February 19, 2009

New Pants

I've been working on a new pants pattern for two weeks now. First I did a muslin and boy am I glad I did.

My Project Recap:
Simplicity 2700; pattern includes customized fitting instructions
  • Ok, so I'm still in search of the perfect pants pattern. I know I must have at least 15 pants patterns, but I'm still searching for the one that I can just pull out of the envelope to make me a pair of great fitting pants. I think this pattern is almost it - notice I said almost.
  • Don't get me wrong, this is a good pattern, however I did have a few problems with it. First problem ten (10) pattern pieces. Come on now, can't I get that great fit with say five pieces. For the pockets 3 pieces; then there was the back and front pieces; the zipper area 2 pieces; the back waist band and two separate front waist band pieces. When I get really rich I'm hiring somebody to put the pattern pieces back in the envelopes...how about that!
  • The pattern has room built in for adjustments like 1" side seam and back seam allowances that really, really helped me out. The pattern also have sizes that fit slim, average and curvy body types. Of course I used the curvy pattern - should be glad for my curves - because I remember when I had none and wanted them so badly (lol), now I have an abundance of them. We have to be careful of what we ask.
  • Fabric used: Lightweight Black with thin pink stripe. Fabric Type: I don't really know, but it was a really good Walmart price from my New York vacation fabric purchase last summer.
  • The pockets do lie flat and were not hard to construct so you know I like that.
  • Notions: Medium weight fusible interfacing; thread; two (3/4") button because I couldn't find the 1/2" buttons called for; some lining material I had on hand for the pockets; a 9" nylon zipper and stretch lace for the hem.
  • I had a problem with the front fly zipper application. Too much work. I prefer the Sandra Betzina's mock fly application and that is what I will use next time.
  • Problem number 2 - the waistband. This pattern has a contoured waist band that comes in four pieces. Two for the back and a separate front left and right band. I always have a problem with this type waistband.
  • The pants fit well, I think I will enjoy wearing them and plan on making a pale pink knit top (I have the knit in my stash) to wear along with them.
  • I am planning on making these pants again as soon as possible but I will surely be making changes to the zipper application.
Here's my picture, I'll be wearing them to work as soon as I get my matching top made. I don't know how well the pictures I took will show up, but dang these pants fit me real good. Yayaaaa me! While making these I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to use this pattern again. But they fit so well that I guess I'll have to fool with that darn contour waistband again after all.

Also, here's a sewing confession: Why is it that every time I make machine worked buttonholes I forget to pull down that little lever next to the needle that sets the buttonhole mechanism in motion? I forget to do each and every time and there I am trying to start the first buttonhole and the machine just won't cooperate at all...until I have that "light bulb moment" and finally remember what to do...


  1. Those. Pants. Are. Perfect.

    They are soooooo flattering on you! And bless you for sewing these up and writing such great, detailed notes -- Simplicity 2700 is exactly what I plan to use for the little pants sew-along in March!

  2. Faye, those pants look lovely!
    BTW, I do the same thing with machine made buttonholes. The lever just doesn't want to go down.

  3. Anonymous2/20/2009

    Faye those pants look good on you.
    You must be so pleased with the fit.Can't wait to see the top you will wear with them. Keep up the good work.
    Your Mom. (I love you)

  4. Thank you for giving such an indepth review of the pattern. I have it in my stash and I will moved it up to the top of the list.

    Your pants look great on you :)

    CarlaF-in Atlanta

  5. Faye, those pants look wonderful on you - congratulations on the fit !

  6. The pants do look fantastic on you! My buttonhole issue is I always forget to change to the buttonhole foot, even though it really makes things easier.

  7. Very nice pants! Thank you so much for this post. I am currently working on a pants muslin, my first, and have been getting so frustrated with it. And I only have 3 pieces, lol! Your pants came out lovely and are inspiring me to go back and finish that muslin.

  8. wow Faye....so flattering!! You did an awesome job....

  9. You did a great job fitting those pants! I know what you mean-I do NOT have an "off the rack" body so that's one of the big reasons I sew for myself.

    I've had pretty good luck with Nancy Zieman's book "Fitting Savvy," but a little ingenuity on my part helps, too! Now I have a pattern that I can just lay out and cut! Ahhhhh-no fitting stress!

