January 31, 2009


I've finished the two jackets that I made for the FBLA Club at school with minimal mistakes (lol) which, may I add, I will not point out the recipients. One mistake was a 1/4" collar difference on the sides of one collar; the other happened because I neglected to read the instruction sheet and sewed and serged the facing to the sleeve cap before I placed and sewed in the shoulder pads. Oh well, because I am an avid jacket fan and the fact that I've worn many a RTW jacket, blazer etc., I know that I don't need to undo these two errors and do the work over again. I actually think they are fine just as they are.

I simply hate it when I give myself a time line
and I don't meet my expected due date. I had planned on starting the jacket construction last Friday evening - and that didn't happen. Then I had planned on having both of them finished and ready to present on Monday - well that didn't happen either. I worked on them a little on Monday, skipped Tuesday and Wednesday because I was just plain tired; worked a little on Thursday evening; finished hemming and thread cutting on Friday, and gave them a final press this morning. I must say I'm proud of my work and think both the jackets look really nice. I'll be able to take them in Monday coming.

Here's my project review. I just can't make a decision on joining pattern review yet.... I'm still thinking on that one.

My Project Recap:
Butterick 4138
  • The pattern contained all three of these notations: Fast & Easy; Very Easy; Two Hour Fast & Easy Sewing. I knew when I started that each jacket would take me more than two hours. If it takes you two hours to drive somewhere it will always take me three or maybe even four. However, if I were to make this jacket again I really do think it would only take me two hours.
  • Eight (8) pattern pieces used.
  • Loose-fitting, unlined, below the hip jacket has shoulder pads, collar, sleeves and button closure. I choose View B that had faux pocket flaps just to add some sort of detail to the jacket design.
  • Made the jackets in size 10 and size 12. After cutting I marked the size on each pattern pieces with chalk so I would not make the mistake of sewing the wrong sized pieces together, which help tremendously.
  • Fabric used: Lightweight Navy Blue Linen type
  • Notions I used: medium weight fusible interfacing, thread, one (7/8") button each and stretch lace for hems of sleeves and bottom of the jacket.
  • You know I ALWAYS have to add an extra little something to the garments I make. The only something I added here was stretch lace for the hems. I just think it makes a project a little more special when you add just a little something.
  • I might make the jacket again, maybe even for myself. I use to have one very similar in RTW that I wore with a matching straight skirt. Mmmm that gives me an idea, this might lead to a nice and easy put together for a spring suit. It was easy enough being unlined (although, it would be very simple to line this jacket if desired); and I think I've come up with a simpler way of constructing that notched collar that doesn't drive me crazy.
Now on with the show! I need to get some new pieces on the cutting board to start this weekends projects.....


  1. I understand about meeting deadlines but at least these are finished. I am sure they will be as appreciated this Monday morning as they would have been last Monday. You did a great job!!!

  2. I understand about deadlines too! Unless it's something really important, like sewing for others, I don't make a big deal of sticking to them. Your jacket looks great!

  3. Good job. The colors are pretty. I agree with the two ladies above. But, I understand how you feel because I have the same personality. BTW-concerning your latest post on my blog--

    Absolutely good for sewing. I've got so much to share. Started my project today, but took a break to come here. Gotta get back to it. Got sidetracked with some sewing goodies I found. Thanks you again for being such an encouragement.

  4. Those girls are going to be so happy. There's no way they'll notice those minor mishaps. I wouldn't either. You must be the nicest person. Would love to know you in real life instead of just the blogging world.

  5. They look great! I'll say it again: Those are two lucky girls who are getting these jackets. :)

  6. I normally don't go by deadlines...I would be too disappointed...too often :)
    I know you will be some popular Monday morning :) These jackets look fantastic!

  7. Jackets look good!!!

  8. You did a great job Faye. Isn't it great to get to the end of the project - sit back and take in what you just did. It's a wonderful feeling. Enjoy your sewing moments - be good to yourself.

  9. Awesome jackets Faye!
    I hate deadlines!

  10. You did a fantastic job and like Carolyn said the young ladies will appreciate receiving them today as they would have last Monday.

  11. Love the jackets and if you've figured out a way to do notched collars please share, they are my nemesis.

  12. Wow! You finished two jackets in no time and they look great.Those collars look good.Great job.

  13. No surprise, your jackets look great! I supersized the picture to peep at the stretch lace, unfortunately it doesn't show. I'm so fond of personal details :)



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