September 7, 2008


Since my week is soooo very busy, I really try to get in as much sewing as possible over the weekend. Oh I do get a little sewing in here and there during the week, but not very much at all. I started the weekend at my Friday night sewing class; this week we worked on collars, and I again learned some of Lisa's nifty sewing tips that solved some problems that I keep having. The neat thing is how she explains why the problem happens and then shows exactly how to prevent it in the future. We have our examples to bring home for future reference as well as great handouts on the application. I finally remembered to take my camera and took a couple of snaps at the class.

I worked on the pants of my unofficial four piece capsule at the sewalong we had on Saturday night. Lisa and I visited Ebony and Keith again and saw their beautifully decorated new apartment and got to view her new sewing room first hand. The apartment really nice but her sewing room is off the chain, and that stash, man oh man. I finished the pants today now they just need a good press.

Also today I start
ed working on the blouse to match the capsule. The suit is gray with a fine baby blue stripe running through it. I wanted to match the blouse to that stripe but could not find a solid baby blue fabric anywhere. I even asked Ebony to check her stash for it and she didn't have it. I finally went to Walmart to see if I could find something, but came up with nothing again. Finally I thought "what about curtains", so I checked the drapery department and found a sky blue crushed voile drapery panel that I thought would match and it did. So I'm knocking off Adrienne's double ruffled collar blouse that I thought was so cute. I'm thinking that the ruffled collar would give my suit just the right pop. I'm even copying her buttons that I think are rather snazzy.

The crushed voile is extremely light weight and sheer so I thought this would be just the occasion to practice "FRENCH SEAMS". Learning to do french seams is one of my 2008 Sewing Goals, but sewing fear ha
d me still avoiding them. Well today, (reference book in hand) I've made five french seams on this blouse - hooray for me! It's funny how something can just sound complicated, but when you try it, it's really not hard at all. But still, I am really proud of my self for accomplishing this sewing goal.

Now, using that rolled hem foot is another thing. I tried using it several times on this blouse ruffle, but was unsatisfied with the results until I zigzagged the edge first and then tried the foot using a zigzagged stitch. It's probably supposed to be used with a zigzag stitch anyway. I need to read up on how to use different feet. IF ANY BODY KNOWS about the rolled hem foot, PLEASE TELL ME. Now that I did it that way I am actually pleased with the results.

Well on with my new week, but I'll certainly be slipping in a little sewing along the way....


  1. Please check out Carol Lafkin Ahles book "Fine Machine Sewing." She has an excellent chapter on using a rolled hemmer foot. There are two types of hemmer feet, one is designed for a straight stitch and one is designed for a zig-zag stitch; so, you probably do have the one that utilizes a zig-zag.
    I envy you for getting to take fitting classes, okay, I'll admit that I am just JEALOUS. I would love to get to take a fit class. I hope you are enjoying every minute!

  2. Faye... the blouse is beautiful and genious to think of the voile curtains. You definitely worked those french seams... Kudos to you!!!

  3. That blouse is beautiful. I mean gorgeous. I think it will go well with your skin and also the pants.

  4. Faye, the blouse is beautiful. So light and filmy the collar seems to be floating. I had the same trouble with my rolled hem foot-and wondered about zigzaging it. Obviously it works great.

  5. That blouse is so cute! I have that pattern (for awhile now) and it's on my list for this fall!

  6. Check out Someone just did a post on how to use a rolled hem foot. And aren't french seams easy?!

  7. Hi Girl,

    Your blouse is lovely. I had planned to make this blouse in the summer, but it didn't make the list. Sorry I can't offer any help on the use of the rolled hem foot. It's on my to-buy-list. I usually turn the raw edge to the wrong side, then sew the smallest hem; then do it again for a clean edge.

  8. I'm in love with that blouse!!!! You did a lovely job!!! I have the pattern and I think I am going to make it in some batiste when I get the nerve :)

  9. Love that top! my mom is making it in white now lol. she made it first in a really cute silk floral!

  10. Faye .- go weekend as complete .... I am glad. I see either the termination of the blouse with point zig-zag. I usually do well and have good results. hugs, Paco

  11. Faye your blouse is wonderful! Smart woman, using curtains when you couldn't find the right fabric!! I can't wait to see the entire look o you!



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