July 12, 2014


...I set a goal to make two small skirts for the Skirting The Issue sew-a-long that I mentioned in my last post.

 I got one made on Monday then the week got busy and I didn't think I'd be able to get the second one done.  But feeling the need to sew last night in the middle of a blog cruising session I found this little skirt tutorial at DanaMadeIt.com.   Really, Dana makes the cutest children's clothes.  Although I don't have a little girl, her makes are so cute that I can't help wanting to stitch some up myself - what better excuse than the Skirting The Issue sew-a-long.  I didn't have any seersucker like the inspirational skirt, but I did find lots and lots of colorful plisse that's been in my stash since why back when I first started sewing again - I think I had planned on making summer PJ's out of it.

Here's my finished product

It's made for a girl sized 4/6, and I'm hoping the sweetie that gets it just loves it to pieces.  So I've got two to put in the mail early next week.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with a little stash busting especially when you feel the need to sew, but don't know exactly what to sew.
Thought I'd show a little organizing tool I recently incorporated.  This pretty flower pot helped me round up my cutting tools and have them easily in reach.

Happy weekend sewing to all...       


  1. Precious little skirt! Clever idea and pretty storage....going to borrow this and do the same thing...thank you Ms. Faye.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes, I wanted a pretty flower pot to put my shears, rulers and marking pencils in. Didn't have one around the house, but found this one at the drugstore for half off.

  2. oh faye, you are going to make two sweeties so happy!!

  3. How sweet are those two skirts Faye! Thanks for tip for storing some of your tools...

  4. Those skirts are just adorable! I'm betting that you will make 2 little girls really happy! Love your vase; it's perfect for keeping shears and whatnot close at hand.

  5. Just.Too.Cute!!! and a great sewing tool corral!

  6. Love the skirts. So cute. Don't forget to put a bit of foam or batting in the bottom of your flower pot. This will protect the tips of your scissors when you drop them in the pot.
    Karen inIllinois

  7. Thanks about the skirts, and thanks for the tip for the flower pot. Wouldn't want to mess up my shears.

  8. That's a totally adorable little skirt!

  9. Really cute skirts Faye! I know that the little princess receiving that cute little ruffled number is going to be so very happy to have it! I'm glad you were able to find some sewing time...it's so good for our souls!

  10. Thank you for sharing the information on "Skirting the issue". I am sure two girls are going to love those skirts!!

  11. Adorable skirt and what a great way to use up remnant fabrics.

  12. Oh Faye. The skirts are adorable. You're going to make some little girls very happy.

  13. Hi Faye,
    The skirts look great. You are so good with seeing sew alongs to the end.



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