  10. Those are great pants, and they fit so well, and so flaterring on you. That should be a TNT for you. Thanks for the review, that will help when am making mine. Have a lovely weekend

  11. Good Job! :)
    I think the fly is the hardest thing to sew to get it to come out looking good. There's the fly - the underlap - and how to put it all together so you see some stitches and not others can be difficult to learn. I'll have to do a tutorial on it. Maybe I can give you some helpful hints when you make the pattern again.

    I own 6 different sewing machines. All of them do different buttonholes. Some better than others. Some are easy to use others not so much because you have to remember to reset it for each whole. Some get stuck as it comes back around while others are more smooth and don't get caught on the stitches.

    You did a great job sewing your pants. I'm making a some too. I took a seam ripper to a some shorts that fit well and I loved a couple of years ago. This is the 6th time I'm using the ripped apart pieces to make new shorts and pants. One side of the waistband came out bigger than the other so I have to pull out the ripper - and I have time to sew this afternoon because no one showed up for class - again :) I make more money off of people who pay and never show up - amazing.

  12. Faye I'm working on slacks now and hope I have as much success as you've had.

  13. What!! 10 pieces.. but you know what I believe the more pieces, the more custom fit you get.

    The pants came out perfect.

  14. Loving your pants they turned out great. It fits you nicely well done :)

  15. Great looking pants! I just made the same pattern and agree with everything you said!

  16. Girl, I know what you mean about a great pair of pants. Go ahead and make that your TNT. I can tell you this as an encouragement to do so. I had on my favorite pair of slacks last week. My husband had not noticed them all day and he asks where did I get those slacks. I told him that they were my third pair of TNT slacks. He swore me up and down that I was lying. I had to unzip those pants to show him the seams. His next comment was "you need to make some more". So there you have it, those pants look good on you, so go ahead and fuss with that waistband. Before you know it, you will master it, just like I did with my pair. As for the buttonhole feature. When I got my new machine last year, I had not sewn anything with buttons. I used my buttonhole feature once then forgot the secondtime. Now I make sure that is the first thing I check before the darn thing starts beeping at me. Good luck!!

  17. Your pants look perfect on you! You honestly did a fantastic job fitting them. Well done!

  18. Hi Fayes, for the serger treatment I used for my top. I have an old janome mylock serger, with 3 threads. I set the length to 1", which will make the seam close together.
    I set the upperlooper tension to 6, the lowerlooper tension to 6, and the needle to 4. So I have (4-6-6)configuration. Usually I check with the same fabric before I serger my real fabric on it. But for this particular top this is the tension configuration I used. I hope his helps. Please let me know if you need more information.
    Thanks for your comment , really appreciate it.

  19. Anonymous2/21/2009

    Faye, you are my hero! I am doing the same pant sew along as antoinette. I am nervous! Pls send tips. Do you recommend this as a first time pattern? I just hit a vogue sale and picked up 2, I was thinking of v1040. You look fantastic!

  20. Thanks for your well wishes. So many people keep telling me that I should go to a chiropractor. There is a really good one here in my town. They actually have physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.... I am looking forward to feeling better. I love those pants. They look great on you. I'm about to get brave enough to sew for myself again after I finish these Easter frocks.

  21. Your pants look great! I need new pants desparately. Perhaps I'll try that pattern!

  22. Glad these worked out for you! What pattern are you using for the top/jacket?

  23. These pants fit you really well. I have the same problem; many patterns and not one that I would call TNT. I bought a Vogue pants fitting pattern, but I haven't worked my way through it yet. I agree with you about the Sandra Betzina method of zip insertion. Since I learned that I haven't used anything else. I adapt all other patterns to make it work, in fact today I altered a jeans skirt pattern so I could use that method. I like the contoured waist bands in four parts, because I make pants like mens pants and sew that seam last, so I can adjust it to fit better. Looking forward to seeing your next pair!

  24. I agree with everyone - fabulous, perfect pants! I just mentioned that I need to make some and there you go with them already done. lol. Great job!

  25. Great job! Your pants are beautiful but 10 pieces is a bit too much I agree. I'm planning to sew pants in March and like you I'm still looking for the right pattern.

  26. Fay, great pair of pants. They look fab on you.
    I'll have to try out that pattern. I seem to live in pants these days.

  27. Sorry, I made the comment in the wrong post. Nice pants .... now.

    thanks and greetings, Paco

  28. I love your pants!!! I bought that pattern hoping to make some really good fitting pants - thank you for such a detailed review of it! :-)



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