November 21, 2015


...It's interview time again ya'll - guess orange juice should be our drink of choice this time.  Melanie Wise of Orlando, Florida is another sewing blogger/business owner that has that certain Jenesaisquoi I love the name of her blog and social media presence - "IT'S MELANIE DARLING", (Why can't I ever think of snazzy titles like that?).  But I digress, "It's Faye Darling" just wouldn't have the same ring" lol.   Melanie has so many wonderful things going on in Florida: her own business, partner in a couture apparel design company, family and full time JOB! - and I thought I was busy! Please read on to learn more about her.  It's so much fun getting to know other people who love sewing as much as I do - maybe even more - if that's possible...

Melanie have you had any formal training; or are you self taught?
Melanie:  Self taught mostly but both Maternal and Paternal Grandmothers, and Great Aunt were seamstresses.   My mom also sews (not so much now that I sew regularly).

What has been the most challenging garment you have made?
Melanie:  A lined blazer, Collars always gives me angst.

You have the most amazing (I’m jealous of you) vintage pattern collection.  If you could keep only 5 of those which ones would you keep?

Vogue 1663 (DVF)
Simplicity 6333
Vogue 8514
Vogue 8445
Vogue 1187

What garment to date would you call your “Masterpiece”?
Melanie:  I’m not sure if I have a masterpiece.  I literally love everything I make but I usually make clients pieces I wish I had made for myself.

What are your favorite fabric sources?
Melanie:  Fabric Mart, Mood Fabrics, Fine Fabrics (Atlanta)

Do you shop online for fabrics?
Melanie:  Almost all my fabric comes from online shopping.  Central Florida is not very fashion sewing friendly so there is not many sewing shops to choose from.
Fabric Mart, Mood Fabric, Fashion Fabric Club

How did your business originate?
Melanie:   Basically, just being asked by different people to make them garments.  I never wanted to sew for hire, I just enjoy sewing.

Would you please share your best tried and true sewing tip with us?
Melanie:  When making a waistband for any garment, interface over the fold line of the waistband, it will make the waistband way sturdier.  My waistbands would be very wonky and rolled over before I learned this little nugget.

What are your favorite social media platforms?
Melanie:  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Do you use these platforms to promote or enhance your business?
Melanie:  Yes I use them basically to show what I make casually.  I usually get a lot of inquiries from Facebook.

You recently hosted an amazing fashion event showcasing your designs.  Can you tell us a little about the event?  
Melanie:  Besides my itsmelaniedarling custom sewing business, I am also a partner in a business called Custom House Designs, with my sewing partner Kay Davis (Polished Bou). Custom House Designs was asked to showcase in a fashion show for the Beta House, which is a school here in Orlando Florida for young girls who become pregnant while in school. It’s an alternative to traditional school which teaches young ladies how to be parents while continuing their education. This was actually my first fashion show. The experience was awesome.  Kay who has done many fashion shows did an amazing job.
You can see more of Melanie Wise at:

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  1. Anonymous11/21/2015

    Thanks for sharing a new to me blogger. Melanie has a great eye for colors and style. It's cool that her mom doesn't sew as much now because Melanie sew now.

  2. I agree, Melanie does have a great eye. I love her style; she makes glamour look effortless!

  3. Another great interview Faye.

    1. Thank you Alethia, and thanks for looking in! The christening gown is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Faye this was a great interview!

    1. My pleasure Jackie. Thanks for looking in!

  5. Glad to get know know Melanie. I follow on instagram and is always nice to know about peoples businesses in other cities. There are always folks asking for services long distance. Better to be able to refer them to a local if possible. Thanks for another great interview Faye.

    1. I admire Melanie's work so much that I wanted to get to know her better too. I'm so glad you liked the interview Andrea.

  6. I follow Melanie, Love the outfits she does.. Amazing lady.

  7. Thank you so very much for featuring and interviewing me. I t was truly an honor. And also thanks to all the beautiful souls on here that commented such kind words. Again, thanks so much.

  8. Great interview Melanie!!!! You know I'm a fan ! #TeamSewFit



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