June 14, 2008


I made an unplanned trip to our tiny mall today. I actually don't go to the mall often, but when I do I have to make a run through my favorite store in the whole wide world - JC Penya! I know there are better stores, there certainly are more expensive stores, but I love me some Penny's. It fit's my style and my credit card purse (lol). I also snooped at Sears today, but nothing suits my fancy like Penny's. Looking at current fashion in stores is exciting - I don't know many women who aren't excited by it. And my second tier of excitement comes when I notice that of the many things that I find that I like - I ALREADY HAVE A PATTERN THAT IS VERY SIMILAR IF NOT THE EXACT SAME! Now that's really exciting - just to know that I could possibly make garments just like the RTW ones is a real feeling of power. Knowing that if I try really, really hard I have the ability to create wearable, attractive garments that fit well is a feeling of power.

I've been piddling in the sewing room - the thing I like to do most on Saturdays. I made these PJ shorts a couple of days ago. They are from fabric left over from capri PJ's I made several months ago. I couldn't bear to throw the left over fabric away, so I used it for these. I used Leah's instructions for making the elastic casing. It was easy and makes for a nice finished look.
Now I know dog gone well that this is a dress pattern, but it reminded me of a breezy nightgown so that is what I made from it.
Chadwick's is a catalog that I've been using for inspiration lately, seeing that there's a new one in the mail once or twice a week. I really like these dresses. They look soooo cool and just the right thing for the HOT temperatures we are having to endure this month.I had about 5 yards of 42" wide black dotted swiss (I think that is what it is) that was gifted to me by my friend Mrs. Madison. It's so light weight, I thought it would make a great sundress even though it's black. I am using white piping to accent the dress (I CAN'T REMEMBER EVER USING PIPING SO THIS WILL BE A NEW TECHNIQUE FOR ME). I'm not sure yet whether I will make the tie that the pattern shows. I doubled the fabric in the bodice area because of the lightness of the fabric; I want to underline the skirt of the dress but I don't have a suitable lightweight fabric to use on hand. Hancock's only had about 1 1/2 yd of black batiste and I didn't think that would be enough so I didn't get it.

This is also a dress listed in the Chadwick's catalog - I LOVE IT - isn't it lovely! It's a pullover made from a ponte knit. It's an inexpensive dress and I could buy it, but from the looks of the picture the dress falls above the knee which would be a little to short for me. The closest pattern I can find to match this is McCall's 5655.

QUESTION: Does anyone out there know the rules for making a knit garment using a pattern designed for woven fabric??? I know that I read something about this process and I thought I read it in Sandra Betzina's Power Sewing Book - but now I can't find it. If anyone can give me some help on this one I would appreciate it.

I've been eying this pattern for a long time now but frankly I've been a little scared of it. I've seen it made up on several blogs, and earlier this week I saw Trinilove 's version and really fell in love with it so I think it will be coming up real soon.Long post I know, but let me end up with pics of some of my efforts to organize my messy sewing room. I bought these three baskets fro the dollar store today, so I hung them on the wall as a place to put some of the things that always end up on my cutting table.
Well, until next time - HAPPY SEWING!


  1. Faye,
    I made that Sandra Betzina top after seeing Trinilove's also. Don't be afraid, it goes together like a dream. I've made it twice and received several compliments. Enjoy!

    Melodye in Randallstown

  2. I was in Walmart this weekend and was looking at NL6804, but passed for another pattern, but your idea is great and will pick it up this weekend.

    I've been looking at the same sundress in the chadwicks catalog too... looking forward to your version.

    To use a knit garment for woven pattern - I would suggest going down a size.

  3. Faye .- I have carefully read your post. interesting stories. As I said in my e-mail, I think you will have no problem to make this dress catalog (is this?) With the pattern McCalls. Many success in all their projects, really. a big hug and see you soon, Paco

  4. great sewing plans. I want to go sew up something right now! lol

  5. That’s great..! I like the dress pattern.



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