October 2, 2008


I need to add LISA @ Sewonandsewon.blogspot.com to my list below for this prestigeous award. I had wanted to add her before, but didn't because I had seen her awarded in another blogger's post. She never received notification so here's an award for her too, because her work also inspires me so, and I know that she offers so much pizazz to the sewing blogland. So, Lisa, this award is for you in honor of all the great designs you create and the inspiration that you offer to all of us........
I just broke a serger needle (this was a first) so I guess I'll go to bed now...


  1. Hi Faye, You sound like a kindred spirit. I looked in on your blog because you had left a comment on mine and I'm going to add it to my faorits. I think your jacket is great and I so understand about the wrinkle worries.I wonder if it would have helped to interface the whole thing before sewing it up? Just a thought.
    Happy sewing,

  2. Anonymous10/16/2008

    It seems to me that someone who has made 6 pairs of boxers from Simplicity pattern 9958 could give a little tutorial on how to do the fly. I have a friend that is having problems cunstructing the fly portion. It seems to have gotten a pleat in it at the center front seam.

  3. Hey, I need help with that pattern too!!! If you have put together a walkthrough for it please PLEASE let me know!!!

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  5. Hi Tessa, I am happy to address your request about a tutorial/walkthrough on Simplicity 9958 that I made W-A-Y back in October 2008 for my Grandsons. Five years ago when I made the boxers I was just feeling way through honey. The boxer shorts and a lot of other things that I made back them were just trial and error. I Googled how to make a faux fly for the boxer shorts, because I was not sure how to make them even with the pattern directions. I was able to find additional information on how to do them through the internet. I did not do a tutorial, because I didn't think that I was qualified to do so five years ago. I do feel qualified now, BUT I am not planning on making any boxer shorts any time in the near future. If and when I do make them again, I will be sure to do a tutorial to help you and Anonymous from October 16, 2008 out.

    Anonymous' comment back in 2008 is the one and only comment that I feel I have received since starting my blog as a tincy bit negative. I always try to help whenever possible, if I can, because I have received so much help from others. I chose not to respond 5 years ago because I did not want to foster negativism on my blog. I still feel the same way today.

    I guess only one slightly negative comment in six years is not a bad record. I hope and pray that I can forever keep my blog a positive pleasant place to visit.



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