June 17, 2008


There are so many things that I want to make. I know it sounds obsessive but I wish I could work on three projects all at the same time (lol). Next up on deck is this McCall's tunic that I started on Sunday Evening at the Sew-A-Long that I'll talk more about later in this post. When I start a new project they always look as though they will be really quick...but so often they aren't - at least for me they're not. This tunic has hand stitched sleeve/cuff hemming and it always takes me a long time with hand stitching. A friend told me that I hem to slow. "My question, why are you timing me?" I still hem by hand the way I was taught in 8th grade, and I have actually always been proud of my hems. For one thing, THEY NEVER COME LOOSE, just like my hand sewn buttons - THEY ARE NOT COMING OFF. I could have machine stitched the sleeves, but I thought they would be nicer hand sewn-slow or not.
The pattern instructions suggest putting a casing for a draw string on the outside of the tunic. I didn't like that idea at all. I don't think I've ever seen a casing sewn on the outside of a garment (other than sportswear) and besides my casing was tacky because I ran short of fabric and had to piece mill it. When I bought this pattern I thought it had an elastic at the neckline and waistline but not it called for casing in both places. I did coverstitch the hem just to get some practice. Here's a similar tunic in the Chadwick catalog with elastic, and that's the treatment I decided to use. I'm more pleased with it than if I had used a drawstring.
Here's the finished product - back and front. I found some taupe fabric in my small stash and now I need to make a pair of city shorts or capris to match this top.
Here's some shots of our June Sew-A-Long on Sunday evening. Ebbyj and her husband Keith hosted us. We had a very productive and fun time, sewing, eating and watching segments from last seasons Project Runway. Ebony and her husband are SUCH NICE PEOPLE, and Ebony is so creative. They went out of their way to make sure Lisa and I had great time - which we did. She also allowed me and Lisa choose from a stash elimination pile of fabric. I GOT 10 PIECES - one is a coat weight.

And lastly, here is what I wore to work today. Not the greatest picture (I'm going to start looking into buying another camera). This is the out fit that I made on my Memorial Day SEWCATION. Now allow me to critic my work...no nothing negative, but you know we are our own best critics. I always think that I need to add length to my tops - with this one there was no exception. I added 2 1/2" and ended up having to cut about an inch off the top after I was all finished with it - which was not a good time to make hem changes since this is a crisscross top. I did make some minor adjustments where the two fronts cross over each other, because I usually get major gapous with crisscross tops. Why I am attracted to them, I don't know, but I keep wanting to make them. This is the second view I've made from Simplicity 4076 and just like the tee that I made - this top fit really great.

Now the white pants. I NEED TO REMEMBER TO ADD ANOTHER BELT LOOP IN THE CENTER BACK OF ALL MY PANTS cause I had a little gapping in that area. Other than that they fit great in the waist. I had eliminated the side pockets on these and I really missed having them today. I also eliminated the front and back darts to get a better fit. The hip area was a little large (guess I over estimate the size of my booty). The legs are ok, but I actually prefer a slimmer look in that area. This is just my way of trying to make mental notes on what to do to make the next project better, but I'd better write these things on the pattern envelope so I'll be sure that I will remember.
NEXT ON DECK because it's already cut out and because it matches the thread I have on the machine is this Simplicity 3535 tunic - only 6 pieces (sans the self belt that I ran short of fabric on when cutting) so it should go together pretty fast (there I go again underestimating the time something will take). I've still got to get back to the sundress that I cut out over the weekend but did not start.

Well, that's the end this post...HAPPY SEWING YA'LL!


  1. oh, I love this fabric, the style looks so breezy and comfy

  2. I like your top! Looks like you girls had another fun sewing session! I'm jealous! LOL

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  4. Nice to see someone else makes their decisions based on what thread is in the machine! Love that top-it is so pretty, and really RTW looking, too.

    (First post had a glaring error...)

  5. Love the colors of the drawstring to!

  6. M5666 is so pretty, I like the fabric. I've avoided drawstring blouses, b/c I have yet to learn how to do the casing.

  7. Cute tunic!I love that fabric!

  8. Your top is beautiful. You have been so busy.

    I must confest; I'm so jealous of the sew along. It looks like too much fun.

    Love the wrap top. I'm a big fan as well.

    Happy Sewing!

  9. Okay I'm starting to get jealous of all this BIG sewing fun y'all are having! *smile* And I like the new top!!!



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