February 22, 2008

Thanks to Lisa and Alethia for encouraging words about my recent unsuccessful project. It was indeed still a learning process. And thanks to my helpful friend Adrienne for ALL of the questions she answers for me - now she's helped me with linking sites to my posts. I know everybody else already knew how to do this but I didn't. Now I know too, and learning - no matter how minute ALWAYS EXCITES ME!

I love excitement; I've been criticized before for loving it so much but oh well, I still love it. Learning excites me; thinking about possiblities excites me, and my weekly trip to Hancocks also excites me. I'm a FABRIC FEELER (lol). I love to run my fingers through it. Feeling fabrics sometimes bring back memories often from childhood. I can remember learning about some fabrics even as a child. I don't think my Mother knew that she was giving me fabric lessons when I was young - I didn't know it either. Even though she was not an advid seamtress I do remember her talking about fabrics such as pique, seersucker, and eyelet. Maybe it was because she was raising three little girls and these fabrics are often associated with children's clothing. Some way she familiarized me with the fabrics and I still recognize them when I see or feel them. They bring back bright and happy feelings! Thanks Mom for the fabric knowlege!

I try not to live at Hancocks, but I had a coupon that was burning my pocket because it was expiring today. Or so I thought I had a coupon. There was this piece of fabric that I wanted to buy and that 40% off coupon was just the incentive I needed. Well, after I had the fabric cut and had chosen all my 99cent McCall's patterns I scooted right up to the checkout counter with my RUNWAY SLIDE (I love this phrase can't you tell). Slide right up there with a 40% coupon off on Decorator Fabrics! My expression was - WHAT, WRONG COUPON! I didn't realize until today that the 40% off fashion fabric coupons are only in the flyers that are mailed out, not the ones that you pick up in the store. Imagine my surprize. I did have another coupon, but alas, it's not good until March (egad)! SERVES ME RIGHT WITH MY PARTIAL READING SELF! All I saw was the 40% off ending February 23rd.

Anyways, this is what I got at the pattern store (usually known as a fabric store but called such by me because patterns are what I buy most of).

I also picked up two pieces of Retro knit fabric (sans the 40% coupon). The one piece is the knit version of the blouse that I tossed yesterday, same color and pattern. Got to get it pre-washed and ready to go.

And these are two pairs of boxer shorts that I finished for my eldest grandson Velente last night. I made all three grandsons boxers on my visit with them at Thanksgiving. They actually said they enjoyed them so I wanted to make more. Now I have to make two more pair each for the other two boys.


  1. YAY! You got it! LOL Anytime girl, anytime lol

  2. Girl, You have been sewing up a storm. Great job. Blessed grandsons PJ's and boxers look great.

  3. LOL* You are so funny! I've done the wrong coupon too many times.You know I love all the patterns you purchased.Cool boxers.



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