October 19, 2008


Where in the world did the weekend go? I try to hold on to it, but it just slips away from me. I have a paper weight on my desk that says "WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND". So that's what I do each week - work for the weekend.

I'm on a Quick and Easy Sewing Spree right now. And I think I'll be on that spree for at least the remainder of the month. What Quick and Easy means to me is sewing mainly knits. I do have a small collection of them so that is what I'll be working on for the remainder of the month at least. Here's my second quick and easy cowl neckline dress of the weekend. I made this one for myself and combined two patterns to get the look I wanted. I used the cowl neck enhancement from Butterick 5247 and the remainder of the dress from McCalls 5519 view D minus the bust darts because with this knit fabric the darts did not press flat enough for me. I think it fits fine with the darts. This is a gray mystery knit that I purchased on a recent fabric trip with Ebony and Lisa. I also wanted this dress to have set in sleeves rather than dolman sleeves.

Combining the two patterns was really easy. All I had to do was cut the front neckline of the McCall's pattern a little deeper and of course add about 5" to the length of the dress. I am planning on getting a lot of wear out of my boots this fall/winter so I'm making dresses and skirts a bit longer so they don't just meet the top of the boots but cover the top of them. I also changed the tie belt just a little by increasing the width of just the back of it to add some detail. I also used this style belt for the dress that I made for my Mother but forgot to take a picture of it.

I have one and a half yards of this fabric left and was thinking about making a shrug wrap but there is not enough fabric for that. I'm thinking about making a straight skirt with it. What's up next? I'm not exactly sure, but I do know it will be Quick and Easy for sure!


  1. What a great dress! I love the belt! I finally broke down and bought the pattern but I'm buying one of those lycra slips to wear under whatever I make from the pattern - just can't do that jiggle factor! *LOL*

  2. I love, love, love that butterick pattern. I can not WAIT to make it again lol.

  3. Now you know that is just too cute. And the belt - is fabulous. It looks so neat and polished with the right amount of steam. I love it.

  4. Fabulous!! You are going to be too sharp! Love the belt.

  5. Girl, You are a sewing wizard! I love that dress.

  6. Your dress looks great! I love how you morphed the two patterns together.



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