August 16, 2009


I'm just checking in so you don't think I've disappeared. I still have four more weeks left in this quarter - THEN I CAN FEEL FREE TO SEW AGAIN without guilt. It has been so hard! I work on my online class on the computer that's in my sewing room, and I haven't been able to touch the sewing machine in over a month. It's just awful!!! But, I did sneak and cut a muslin for this jacket today. It felt so good. I was operating under some type of delusion that I might be able to get the muslin stitched up today, but I was only kidding myself. But I did get it altered, cut out, and marked - that's better than nothing I guess. My plan is to make two of these jackets to match the last two pairs of pants that I made (I probably mentioned that before). If I can get these two unlined jackets made, I'll have two brand new suits to wear. That would make me feel so good!

I need to get those two jackets made before I start on the Chanel sew-a-long. I don't anticipate being able to start the Chanelish jacket until after September 15th. But I think starting on or after that date will give me plenty of time to get the jacket completed by November 15th. I have started pulling information together to assist me in making the jacket. I've got several threads articles that I've been reading up on as time has permitted; and I just ordered the Claire Shafer "Couture Sewing" book on this past Friday. I guess I won't pick out my lining, buttons, trim, and get my chain until mid September either, unless I just happen to run into something I like before that time. I don't want to start the jacket until I have good amounts of uninterrupted time to devote to it. I'll have a week and a half between quarters so I think that will be a good time to start. My next and FINAL quarter will start on September 29th. And on December 18th (end of the quarter) I am going to give myself a great big party - for finishing this degree and for my birthday!!!

That's all of my sewing related news - if you can call it news. I'm thinking about sewing, but thinking about it isn't sewing....or is it?


  1. If I get into this master's program I am applying for that is my great sadness. That I won't have time to sew. sniff.... But the end result will be worth it just like it will be for you!

  2. Hey there! Good hearing from you. It has to be very tempting not to want to sew when your computer is in the same location as your sewing room. Hope you're getting some rest in between. Take care and we look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations!

  3. Wow you have alot going on. Good luck with school. Sewing will always be here in some capacity but it is soothing to just think about it sometimes if you are unable to actually do it.

  4. Hang in there Faye. School does come to an end...some day :) I'm glad you got a chance to cut your muslin. Keep on thinking about sewing until you have some time to actually use your machine.

    CarlaF-in Atlanta



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