November 5, 2018

#BLC 2018 - Day 5: Have you Met Grace???

I tuned into Instagram exactly two years ago this month.  When I first joined, I had no real idea of just how informative it would become.  Of course Instagram has grown and expanded it's capabilities since then just like every other social media platform out there.  There's so much to it that sometimes it's hard to keep up!  Instagram is proving to be a wonderful learning platform for what ever peaks my interest, including sewing.

When you deal in social media you connect and communicate (if you like) with people of like interests from all over the world.  That's what makes social media so wonderful!  You can ask questions, watch and learn, gain inspiration and maybe occasionally chime in to offer helpful information that benefits someone else.  It's a wonderful world besides the occasional hassle from a few catfish and people who insist on selling you hair extensions 😕.

Recently on Instgram I met Grace, and I am now following her stories about her journey in making the Persephone Pants.  Just the mention of the word "pants" and I am all ears.  Grace is a Technical Designer from New York who has a great deal of knowledge in pattern correction and fit analysis.  She generously shares her fit process in her IG pattern stories which I think are well worth taking a look at.  In the short time that I have been watching her, I've gleaned some very valuable fitting tips that will hopefully help me with some of my fitting issues.  You can find Grace using the handle @wzrdreams where she pops up at different times of the day to drop her gems.

After listening to her stories, come back and tell me if you are on team "scoop the crouch", or team "don't scoop the crouch"...


  1. I agree, Instagram is a great place to go for inspiration and for learning too! Thanks for the tip on someone new to follow!

    1. I am so enjoying watching Grace. I had to share her!

  2. It's always nice to hear of sewists I wasn't already familiar with. Thank you!
    Oh and I'm a back crotch curve 'scooper' due to a low rear :)

    1. Glad you like being introduced to other new sewists Diane.!

  3. OMG! IG came in with a bang! There is so much out there and it quick and easy to post, get info and connect with so many! Also, I’m on the “don’t scoop crotch” team!



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