November 13, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 13: Off the Shelf... I pulled  Sarah Veblen's "Perfect Fitting" book off the shelf.  I've not read it cover to cover as of yet, but I have visited it numerous times searching for fitting help (pants fitting in particular).

 Sarah Veblen recently appeared on the online talk show, "That Sewing Blab".  In case you haven't heard of it, "That Sewing Blab" is broadcasted live every Tuesday Evening on The show is co-hosted by Dawn Pengally and Myra Rentmeester, and features a variety of international sewists, pattern makers, business owners, bloggers and Vloggers.  If you tune in regularly, you are bound to see some of you favorites, AND get to ask real-time questions as well.  They also sponsor a variety of challenges; I think I've won one or two of them.

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  •   Watch the 128th episode of the show tonight (11/14/18) here

Rather than review "The Perfect Fit" myself, I thought it would be nice for you to hear all about Sarah's fitting/sewing philosophy in her own words. Enjoy!

Note that she mentioned her newly released book "First Time Garment Fitting: The Absolute Beginner's Guide - Learn by Doing" that is going on my WISH LIST right away.  Maybe I should have had that book first!!!


  1. Fitting is always a challenge. Maybe I'll look into Sarah's new book. As always, I enjoy my peeks into your bookshelf.

  2. I have her book Perfect Fitting, i may have to add this one to my wish list as well Ms. Faye..

    1. If her new book breaks it down to my level it could prove invaluable!

  3. Sarah is a wonderful teacher and fit guru. If you ever get a chance to take a class with her in person, you will not regret it.

    1. I love Sarah's fitting and sewing philosophy Audrey and if can get to one of her classes it would be a real treat and learning experience.

  4. OMG! Thank you for the lovely shout out about the show Ms. Faye!! And you are not alone in using your reference books from occasionally to assist you when needed, that’s how I use mine too! And recently when I was drafting a dress for myself, I had to reach for onoe and it truly helped me! Maybe Santa will be nice this year and you’ll get that book too! 😉😉🤗



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