts and this year I'm wearing one of the shirts while the other sits in the closet...never made it as far as you!

    Holy cow about the lamp! Glad you are safe!!

  3. That top is gorgeous! You are too very creative!

    Glad the lamp didn't torch you or any of your stuff!

  4. Omg! I think the lamp must have been faulty. How terrifying.
    Your ruffled shirt is really cute, you can't have too many tank tops in the heat.
    The sheer amount of ideas and images on the web is overwhelming. I'm just trying to figure out what I like enough to copy without even dreaming of keeping up in terms of unique ideas.

  5. Not creative? Then you show us a lovely top you've made. You inspire me all the time with the wonderful things you make. Give yourself the credit you deserve; you're talented and creative and very clever!

  6. I guess it's now time for us to ooooh and aaaah, because that top is super-cute!
    The amount of creativity out there is enormous. It's wonderful we can share in all of it.

  7. Thankfully you are ok... that was scary. Loooooooove the T-shirt.

  8. Lynn (YSG!)7/22/2012

    I am so glad that you are okay! I thank God that nothing happened.

    I love your top and am always inspired by what you make. Sometimes taking a peek at other people's creations is needed to jump start your own creative mind. I say press on, sista!

  9. Inspiration is everywhere and your top is very pretty, love the color. You said the right word when your lamp started sizzling, glad you're ok.

  10. Looks like you are super creative, great job on the top. It is beautiful and love the color. Great job So happy you are okay from the lamp incident.

  11. You are totally creative! The grass is just always greener :-) And egad on the lamp. Super scary.

  12. Cute top. Sorry about the lamp, I would have not know what to do either. Fire and electricity are scary combinations to me.

  13. Fabric flowers = cute!
    Ruffles = fun!

    Burning desk lamp? EEEEEKKK!

  14. What a really cute top Faye! I truly love the very uniqueness of this project! You did an outstanding job!

    So sorry about your light! and you so right...never leave this light on while you're away! Glad you were home when it happened!!

  15. OK--I absolutely am in love with that top! Do you hear me, Miss Faye? Want. That. Top!! Hey, close call with the lamp! Shees! I had a curling iron short out and spark while it was in my hair! Can't tell you how scary that was! I know you can appreciate that story. Just call me "hot head"!!

  16. Super cute cute top. I know it feels good to have this project off your list. I need to follow your lead.

    Glad the fire burnt out before there was a serious problem.

  17. Anonymous8/13/2012

    thanks for sharing.



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