February 21, 2008


One of my 2008 sewing goals is to have no UFO's flying around! Well, does a garment that you actually complete, but just don't like count as a UFO? I think not! After I finished this blouse I just didn't like the way it looked. I tacked the front facings but they just would not lie flat - they kept rolling out - even though understitched. And I didn't like the full puffy sleeves. I decided to alter the sleeves to salvage the blouse, but after spending a full hour trying to remove serger threads from one sleeve without pulling the fabric - I have decided to let this UFO FLY ON AWAY. IF I ever decide to make this pattern again I will definitely decrease the sleeve width, and try to figure out something that will make the facing to lie flat without rolling outward.
Hancock has this same print and color in a knit fabric. I have a 40% off coupon and intend on buying the knit maybe this weekend. I really like the beidge tones and the fact that the print contains black, brown and gray. It has real potential for a wardrobe stretcher. So I won't classify this as a UFO, and I am now shaking off the bad feeling that goes along with spending so much time working on an item and having it not turn out right, and trying to figure out WAS IT THE PATTERN...OR WAS IT ME. So in the words of Mary J, I'm putting my runway stride on and keeping it going.


  1. I fully understand. All though,it looks good in the picture.Runway stride on.What's next?

  2. I think you are making a wise decision. Knowing when to stop working on a project because you are not happy with the product helps improve your sewing because there is always something that we can learn

  3. Aww.. but I understand.



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