February 5, 2008


I love being at home. Not that there is all that much happening here, but I just can't wait to get here each afternoon! Besides the fact that I just haven't been feeling all that well lately; I thought I was completely over that head cold/sinus attack thing, but I guess not fully just yet. I feel a whole lot better than I did a week ago, but still not quite there yet. My energy level is so low...and I just hate that! So I'm rushing home everyday to get some rest and power up for the next day.
I'm trying my best to get to bed earlier, but still managing to sneak in just a little sewing. Right now I'm working on this knit top pattern. I wanted something quick and easy and this seems to have done the trick. It's coming together rather nicely. I'm making it in a brown/beidge and black print knit. (still no camera so I guess I'll just show all of my creations in March when I get my new camera.
I haven't experimented much with New Look, and didn't even know until today that Simplicity produces them - see I learn something new every day. I cut this out on Sunday Evening. I try to get my new weekly project cut out on Sunday night, then I work on it through the week. You know how it is, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But lately it's been working out pretty smoothly. My SEWING BUDDY Lisa from http://www.sewonandsewon.blogspot.com/ came over and spent Sunday evening with me - now wasn't that nice of her. If she hadn't come I'd probably just slept the evening away unproductively. We didn't actually get much sewing done this time, but we talked and talked sewing WHICH I LOVED. I know she inspired me to greater heights and I hope I was the source of a little inspiration to her. Lisa gave me a rolled hem foot that fit my Singer Protege perfectly - THANKS AGAIN LISA! And that's not all she gave me...just look at the collection of jacket patterns she brought me...I JUST LOVE JACKETS!

And two blouse patterns too. I FEEL LIKE I STRUCK GOLD! Not by just receiving this lovely gift, but in my friendship with Lisa. God really answered my prayer for a Sewing Buddy, and I thank Him. I am blessed and highly favored! Now, you know, I want to make each and every one of these patterns up. And I should as a tribuite to my Sewing Buddy, of course you know that will take a while. But I can just see myself in each and every one of these patterns. And they are all in my size, and I didn't have even one of them in my stash! If I ever need a jacket pattern - I'VE GOT IT!!!

Did ya'll see this - I saw it on Sewl Sisters site and just fell in love with it. I want one just like the one in print. The directions to make it is on Pattern Review.

So todays end all is...I LOVE BEING AT HOME, AND I LOVE TO SEW!

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  1. Those designer dress forms are adorable!!! I love them.
    You are very lucky to have a great sewing buddy close by! I would love that... and one bareing gifts.. you are blessed!

    I feel your pain on the head cold.. had one for 4 days now, yuk!



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