February 6, 2008


I finished this long sleeved knit top last night. I could have finished it in one sitting, but needed to split it up so I could to get to bed early so I worked on it Monday and finished it on Tuesday night. Wish I could share a picture - but will be sure to do that later. Also wish I had more of the fabric that I made it of, purchased at Hancock's in the fall, it is sooooo soft! I made the sleeves full length rather than the 3/4 length shown on the pattern. It made up quick, only four pieces. The scoop neck is a little low, but ok, next time I'm going to raise it just a bit. The instructions were easy to follow, I did the quick sleeve method rather than the set in type called for in the instructions. Can you tell that I don't like setting in sleeves? Oh, I can do it, but I do not like dealing with all the pins if I see that I don't have to. I'll call this pattern Quick and Easy. I might make the jacket, skirt and pants later.

Next up is this blouse that I also cut out this weekend. After I cut it out and marked it I decided that I didn't want to deal with the slippery fabric at the moment, so I set it aside and opted for the New Look top above. But, in keeping with one of the sewing goals that I made of NO UFO'S, I decided to get this one started rather than allowing it to linger on and on. I'm making it of a print georgette fabric that is also a fall Hancock purchase.

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