October 18, 2012


...You may already know that I am experiencing slight problems getting some of the Carnival of Skirts participants signed in.  While I'd love to blame it ALL on Blogger, I have to be honest and say that some of it is my fault.  When Blogger changed it's interface (listen to me sounding like I understand computer jargon),  the process of creating a new blog and adding multiple authors also changed.  The old way was much simpler when blogger offered a feature that allowed you to double check each new addition. 

My part of the problem is that I sometimes make typographical errors.  I often enter participant email address in groups.  With the new interface, if one email address contains an error, none of the group invitations go out at all - different from the old interface.  Additionally, some of the addresses were au or ca rather than dot com. You'd think that I'd know by know that everybody in the world is not a DOT COM!

If you have not yet received your invitation, please accept my apology!!!  I am truly trying to work things out so we can get on with this sew-a-long.

That being said, these are the participants that I just re-sent invitations to.  Please double check me on your email addresses:
  •  Alethia     lovetosew at live dot com
  •  Tanya      mun3 at yahoo dot com
  •  Lynn        mylynnstudios at gmail dot com
  • Andrea     yarngirl67 at gmail dot com
  • Towanda  samtowanda at msn dot com
  • Marjie      marjiemcdonald at gmail dot com
  • Ingrid       ilensink at iweb dot com dot au
  • Kelly       onthed113 at aol dot com
I also added two new requests:
  • Lynneb    Lbrundage at roadrunner dot com
  • Inglesidebelle  nonnobi56 at gmail dot com
  • Rhonda    sewbussted at yahoo dot com (or is it Sewbussted at yahoo dot com)
Lastly, if I've omitted ANYONE (I'm sorry - it was an oversight), please let me know!!!


  1. I got mine and I'm signed in. Thank you Linda

  2. I'm good to go! Thanks for letting me join.

    1. I'm so glad you are in! Thanks for joining!

  3. I'm so glad you are in! Thank you so much for joining!

  4. Anonymous10/18/2012

    Hi Faye. I totally agree with you on the changes blogger made over the past year or so. It was much easier to "follow" another person's blog, you had MORE OPTIONS with adding pictures (now it's very limited and restricted)and I could go on & on. :-).

    Thing is-even if you hit the "feedback" button, not one soul will email you, or contact you in any way, shape, or form. Glad your project is coming along and so sorry its so time consuming dealing with blogger. :-(. Oh well...............

    1. Changes, changes. I'm slowly working my way through them though.

  5. My address is correct. I checked and the email has not come across yet. It will get to me sooner or later. I can't start my skirts until next weekend because I've been working late and I'm going to a meeting next week. :(

    1. Sorry for the delay. Starting next week will be fine. Can you please let me know when you do receive it???



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